SICB Annual Meeting 2022
Phoenix, AZ
3-7 January 2022


S1 - Best practices for bioinspired design education, research and product development; Organizers: Marianne Alleyne, Aimy Wissa, Andrew Suarez, William Barley; Sponsors: DCB, DVM, DNNSB, DAB, DCE, AMS

S2 - Evolutionary conservation and diversity in a key vertebrate behavior: "walking" as a model system; Organizers: Haley Amplo, Alice Gibb, Sandy Kawano; Sponsors: DCB, DVM, DAB

S3 - DNA metabarcoding across disciplines: sequencing our way to greater understanding across scales of biological organization; Organizers: Anna Forsman, Michelle Gaither, Anna Savage; Sponsors: DEE, DCPB, DIZ, DEDE, DNNSB, DPCB, DOB

S4 - Ecoimmunology: what unconventional organisms tell us after two decades; Organizers: Vania Assis, Stefanny Monteiro; Sponsors: DEE, DCPB, DEDE, DAB, DCE, DOB

S5 - Lesser known transitions: organismal form and function across abiotic gradients; Organizers: Charlotte Easterling, Mary Kate O'Donnell, Matthew Kolmann; Sponsors: DEE, DCB, DEDB, DIZ, DVM, DPCB

S6 - Causal mechanisms of interspecific metabolic scaling patterns; Organizers: Jon Harrison, Meghan Duell; Sponsors: DEE, DCB, DCPB, DEDB, DVM, DNNSB

S7 - Phenological plasticity: from molecular mechanisms to ecological and evolutionary implications; Organizers: Cory Williams, Lise Aubry; Sponsors: DEE, DCPB, DEDB, DNNSB, DAB

S8 - Morphology and evolution of female copulatory structures in amniotes; Organizers: Patty Brennan, G√ľnter Wagner; Sponsors: DEDB, DVM, AMS, DAB, DPCB

S9 - Open source solutions in experimental design; Organizers: Kirk Onthank, Richelle Tanner; Sponsors: DCB, DCPB, DEDB, DIZ, DEDE, DVM, DNNSB, DCE, DOB, AMS

S10 - Integrating ecology and biomechanics to investigate patterns of phenotypic diversity: Evolution, development, and functional traits; Organizers: Lara Ferry, Tim Higham; Sponsors: DEE, DCB, DVM, DOB

S11 - The deep and shallow history of aquatic life's passages between marine and freshwater habitats; Organizers: Eric Schultz, Lisa Park-Boush; Sponsors: DEE, DCPB, DEDB, DIZ, DNNSB, DPCB, DCE, DOB, AMS, TCS