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Message from the Secretary

Sunny K. Boyd

2005 has been a busy year for the secretaries! The elections this year were a resounding success. Many fine members will take office over the coming year, so be sure to welcome aboard the new folks in your divisions. We all appreciate those who are willing to run for office - whether ultimately elected or not. Their personal sacrifice makes SICB the thriving enterprise it is.

The secretaries have been working on three initiatives over this year. First, revision of divisional bylaws has been ongoing. Hopefully, soon all divisions will be in compliance with their own bylaws! Second, the secretaries and webmaster have started a bulletin board for discussion of divisional business - including the bylaws. Please see http://sicb.org/phpBB2/index.php . Finally, many divisions have spiced up webpages. You can see particularly fine examples in the "researchers' databases" at the DEE, DIZ and DCPB webpages. We welcome even more contributions to the databases. Contact your division secretary for details.

As a reminder, a draft of the minutes from the 2005 business meeting in San Diego has been posted in the Spring newsletter (http://sicb.org/newsletters/nl04-2005/secretary.php3#minutes). Please read the minutes and write me (boyd.1@nd.edu) if you have corrections, additions, or other comments. We will vote on acceptance of the minutes at the 2006 business meeting.

Finally, as I leave office after the 2006 meeting, I would like to thank the many people with whom I have worked. To the division secretaries, society officers, webmaster Ruedi, and many other friends and colleagues in SICB - Thank You. I have enjoyed myself and you all made that possible.