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Abstract Submittal Form

In-person (SICB): January 3-7, 2022
NEW! Virtual-only (SICB+): January 14-March 31, 2022

You are invited to contribute to the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. Please also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Deadline for Submissions: September 01, 2021 at 23:59 Hawaii Time (HST)

The abstract form below is For Invited Symposia or Special Lectures Submittal Only

Please submit this form separately for every symposium talk or special lecture you will make at the meeting (including SICB and SICB+.).

What is SICB+?
  • SICB+ is a virtual platform that will house electronic versions of presentations: talks as videos, and posters as PDFs. The deadline for presentation upload is January 11, 2022.
  • SICB+ will enable participants around the world to present virtually and engage with the scientific content of our annual meeting.
  • This expansion resulted from positive feedback about some aspects of SICB 2021 (which was online only), and is being implemented in the spirit of experimentation.
  • We acknowledge that SICB+ will not be the same experience as attending in person, but it will serve to increase access and equitability.
  • For those people who cannot or do not wish to attend in person, SICB+ provides the opportunity to present talks or posters virtually.
  • For people who attend in person, SICB+ provides a new venue to reach people worldwide. As a side benefit, it also enables additional engagement of talks and posters after the in-person conference.
  • For those who are presenting in person at SICB 2022, we ask that you provide your presentation in electronic form AFTER the in-person conference. Providing your presentation for SICB+ is NOT required: it is opt-in. (There is a new opt-in check box on this form.) We hope that all presenters will participate, helping to increase the robustness of SICB+ for access and equitability.
  • Because it is online-only, registration for SICB+ will be less than for the in-person meeting. (We are still figuring out rates, and will release them ASAP.)
  • Registration for SICB 2022 in person will also include full access to SICB+ at no added cost.

Please submit this form separately for every presentation you will make at the meeting (including SICB and SICB+.).

Please fill in all fields marked with an *. If you do not, your abstract will not be accepted.

Definitions of submitting author and presenting author: Most presenters submit their own abstracts, but you may also submit an abstract on behalf of the presenting author. Full contact information is required for the submitting author only. Near the end of the form, you will provide the full author list and order, and also indicate who is the presenting author.

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ALL students who wish to present must provide the name and email address of their research advisor for the submitted abstract. When the abstract is submitted, this person will receive an email alerting them of the submission. (Note: this is a relatively new procedure that began in 2020, replacing the old procedure that required sponsorship from a Full Member.)
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Venue: SICB or SICB+

This year the in-person conference (SICB: January 3-7, 2022) is followed by a new and separate virtual component (SICB+, available January 14-March 31, 2022). SICB+ is a virtual platform that will house electronic versions of presentations: talks as videos, and posters as pdfs. Participation in SICB+ will allow attendees world-wide to experience your science, increasing access and equitability.

*Please indicate your choice of venue for this abstract.

If you participate in SICB+, you will be required to submit the electronic version of your presentation by the deadline of January 11, 2022.

I agree to provide my SICB+ presentation by no later than January 11, 2022.

Presentation Choice:
  Please select your name or speaker slot from your symposium below: (Select only one!)

  • S1 - Best practices for bioinspired design education, research and product development:

  • S2 - Evolutionary conservation and diversity in a key vertebrate behavior: walking as a model system:

  • S3 - DNA metabarcoding across disciplines: sequencing our way to greater understanding across scales of biological organization:

  • S4 - Ecoimmunology: what unconventional organisms tell us after two decades:

  • S5 - Lesser known transitions: organismal form and function across abiotic gradients:

  • S6 - Causal mechanisms of interspecific metabolic scaling patterns:

  • S7 - Phenological plasticity: from molecular mechanisms to ecological and evolutionary implications:

  • S8 - Morphology and evolution of female copulatory morphology in Amniotes:

  • S9 - Open source solutions in experimental design:

  • S10 - Integrating ecology and biomechanics to investigate patterns of phenotypic diversity: Evolution, development, and functional traits:

  • S11 - The deep and shallow history of aquatic life`s passages between marine and freshwater habitats:

  • Special Presentations:

  • *Abstract Keywords:
    You must provide a total of at least *five (5) keywords. Keywords 1 to 3 are common terms used at previous SICB conferences. Choose from this list where possible; the complete keyword list will appear when you click the pop-up box. Keywords 4 to 8 can be any of your choice. Please make sure to spell check these words, or others may miss your abstract when searching on that word.
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    Fill in all authors' names (even if the name has been provided as the contact person above!)
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    Presenting Author:*
    Select the number of the author who will be presenting the talk. NOTE: If you are a student and plan on applying for the Charlotte Mangum Support Award, you must be the presenting author on the abstract. To apply for this award, you will need to complete a separate application form on the meeting webpage.

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    Enter the title of your abstract in sentence case (e.g., Evolution by heterochrony in water bears: How tardiness tainted tardigrades). If you have any questions regarding format, please refer to the guidelines. (Call for Abstracts PDF available soon) Indicate species names in italics using HTML mark-up tags: <i>Homo sapiens</i> will appear as Homo sapiens. These tags will not be included in character count. NOTE that opening and closing tags are DIFFERENT!



    We recommend drafting the abstract in a text editor to keep track of the character count. The abstract is limited to 2000 characters, including all of the following:

    • spaces
    • title of the abstract
    New this year: The following items are NOT included in the 2000 character limit:
    • all authors' names (last name and initials, no periods)
    • institution name for each author
    • submitting author's email address
    Also, this limit does not include HTML mark-up tags. (So, it's most efficient to finalize the abstract first, and add HTML markup last.) Note: please do not use hard carriage returns.

    When using symbols, underlines, superscripts, or Greek letters, you must add the following mark-up. NOTE that opening and closing tags are DIFFERENT!

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    For a comprehensive list of HTML mark-up codes, click here.

    Enter only the single-paragraph body of the text below. DO NOT RE-ENTER TITLE, AUTHOR NAMES, AND INSTITUTIONS.

    Submission of this abstract constitutes a good-faith agreement to present your talk at the SICB Annual Meeting or at SICB+. If something unexpected arises due to health conditions or any other consideration related to the COVID-19 crisis, please feel free to reach out to the Program Officer (

    *Was a significant part of the research in this abstract conducted at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI)? (This information will only be used by the PUI Working Group to more accurately understand the demographics of our society, not to make programming decisions.)
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    *I confirm that all co-authors listed on this abstract have approved its content.

    In order for your submission to be included in the Final Program, you must register for the meeting by November 5, 2021.