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Message from the Secretary

Sunny K. Boyd

My first request of the membership is this: Please join me in thanking the out-going Secretary, Penny Hopkins, for truly exceptional service to the Society. During her tenure, Penny organized the election process, enhanced communications with the membership and molded a ship-shape team of divisional secretaries. She also went above and beyond her assigned duties in re-writing the Constitution and By Laws. Penny and her ad hoc committee have spent countless hours on this important job. Please view the new version of the Constitution and By Laws in this newsletter and vote on their acceptance.

Second, I would like to enlist current and past divisional officers in a new endeavor. It is the goal of the Executive Committee to create a comprehensive set of "Officer's Manuals" during 2003. Given the unique makeup of different divisions, each division should produce their own manuals. Rather than the sketchy oral history or learn-on-the-job approach to training of new officers, we believe a written list of standard operating procedures would create a more efficient and effective officer's corps. If any of you already possess a written description of officer's duties in your division, I would appreciate receiving a copy. These can form a springboard for other divisions approaching the task from scratch.

Finally, I would like to call your attention to the American Institute of Biological Sciences. SICB is a member of this umbrella organization which serves science and scientific societies. AIBS provides our link with Washington and public policy, in general. I recommend that you visit the AIBS website (http://www.aibs.org/). You will find cogent descriptions of government actions that have direct effects on science. Any interested person can subscribe to the AIBS Public Policy Report via the website and keep up-to-date.