Program Committee

Committee Email:

This committee consists primarily of the program officers who work together to provide a program for the annual meeting.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

Program Officer, Chair Jake Socha 01/2020-01/2022 
Program Officer-Elect Thomas Sanger 01/2020-01/2022 
DAB Program Officer kathleen lynch 01/2020-01/2023 
DOB Program Officer Janet Steven 01/2019-01/2023 
DCB Program Officer Matthew J McHenry 01/2020-01/2022 
DCE Program Officer Sara O'Brien 01/2021-01/2023 
DCPB Program Officer Michael Sears 01/2021-01/2023 
DEDB Program Officer Matthew Rockman 01/2019-01/2022 
DEDE Program Officer Laura Mydlarz 01/2021-01/2023 
DEE Program Officer Sarah Diamond 01/2020-01/2022 
DIZ Program Officer Kit Yu Karen Chan 01/2020-01/2023 
DNNSB Program Officer Jeff Riffell 01/2017-01/2023 
DPCB Program Officer Leigha Lynch 01/2021-01/2024 
DVM Program Officer Nicole Danos 01/2021-01/2023 
AMS Representative Bruno Pernet 01/2021 - 01/2023 
TCS Representative John Zardus 01/2018-01/2022 
Ex Officio, BAI Meeting DIrector Lori Strong  
Ex Officio Lori Strong, Meeting Director
950 Herndon Parkway
Suite 450
Herndon, VA 20170
Phone: 703-790-1745 or 800-955-1236
FAX: 703-790-2672