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Meeting Announcements

The Third International Symposium on Aero Aqua Bio-Mechanisms - ISABMEC 2006 July 3-7, 2006
Okinawa Convention Center
Ginowan, Okinawa

The Study Group of Aero Aqua Bio-Mechanisms (ABMECH), Osaka University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Northeastern University Marine Science Center (NUMSC) are organizing the Third International Symposium on Aero Aqua Bio-Mechanisms (ISABMEC 2006). The symposium will be held on 3-7 July in 2006 at Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan-city, Okinawa, Japan. Original papers on the theme of this symposium are invited for submission.

For more information visit http://abmech.org/isabmec2006/.

International Journal of Zoological Sciences

The re-estalishment of International Society of Zoological Sciences was approved by an overwhelming majority in the General Meeting of 19th International Congress of Zoology. The Society unites individual scholars and educators with national and professional organizations to promote an integrative study of animal organisms. The Society will promote co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation between the different specialized fields of zoological sciences. To ecourage everybody to join the Society, the membership of the first 4 year period (2004-2008) is free of charge.

The major activities of the Society will be maintaining a website for information exchange, publishing a journal and host the Congress. We had a meeting with representatives from Blackwell Publishing about the International Journal of Zoological Sciences. We've reached an agreement to publish the 1st issue in March, 2005. We are now calling paper for this new Journal, please find the details on the ISZS website: www.globalzoology.org.