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  • Call for Exceptional Photomicrographs
  • Graduate Fellowships in Tropical Biology at STRI

    Call for Exceptional Photomicrographs

    Do you have a photomicrograph of exceptional interest and quality? If so, the American Microscopical Society invites and encourages you to enter it into the annual Ralph and Mildred Buchsbaum Excellence in Photomicrography Contest. The contest will take place at the SICB meeting in Phoenix, January 4-7, 2007. Micrographs will be displayed at the AMS booth where SICB meeting attendees may evaluate them and vote for the best image in both black and white and color categories. Winning micrographers in each category will receive a cash award, a photomicrography book and a luncheon ticket to the AMS banquet at the next SICB meeting. The images will be also be featured on the AMS website. The contest is open to SICB meeting participants; up to 3 entries each. AMS membership is welcomed but not required. Submissions must be prints, with maximum dimensions of 8 X 10 inches, unlabeled, unsigned, and mounted on poster board or foam-core mounting board. A single line of information identifying the subject (e.g., "Mouthparts of a mite") and stating the microscopical technique used (e.g., "SEM") should be below the photograph. Entries will be accepted on the morning of the first full day of the meetings (Thursday, January 4, 2007) at the AMS booth in the exhibit hall. The deadline for submitting entries is before the exhibits close for lunch that day. Voting begins on the afternoon of the first meeting day and ends before exhibits close at the end of the second full day (Friday, January 5, 2007). All meeting participants who visit the AMS exhibit are allowed one ballot for each contest category.

    Graduate Fellowships in Tropical Biology

    The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Short-Term Fellowship Program allows selected candidates to come to STRI year-round and is an excellent resource to provide support for graduate students and introduce them to tropical research. Although focused primarily on graduate students, awards are occasionally given to undergraduate and postdoctoral candidates. These fellowships enable selected candidates to work in the tropics and explore research possibilities at STRI. Deadlines: February 15, May 15, August 15 and November 15. For more information see: http://www.stri.org/english/education_fellowships/fellowships/stri_programs.php or e-mail fellows@si.edu.