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Division of Neurobiology (DNB): 2003 Spring Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the Chair

Robin L. Cooper

The Toronto meeting was very successful for our DNB group. New investigators and students were exposed to the society. We had a number of Canadian presenters in both the poster and slide sessions. Hopefully the new comers realize what a friendly group we are and will continue to participate in the years to come. The two DNB sponsored symposia were well attended. The two symposium were on:
  • "Firefly Flash Communication: Physiology and behavior," organized by Copeland and Carlson.
  • "Recent Developments in Neurobiology: Neural regulation of locomotion," organized by Rich Satterlie.
The presentations were of excellent quality and the student presentations mixed with primary investigators allowed a nice mix of details and overviews of the fields presented. This same menu will be used for the New Orleans symposium.

The "Neural regulation of locomotion" symposium was in honor of Professor Harold L. Atwood (Dept. of Physiology, Univ. of Toronto) for his 40+ years of contribution to the field of neuromuscular research. That evening at the DNB social we also had a fun time with an "Atwood Roast" which turned out not to be too embarrassing until Professor Atwood got a hold of the microphone and started commenting on the roasters!

At the DNB business meeting we had discussed an idea of having our own DNB www site that members might find of use for postings of various events and useful links. We welcome ideas and comments concerning the development of such a www site.

Message from the Program Officer

Rich Satterlie

I am taking this opportunity to call for nominations for speakers for the Recent Developments in Neurobiology symposium that our Division will sponsor at the New Orleans meeting. We will have a conceptually eclectic, but geographically constrained format. So, the speakers can be from any area of neuroscience, but we would like to have them come from the vicinity of the meeting. Decisions about speakers will be made with proximity in mind since we have limited funds. Also, the piggy-back nature of the talks is important to keep in mind. Each piggy-back pair will give an hour-long presentation: the head of the lab will give about 25 minutes of overview, describing the general research direction of the lab, and the piggy-back partner (advanced graduate student or post-doc) will have about 25 minutes to present some specific ongoing work. The balance of the hour (usually ten minutes) will be for a common question/answer period.

Message from the Secretary

Hank Trapido-Rosenthal

The Division of Neurobiology has awarded two presentation prizes to participants in the 2003 Toronto meeting. The prize for the best poster went to undergraduate student Candace Erdman, who presented her work, done at Friday Harbor Laboratory, on "C-Fos-Like Immunoreactivity in the Nervous System of the Nudibranch Mollusc Tritonia diomedea." The prize for best platform presentation went to graduate student Russell Wyeth (University of Washington), who described his work on "Integration of Multiple Sensory Cues by the Nudibranch Mollusk, Tritonia diomedea, During Navigation Through its Natural Habitat." This year, the prize for best model organism obviously goes to T. diomedea!

Division Chair Dr. Robin Cooper has initiated an effort to attract more neuroscientists to SICB. The following invitation has been published in the March 2003 issue of the Society for Neuroscience's e-newsletter "Neuroscience Nexus."
SICB Encourages Research, Student Training in Neuroscience.
Interested in lending your voice and expertise to another organization? The Society for Integrative and comparative Biology (SICB) includes many fields of specialization in biology. The SICB is organized around eleven divisions, one of which is the division of neurobiology. Research is presented at the SICB Annual Meeting, as well as in the publication of its journal, Integrative and Comparative Biology (ICB; formerly American Zoologist). One of the Society's focal points is to support its student members.
http://www.sicb.org/divisions/dnb.php3 - Click here for more details.

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