Student/Postdoctoral Affairs Committee

Committee Email:

The Committee shall host a program of special interest to Student and Postdoctoral Members at each annual meeting. SICB Bylaws, Article XV, Section 6 provides details on the membership of this committee.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

Chair John R Hutchinson 01/2019-01/2022 
Animal Behavior Sydney Hope 01/2018-01/2021 
Botany Morgan Furze 01/2019-01/2022 
Comparative Biomechanics Armita Manafzadeh 01/2020-01/2023 
Comparative Endocrinology Carla Madelaire 01/2019-01/2022 
Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry Andrea Rummel 01/2018-01/2021 
Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology Ashley Love 01/2019-01/2022 
Ecology & Evolution Craig Marshall 01/2019-01/2022 
Evolutionary Developmental Biology Ryan Hulett 01/2020-01/2023 
Invertebrate Zoology Rebecca Varney 01/2020-01/2023 
Neurobiology, Neuroethology & Sensory Biology Maryam Kamran 01/2019-01/2022 
Phylogenetics and Comparative Biology Emily Lessner 01/2020-01/2023 
Vertebrate Morphology Kara Feilich 01/2019-01/2022