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Division of Ecology & Evolution (DEE): 2001 Spring Newsletter

Message from the DEE Officers Cathy McFadden, Linda Walters and Brian Helmuth

With this newsletter, Cathy McFadden takes over the position of Chair of the Division of Ecology and Evolution. On behalf of the entire division, we would like to offer heartfelt thanks and a big round of applause to past-Chair Sally Woodin for her leadership during the past two years. One of the first items of DEE business this year will be to solicit nominations for the positions of Division Secretary (to replace Linda in January 2002) and Division Chair-elect (to replace Cathy as Chair in January 2003). We hope to complete elections for these positions earlier than in previous years so that newly elected officers will have adequate time to make plans to attend the 2002 Anaheim meetings, if possible. Although we amended our division by-laws in 2000 to allow balloting to take place electronically, we have since learned that SICB's Illinois state articles of incorporation still require us to use paper ballots for division elections. Announcements of nominations and electoral logistics will be forthcoming soon.

The 2001 Chicago meeting was very well attended and a great deal of fun. Even the weather cooperated, giving us several days of clear skies and "mild" (by mid-West standards!) temperatures. DEE co-sponsored two symposia: "Plant/Animal Physiology" and "Ontogenetic Strategies of Invertebrates in Aquatic Environments". By all reports, these symposia were a great success, and we're looking forward to several symposia sponsored in part or in whole by DEE in Anaheim. DEE is acting as the primary sponsor (with support from DCPB and DIZ) for the symposium "Physiological Ecology of Intertidal Organisms." We are also co-sponsoring three additional symposia: "Ecological Developmental Biology" (with DDCB), "Biogeography" (with DIZ), and "Responding to a Little Nervous System" (with DAB). Several proposals have already been rolling in for the Toronto (2003) meeting, but we're still open to other suggestions. Also, if you have an idea for something a little out of the ordinary, please keep in mind the Program Innovation Fund. This fund was started last year to support proposals that might either bring in new areas of research or researchers to the society, or use unique approaches to enhance the scientific programs within and between divisions. These funds supported last year's DEE-sponsored symposia on "Marine and Terrestrial Plant-Animal Interactions". Proposals for workshops, distinguished speakers, international programming efforts and educational initiatives that might not be reasonable candidates for external support from other agencies will also be considered for funding through the Program Innovation Fund. Please let Brian or Cathy know if you have an idea you think might qualify for funding under this program!

There were many very good student presentations this year competing for the DEE oral and poster presentation awards. It was a difficult decision, but the judges agreed that the two following presentations were the most outstanding. In the oral presentation category, the winner from Oklahoma State University was Linda Ilse for her talk entitled, "Porcupines, pinyon pines and pine engravers: what's the connection?" The outstanding poster presentation award went to Lisa Belden, Oregon State University, for her presentation entitled, "Survival and the physiological stress response in Cascades frog tadpoles exposed to ambient UV-B radiation in the field". Both winners received checks for $100.00 from DEE. The judges who made this important program possible this year were M.A. Coffroth, W. Jaeckle, J. Welch, K. Reinsel, C. Trowbridge, S. Woodin, B. Helmuth, J. Hranitz, A. Herrel, and L. Walters.

This year has been a good one for the society under the new management of Burk & Associates. The continuing financial health of the society has allowed a reduction in dues for full members and post-docs starting in 2002, fulfilling promises made during the financial hardships of the past (dues for student members were reduced last year). SICB webmaster Ruedi Birenheide has set up a very nice web page for the society and each of its divisions. The DEE web page currently has only our most recent newsletter and contact information for division officers. If you have ideas for other things you would like to see included on the divisional website please send them to Cathy. The home page also now includes a searchable membership directory which we hope will facilitate communication and networking among SICB members.

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