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SICB Spring 2008 Newsletter
Experiences in Integrative and Comparative Biology
The 4th installment of our series, featuring Past Presidents Al Bennett and Edwin Cooper.
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2008 Elections
SICB-wide candidates and their biographies. Divisional candidates for 2008 Elections are listed under the individual divisions.
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2010 Meeting Location
The SICB Executive Committee has selected Seattle, Washington as the site of the January 2010 SICB Annual Meeting. The meeting will be held in the Sheraton Seattle Hotel and the adjacent Washington State Convention and Trade Center.
Message from the President
The 2008 Annual Meeting in San Antonio was a great success. I was particularly pleased to see so many students and postdocs, some of them now familiar colleagues, others fresh arrivals. They hold the promise of a vibrant future for our Society, welcoming and facilitating continuing change.
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Message from the Treasurer
  • Policy on Establishing Named Funds
  • More Budget Belt Tightening Required
  • Development Committee Revitalized
  • Dow-Jones Nausea
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Message from the Program Officer
Two very important dates to put on your calendar are:
  • The deadline of the submission of late-breaking symposium applications for the 2009 meeting in Boston is August 18, 2008.
  • The deadline for the submission of the symposium applications for the 2010 meeting in Seattle is August 18, 2008
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Message from the Past Program Officer
At the 2008 meeting in San Antonio, we had 1336 registered participants. There were eight regular symposia and, for the first time, four late-breaking symposia. Symposia rooms were very full and the talks that I saw were incredibly interesting. For regular symposia, 7 of the 8 had external funding and these sources included NSF, NIH, Air Force Science and the Society for Systematic Biology.
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Message from the Secretary
As we grow into our new web site, we are finding more and better ways of serving SICB members and promoting the goals of the Society. One new way to communicate is an electronic "Discussion Board" on our web site that allows members to make comments and ask questions about the proposed bylaws changes.
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