Editor, Editorial Board, Integrative Organismal Biology

Editor Email: Editor.IOB@sicb.org
Editorial Board Email: IOB.EditorialBoard@sicb.org

The Editorial Board assists with editorial duties and advises the Editor in matters relating to journal policy, with particular reference to determining editorial and business policies for the journal. SICB Bylaws, Article XIV, Section 6 provides details on the work and selection of the editorial board.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

Editor Adam P. Summers 2020-2025 
Managing Editor Suzanne Miller  
Associate Editor Richard Blob 2019-2021 
Associate Editor Marguerite Butler 2019-2021 
Associate Editor Kory Evans 2021-2023 
Associate Editor Colleen Farmer 2019-2021 
Associate Editor Ignacio Moore 2019-2021 
Associate Editor Martha Munoz 2021-2023 
Associate Editor James Newcomb 2021-2023 
Associate Editor Susan Williams 2019-2021 
Associate Editor Timothy Wright 2020-2022