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Division of Neurobiology (DNB): 2007 Fall Newsletter

Message from the Secretary

Thomas Pirtle

Greetings to all members of the Division of Neurobiology and other interested readers. I would like to introduce the new officers of the division. Dr. Jim Murray, of the University of Central Arkansas, was elected as our new division chair. Jim studies the neuroethology of orientation in Tritonia. Dr. Duane McPherson of the Department of Biology at SUNY Geneseo is the new program officer. Duane's interests include work on the neurobiology and behavior of Aplysia. Dr. Thomas Pirtle of Abilene Christian University is our new divisional secretary, and is interested in the neuronal control of locomotion in Clione.

We look forward to the January 2008 meeting in San Antonio with another Recent Developments in Neurobiology symposium being organized by Dr. Kelly Suter of the University of Texas, San Antonio and Dr. Richard Satterlie of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. We acknowledge and thank the National Science Foundation support of the upcoming symposium. Out of a total of 891 contributed abstracts, 38 fall into Neurobiology. Of these, 22 are posters and 16 are oral presentations. This does not include the 18 oral presentations at symposia (out of a total of 110); there are 10 oral presentations in the Advances in Neurobiology symposium and 8 in the Electromyography symposium. Of the contributed abstracts, 11 are contestants for the Best Student Paper award (eight posters, three talks). That means, we need some volunteers to help judge the presentations! It's important and not difficult -- please contact Duane McPherson (mcpherso@geneseo.edu) if you are willing. Please note that the early fee registration deadline is November 30, 2007. Finally, if you have an interesting photomicrograph, the American Microscopical Society invites and encourages you to enter it into the annual Ralph and Mildred Buchsbaum Excellence in Photomicrography Contest. For more information about this contest please contact Dr. John F. Pilger at jpilger@agnesscott.edu.

Dr. Jenna Monroy, a postdoctoral research associate with Drs. Kiisa Nishikawa and Stan Lindstedt at Northern Arizona University has been appointed by President John Pearse to represent our division on the Student Postdoctoral Affairs Committee. She will begin her three year term at the end of the annual SICB meeting in January 2008. We thank her for her willingness to service in these areas.

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