SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S6

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Animal Communication
Day: Tue Jan 5 - 10:15-19:30 Chairs: Kim Hoke

S610:15 S6-1 Hoke, KL*; Hensley, NM; Kanwal, JK; Wasserman, SM; Morehouse, NIIntroduction to the symposium: Spatiotemporal dynamics of animal communication 
S610:30 S6-2 Datta, SRDefining neural principles underlying naturalistic behavior through Motion Sequencing 
S611:00 S6-3 Vo-Doan, TT; Straw, AD*Videography using a fast lock on, gimbal-mounted tracking camera to study animal communication 
S611:30 S6-4 Mathis, ADeep learning tools for the analysis of movement, identity and behavior  
S614:00 S6-5 Symes, LB*; Madhusudhana, S; Martinson, SJ; Kernan, CE; ter Hofstede, HMSexual selection, natural selection, and artificial intelligence: Implementing technological advances to understand variation in signaling behavior 
S614:30 S6-6 Sung, JY*; Harris, OK; Hensley, NM; Chemero, AP; Morehouse, NIBeyond cognitive templates 
S615:00 S6-7 Echeverri, S; Miller, AE; Chen, J; McQueen, E; Plakke, M; Spicer, M; Hoke, KL; Stoddard, MC; Morehouse, NI*How signaling geometry shapes the efficacy and evolution of animal communication systems 
S616:00 S6-8 Stoddard, MC*; Hogan, BGSpatiotemporal dynamics of a hummingbird courtship dive 
S616:30 S6-9 Logsdon, RM; Krakauer, AH; Hylback, A; Mitchell, K; Dryer, B; Forbey, JS; Patricelli, GL*Social information use in greater sage-grouse in response to habitat structure and social network 
S617:00 S6-10 Mongeau, JMOrientation control via spatiotemporal integration in fly flight 
S618:00 S6-11 Reichert, MS*; Carlson, NV; Enriquez, MS; Raja, SVSignals, space and time: Exploring the spatiotemporal dimension of animal communication networks 
S618:30 S6-12 Kanwal, J; Davila, K; Frazer, R; Givens, M; Castro Perez, DL; Turner, G; Coddington, E; Wasserman, S*Internal state: bidirectional brain-body axes of communication 
S619:00 S6-13 Zornik, E*; Barkan, CL; Descant, KD; Lloyd-Burchett, P; Leininger, ECEverything in modulation: neuromodulators as keys to understanding behavioral dynamics