Reporting Violations of the SICB Annual Meeting Code of Conduct and Harassment Policy

Reports of SICB Code of Conduct violations from targets, witnesses, and others, whether or not the name of the violator is known, are accepted.

If someone is in immediate danger call 911. Then call 703-592-9946 to inform SICB staff of the emergency.

If you experience or observe harassment, we recommend that you write down the details as soon as possible, in as much detail as possible, to help you to recall specific events in the future.

Reports can be made:

  • through the EthicsPoint online reporting system (instructions below)

  • in person to a Safety Coordinator at the meeting registration desk

  • by calling 703-592-9946

  • by seeking out a Safety Ally for assistance with making a report through one of the above methods

SICB and our management company, Burk and Associates Inc., uses the EthicsPoint system ( for online reporting of Code of Conduct violations. This system is broadly focused on workplace ethics.

Instructions for reporting SICB Code of Conduct Violations using the EthicsPoint system.

  1. Select the location where the violation took place: Select SICB.

  2. Click Continue to enter the EthicsPoint confidential and secure reporting area.

  3. You will be faced with a wide range of options for type of misconduct, including things like Accounting and Billing. The options “Violation of Policy” or “Discrimination or Harassment” categories are likely the most apt.

  4. A one-page form will open for you to enter all information.

  5. You have the option to remain anonymous and SICB will still be able to communicate with you through the EthicsPoint system.

  6. You will be asked: Please identify the person(s) engaged in this behavior. Entering Unknown is acceptable. SICB benefits from reports of code violations even if no follow up is possible because the violator's name is not known.

  7. Fill in as much of the form as you can.

  8. When you submit the report, you will be issued a Report Key and asked to set your password. Please make a note of them. If you reported anonymously, this Report Key plus your password will be the only way for you to follow up on the report and answer any questions from SICB or submit more information about the incident.

  9. Visit the Follow Up page to communicate with SICB about your report.