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SICB Fall 2005 Newsletter
Message from the President
As I think all of you know, this has been the year of the journal for your officers. We have signed a letter of intent with Oxford Press which means that they are now advertising ICB and making arrangements with people who bundle journals and talking with abstracting services. I am very happy to announce that Harold Heatwole has accepted the position as editor-in-chief.[Read more]
Message from the President-Elect
It is time to enact our strategic plan so ably initiated by Martin Feder 5 years ago, then initially drafted by Marvalee Wake, and after further tweaking, finally approval at last year's meeting. Of the many formidable objectives in the strategic plan, I hope to focus on four, in particular, during my term, and will begin addressing them next year, my second year as President-Elect. [Read more]
Message from the Treasurer
The audit for 2004 is complete, and the Society finished the year with a modest increase in net assets. Our invested funds continue to be a highlight of the overall financial picture. One area of fiscal concern is the very real prospect for diminishing support from NSF for Society symposia at the annual meeting.[Read more]
Message from the Program Officer
We have a very exciting program planned for our annual SICB meeting in Orlando in January 2006. There will be nine symposia, sixty-six contributed oral sessions, three afternoons of poster presentations, as well as special lectures, workshops, and socials. We continue to attract a large number of presentations (1053 submitted abstracts; even more than in San Diego). [Read more]
Message from the Secretary
The secretaries have been working on three initiatives over this year. First, revision of divisional bylaws has been ongoing. Second, the secretaries and webmaster have started a bulletin board for discussion of divisional business - including the bylaws. Finally, many divisions have spiced up webpages.[Read more]