SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S5

An Evolutionary Tail: Evo-Devo, Structure, and Function of Post-Anal Appendages
Day: Tue Jan 5 - 10:15-19:30 Chairs: Janneke Schwaner

S510:15 S5-1 Schwaner, MJ*; Hsieh, ST; McGowan, CPIntroduction to an evolutionary tail: Evodevo, structure, and function of post-anal appendages 
S510:30 S5-2 Donatelli, CM*; Roberts, AS; Baxter, D; Abu-Badr, L; Naughton, L; Han, L; Ortiz, F; Standen, EMFabulous fish tails: Using morphology to model functional diversity across the fish tree 
S511:00 S5-3 Luger, AM*; Watson, PJ; Dutel, H; Fagan, MJ; Herrel, A; Adriaens, DTesting the relationship of prehensile function and the musculo-skeletal morphology of chameleons using multi-body dynamics 
S511:30 S5-4 Siddall, R; Ibanez, V; Byrnes, G; Full, RJ; Jusufi, A*Tail responses facilitate lizard reorientation during directed aerial maneuverability 
S514:00 S5-5 Patel, A*; Jericevich, R; Knemeyer, A; Jusufi, ACheetah tail behavior during pursuit 
S514:30 S5-6 Schwaner, MJ*; Freymiller, GA; Clark, RW; McGowan, CPHow kangaroo rats utilize their tail while re-orienting 
S515:00 S5-7 Young, JW*; Chadwell, BA; Dunham , NT; McNamara, A; Phelps, T; Hieronymus, TL; Shapiro, LJThe stabilizing function of the tail during arboreal quadrupedalism 
S516:00 S5-8 Fish, FE*; Rybczynski, N; Duff, CMEvolution of the tail and lack thereof for aquatic propulsion in mammals 
S516:30 S5-9 Liu, Y; Ben-Tzvi, P*Towards dynamic locomotion of legged robots using biomimetic articulated robotic tails 
S517:00 S5-10 Mekdara, PJ*; Schwalbe, MAB; Tytell, EDTail beat synchronization of schooling giant danios is altered after lateral line ablation and regeneration 
S518:00 S5-11 Hager, ER*; Kingsley, EP; Harringmeyer, OS; Hoekstra, HEGenetics and function of repeatedly-evolved tail length differences in deer mice 
S518:30 S5-12 Bradley, S*; Bailey, CDC; Bent, L; Howe, E; Vickaryous, MKNervous system compensation following tail loss and regeneration in the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) 
S519:00 S5-13 Swalla, BJThe degenerate tale of ascidian tails