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Division of Developmental & Cell Biology (DDCB): 2003 Fall Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the Acting Chair

Patricia Glas

Dear Colleagues,
In this newsletter, you should receive a copy of the proposal to form an association between DDCB and DEDB for the purposes of providing leadership for our Division , click the link to see this agreement:
http://sicb.org/divisions/Memo_of_Understanding.doc. Due to lack of enough participation by members of this division, we are going on hiatus for a while. There is enough interest in Developmental and Cell Biology for us to continue, but not enough members that are able, or willing, to serve as guiding forces. In order to maintain our division, we are joining with DEDB. We have tried to set this joint venture so we may use the strengths of our respective divisions, so that, should future directions dictate, the Division of Developmental and Cell Biology may easily reassert itself as a separate entity.

This joining of Divisions has not been done hastily. The Chairs of both DEDB and DDCB drafted this proposal with additional input from the SICB Executive Board. DDCB will continue to co-sponsor symposia, and will also provide funds for Best Student Presentations. DDCB members will serve on some of the committees within DEDB to allow for input from our division.

Meanwhile, I hope to see members reaffirm their commitment to Developmental and Cell Biology by checking the division as a secondary member. Should we recruit sufficient numbers of willing new faculty and postdoctoral students to the division, and establish a pool of graduate students that will continue in divisional support positions, then I expect to see the Division once again establish itself as a separate entity. Until that time, I ask that we all support the joint DEDB/DDCB officers and programs and continue to recruit students and new faculty to the organization.

Patricia S. Glas
Acting Chair

P.S. Be sure to check the symposium that we are also listed as co-sponsors for: DCE/DIZ/Crustacean Society: Organized by Robert Stevenson and Shea R. Tuberty: EcoPhysiology and Conservation: The Contribution of Endocrinology and Immunology

Link to officer list on DDCB page