SICB Annual Meeting 2021
January 3-7, 2021
Washington DC

Symposium Schedule

Monday, January 4

  • SICB-Wide Symposium: Blinded by the light: Effects of light pollution across diverse natural systems, Organizer: Meredith Kernbach

  • Genomic perspectives in comparative physiology of mollusks: Integration across disciplines, Organizers: Omera Matoo and Maurine Neiman

  • Physical mechanisms of behavior, Organizers: Patrick Green and Alejandro Rico-Guevara

Tuesday, January 5

  • SICB-Wide Symposium: Biology beyond the classroom: Experiential learning through authentic research, design, and community engagement, Organizers: Alexandria Hansen, Patrice Connors, Hayley Lanier

  • An evolutionary tail: Evo-Devo, structure, and function of post-anal appendages, Organizers: Janneke Schwaner, Tonia Hsieh, Craig McGowan

  • Spatiotemporal dynamics of animal communication, Organizers: Kim Hoke, Nate Morehouse, Sara Wasserman

Wednesday, January 6

  • SICB-Wide Symposium: The integrative biology of pigment organelles, Organizers: Florent Figon, Jérome Casas, Leila Deravi

  • The biology of sticky: Adhesive silk, fiber, and glue biomaterials across Eukaryota, Organizers: Mercedes Burns and Sarah Stellwagen

  • Sending and receiving signals: Endocrine modulation of social communication, Organizers: Karen Maruska and Julie Butler

Thursday, January 7

  • Metachronal coordination of multiple appendages for swimming and pumping, Organizers: Margaret Byron, David Murphy, and Arvind Santhanakrishnan

  • Biology’s best friend: Bridging disciplinary gaps to advance canine science, Organizers: Caleb Bryce and Ana Jimenez

  • Manakin genomics: comparative studies of evolution and behavior in a unique clade of birds, Organizers: Ignacio Moore and Blake Jones