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SICB Spring 2006 Newsletter
2006 Elections
  • Divisional candidates for 2006 Elections are listed under the individual divisions. SICB-wide candidates and their biographies will be posted soon.
  • Message from the President
  • 2005 was the year of the journal for SICB. New publisher Oxford University Press brings a long and distinguished history of scientific publishing to SICB and are in the forefront of modern day academic publishing.
  • What is the status of SICB? The society is growing, active intellectually, supportive of its young scientists, moving forward into exciting new arenas, and full of wonderful smart people who help make SICB work. However, there are potential giant potholes on the horizon.
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  • Message from the Treasurer
  • Fiscal Year Finally to Make Sense
  • Executive Committee declares two endowment funds as 'temporarily restricted'
  • New, easy mechanism to donate to Society funds
  • Society financial health continues to be strong
  • New face of ICB can only help
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  • Message from the Past Program Officer
  • The 2006 SICB meeting in January in Orlando was another success.
  • The level of student involvement and support at the annual meeting continues to be very high.
  • The process of planning and assembling the program of the annual meeting continues to change over the years. Some of the aspects of scheduling or organization appear to relate directly to the success of the meeting in recent years.
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  • Message from the Secretary
  • SICB Website to be overhauled. [Read more]
  • A Time of Change
  • SICB's journal, Integrative and Comparative Biology has a new editor and assistant editor. [Read more]
  • A Personal Account of Hurricane Katrina
  • DCPB member Barney Rees is a faculty member at the University of New Orleans and describes his experience with Hurricane Kathrina and its aftermath. [Read more]