Editor, Editorial Board, Integrative and Comparative Biology

Editor Email: Editor.ICB@sicb.org
Editorial Board Email: icb.editorialboard@sicb.org

The Editorial Board assists with editorial duties and advises the Editor in matters relating to journal policy, with particular reference to determining editorial and business policies for the journal. SICB Bylaws, Article XIV, Section 5 provides details on the work and selection of the editorial board.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

Editor-in-Chief Ulrike K. Muller 01/2019-01/2024 
Associate Editor Elizabeth Addis 01/2019-01/2024 
Associate Editor Ryan Earley 01/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor Corinne Richards-Zawacki 01/2019-01/2024 
Associate Editor Sharlene Santana 01/2019-01/2021 
Associate Editor Ajna Rivera 01/2020-01/2025 
Assist. Editor - Animal Behavior Erica Westerman 01/2021-01/2026 
Assist. Editor - Botany Morgan Furze 01/2020-01/2025 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Biomechanics David Hu 01/2021-01/2026 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Endocrinology Gaby Palacios 01/2020-01/2025 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry Devaleena S Pradhan 01/2020-01/2025 
Assist. Editor - Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology Joel Slade 01/2020-01/2025 
Assist. Editor - Ecology & Evolution Michael Dillon 01/2017-01/2022 
Assist. Editor - Evolutionary Developmental Biology David Plachetzki 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Invertebrate Zoology Daniel Speiser 01/2020-01/2025 
Assist. Editor - Neurobiology, Neuroethology, & Sensory Biology Petra Lenz 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Phylogenetics & Comparative Biology Hannah Wood 01/2019-01/2024 
Assist. Editor - Vertebrate Morphology Brooke Flammang 01/2020-01/2021 
Assistant Editor Robert Cox 01/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Anjali Goswami 01/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Tonia Hsieh 01/2020-01/2024 
Assistant Editor Jeffrey Olberding 01/2020-01/2024 
Assistant Editor Marianne Porter 01/2019-01/2023 
Assistant Editor Christopher Richards 01/2019-01/2023 
Assistant Editor Vittoria Roncalli 01/2020-01/2024 
Assistant Editor Emily N. Taylor 01/2021-01/2025 
Assistant Editor Kathryn Wilsterman 01/2021-01/2025 
Guest Assistant Editor Kelly Diamond 2021 
Guest Assistant Editor Armita Manafzadeh 2021 
Guest Assistant Editor Nicholas Burnett 2021 
Social Media Manager Jason Macrander  
Social Media Manager Noah Bressman  
Social Media Manager Stacy Schkoda  
Social Media Manager Dahlya Habashi  
Social Media Manager Francesca Giammona  
Social Media Manager Laura Romanovich  
Assistant Editor Cecilia Conaco 01/2020-01/2024