SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S7

The Integrative Biology of Pigment Organelles
Day: Wed Jan 6 - 10:15-19:00 Chairs: Florent Figon

S710:15 S7-1 Figon, F*; Casas, J; Deravi, LIntroduction to the symposium: The integrative biology of pigment organelles 
S710:30 S7-2 Reed, RD*; Brack, BJOrigin of color in butterflies 
S711:00 S7-3 Shavit, K; Yallapragada, VJ; Weiner , S; Oron, D; Sagi, A; Addadi, L; Palmer, B*Organic crystals in animal coloration and vision 
S711:30 S7-4 Morehouse, NIColors as life history traits: Insights from the pigment-based coloration of two butterfly species 
S714:00 S7-5 D'Alba, L*; Jeon, DJ; Yeo, JS; Manceau, M; Shawkey, MDOptics and development of highly iridescent feathers: the case of hummingbird melanosomes 
S714:30 S7-6 Marks, MSMelanosome protein contents and oculocutaneous albinism: The importance of remaining neutral 
S715:00 S7-7 Delevoye, CBLOC-dependent regulation of melanocyte pigmentation and its defects in the Hermansky-Pudlak Syndromes 
S716:00 S7-8 Camacho, E*; Anglero-Rodriguez, Y; Smith, DFQ; Jacobs, E; Dong, Y; Cordero, RJB; Dimopoulos, G; Casadevall, AParallels of melanization in Cryptococcus neoformans and Anopheles gambiae 
S716:30 S7-9 Deravi, LFProtein-pigment interactions facilitate dynamic color change in cephalopod chromatophores 
S717:00 S7-10 Figon, F*; Hurbain, I; Heiligenstein, X; TrĂ©pout, S; Medjoubi, K; Somogyi, A; Delevoye, C; Raposo, G; Casas, JWithin-cell cycle of endolysosome-related pigment organelles in crab spiders leads to reversible color changes 
S718:00 S7-11 Wilts, BDRainbows in nature: disordered photonic structures tuned by pigments 
S718:30 S7-12 Llorente, BSynthetic biogenesis of carotenoid-rich plastids for crop biofortification