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Division of Neurobiology (DNB): 2001 Spring Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the Chair

Don Edwards

Greetings to all of you, and thank you for your vote of confidence in me as your new Chair of the Division of Neurobiology. I will do my best to serve your interests within SICB and to encourage the growth of DNB. Please let me know what you would like to see accomplished in DNB at biodhe@panther.gsu.edu; I will give you my ideas in this letter and in direct communiqués via email.

First, as part of SICB, I think we offer a wonderful opportunity for the large part of the neuroscience community that shares our interest in the ecological and evolutionary contexts in which the nervous systems of animals work. It seems to me that this community is not well served at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (except at the J.B. Johnston meeting), and is served only every three years at the Neuroethology Congress. Beyond these meetings, there are the regional Nerve Net Meetings which, wonderful as they are, serve small and local communities. I would not want to displace these meetings, but I would argue that a larger and more vigorous DNB presence at the annual SICB meeting would benefit everyone.

To this end, I would like to commend Rich Satterlie for organizing the "Recent Developments in Neurobiology" symposium (see Rich's letter below) at our next meeting in Anaheim. It should prove highly attractive to DNB members and to the larger neurobiology community at this next meeting and in future years. Moreover, its organization, with a lead speaker and her/his student/postdoc, serves our interest and mission of promoting younger scientists. This and the other two symposia (Neural Mechanisms of Orientation and Navigation' and `Responding to the World with a Little Nervous System: Unique Models for Studying Perception and Behavior'; again, see Rich's letter below) should enable us to attract a good crowd, but it doesn't happen automatically. So please spread the word about these symposia and the opportunities for young people to give a good talk to a friendly and interested audience.

Also to this end, I plan to reach out to the International Society for Neuroethology and to the J.B. Johnston Club to determine how we can profit ourselves and our membership through mutual affiliation. SICB has a tradition of such affiliation (viz. the Crustacean Society) that has proved mutually beneficial, and Martin Feder, SICB (now past) President, encouraged us to pursue discussions. If any of you have close ties to these societies or ideas about how best to approach them, please let me know.

Finally, I would encourage you to submit your work to the society journal. Although its name, American Zoologist, may soon change, your papers will still receive the same warm welcome and close attention that we've come to expect from one of our own, John Edwards.

Message from the Secretary

Robin L. Cooper

At the Chicago meeting we had a good representation of the DNB group. We hope that it will grow even stronger next year for the California meeting. Contact your Californian colleagues to encourage them to present work from their labs at our next meeting, which of course would not be so costly in travel for them.

We had three students to win awards at the Chicago meeting. There was a tie for Best Student Poster Presentation (Tom Pirtle & Wayne Korzan) and 1st place on Best Student Slide Presentation went to Mark A. Frye. Each will receive $100 as their award. Congratulations to these three winners !!

Next year, we hope that more students and postdoctoral fellows will participate our division's competition.

Sometime this summer there will be elections for the position of Secretary and for the Program Officer with our Division. People that are interested in running for these positions should contact the me ASAP so that we can arrange to have platform profiles compiled and distributed in the next news letter.

Message from the Program Officer

Rich Satterlie

With the Anaheim meeting next up, we have an active and exciting set of symposia. Our division is sponsoring two: "Neural Mechanisms of Orientation and Navigation", organized by Jim Murray, and "Recent Developments in Neurobiology", organized by the Division officers. Also, we are co-sponsoring entitled, "Responding to the World with a Little Nervous System: Unique Models for Studying Perception and Behavior", organized by Frederick Prete and Peggy Hill. The "Recent Developments" symposium is particularly exciting, since it will allow us to invite five exceptional neurobiologists from the West Coast, with each person present piggy-back talk with a junior member of his/her laboratory. The evening of the symposium will include a Division social. This is a multi-year program that is supported by the Society, and I would like to express our collective thanks to the Society leadership for this support.

Although it is getting close to the absolute deadline, there is still time to forward a symposium proposal for the Toronto meeting. Also, please be thinking of potential speakers from the Toronto area for the "Recent Developments" symposium. Symposium proposals and nominations of speakers for Toronto can be forwarded to me at: rsatterlie@asu.edu We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim. We will soon have our final list of speakers for the "Recent Developments" symposium, which we will publish in the next newsletter. Please tell your colleagues about the meeting, and particularly about our exciting symposia.

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