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Division of Neurobiology (DNB): 2006 Spring Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Paul A. Moore

Greetings from the DNB. We had a great meeting this year in Orlando and a big thanks has to go to Rich Satterlie who has been our Program Chair for the last three years. Rich has put together some outstanding symposia. We really appreciate his ideas of combining both the mentor and graduate students in the presentations. Rich will be stepping down soon and we need to begin to think about someone to replace him. It is important to note that at our annual business meeting, we talked in detail about extending our collaborations both with other divisions within SICB and with other groups (such as neuroethology and neuroscience). It is important that we retain our identity and yet work with others if we are going to continue to grow. I believe that one of the reasons that our group comes to SICB is that we all are aware of and appreciate the integrative and multidisciplinary aspects of the meeting. This can be seen in our presentations that combine biomechanics, animal behavior, invertebrate morphology, and other fields that are represented in other divisions. So, by reaching out to other societies, we want to contact and grow with those individuals who take a systems or holistic approach to their neuroscience endeavors. Another area that needs support and growth is our graduate and undergraduate students. It is our goal to continue to support their work and presentations in our symposia and include them in our division endeavors. We want to provide them outlets for their scientific work that may be absent from other meetings. The most important point is that we have a small but solid group of individuals working to continue the growth and development of the neuroscience division. I want to thank all those who came and presented at Orlando and encourage all to contact me with your thoughts.

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