SICB Annual Meetings - Student Sponsorship Rules

ALL students who wish to present need a full member's sponsorship. This means that a full member of SICB (not a member of an affiliated society, or another student or postdoc) must be aware of your submission and by agreeing to "sponsor" you (i.e., let you use their name) is acknowledging that your presentation will be an appropriate one for the SICB national meeting to the best of their knowledge. If a co-author on this presentation is a full SICB member, that person would be a logical sponsor and their name may be entered on the sponsor line.

How do you locate a sponsor? The best place to start would be with your graduate advisor or a faculty member in your department. If they are not SICB members now, but will be attending the meeting, they can join SICB, benefit from the member registration fee, and therefore, they would be able to sponsor you as a member. You may also search the SICB member directory by institution, city, or state to locate a sponsor.

If you have questions about this policy or cannot find a sponsor in our directory, contact the Society Program Officer (