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SICB Fall 2008 Newsletter
Experiences in Integrative and Comparative Biology
The 5th installment of our series, featuring Richard Satterlie, SICB President-Elect

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Message from the President
  • Journal Review Committee starts work
  • Measures to achieve balanced budget and new ideas of funding
  • Thanks to secretary Lou Burnett
  • Main issues during my tenure as President
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Message from the Treasurer
  • Belt-tightening continues as economy worsens
  • Finance committee committed to balancing the budget
  • Development committee given a charge
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Message from the Program Officer
  • Record numbers for 2009 Meeting
  • Workshops and Special Lectures
  • Approved Symposia for 2010
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Message from the Secretary
  • New web site continues refinement
  • Business meeting and award presentations to be combined again
  • Election Report
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