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Division of Developmental & Cell Biology (DDCB): 2003 Spring Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Patricia Glas

At the Annual Meeting in Toronto, it was decided by the five attending members that the division should take a hiatus. The attending members suggested that the Division associate with the Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology until such time as membership and interest in the developmental and cell biology aspects were once again sufficient to sustain the division. Thus, the DDCB Chair (Patricia Glas) and the Chair of DEDB (Gunter Wagner) are drawing up a contract to maintain the identities of the two divisions while allowing the DDCB membership to benefit from the DEDB activities. The final contract will be presented to members of both divisions in the near future. The division will continue to explore options for revitalizing the division.

Meanwhile, DDCB continues to participate in Society events. We are co-sponsoring one of the symposia with the Division of Comparative Endocrinology for New Orleans and a symposium with DEDB in San Diego, and will continue to have a Program Chair to work with the Society on meeting preparations. Jessica Bolker did a fantastic job coordinating the sessions in Toronto with DEDB.

Patricia Glas
March 2003

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