Best Student Paper Award Winners 2009

Cash prizes and journal subscriptions are provided to the awardees by Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.

DAB Oral Presentation Ann Marie Torregrossa, University of Utah

Poster Presentation Branislav Igic, University of Auckland, NZ
DCB Oral Presentation Chen Li, Georgia Institute of Technology

Poster Presentation William J. Stewart, University of California at Irvine
DCE Aubrey Gorbman Award
Oral Presentation
Ryan Paitz, Illinois State University

Poster Presentation (tie) Sara O'Brien, University of Washington

Poster Presentation (tie) Chioma Okekpe, Auburn University
DCPB C. Ladd Prosser Award
Oral Presentation
Jeffrey Grim, Ohio University
Hon. Mention: Robin Dunkin

C. Ladd Prosser Award
Poster Presentation
Jennifer Olson, Ohio State University
Hon. Mention: Christina Booher, Audrey McDonald
DDCB Oral Presentation Joseph Paul Campanale, California Polytechnic State University

Poster Presentation Kamali Naomi Carroll, The George Washington University
DEDB Oral Presentation Frank Tulenko, Wesleyan University

Poster Presentation Eric Lee, University of Oklahoma
DEE Oral Presentation Catriona Condon, The University of Queensland, AU

Poster Presentation Mary L. Wright, University of California, Berkeley
DIZ Oral Presentation Dennis J. Evangelista, University of California, Berkeley
Hon. Mention: Jann Vendetti

Poster Presentation Katie Marshall, University of Western Ontario
Hon. Mention: Eric Octavio Campos

Wenner Strong Inference Award Katie Marshall, University of Western Ontario
Hon. Mention: Cawa Tran
DNB Oral Presentation Simon Sponberg, University of California, Berkeley

Poster Presentation Allison Sherman, California State University East Bay
DSEB Oral Presentation Liam Revell, Harvard University
Hon. Mention: Nicole Cox

Poster Presentation Molly Schumer, Reed College
DVM D. Dwight Davis Award
Oral Presentation
Natalia Taft, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Hon. Mention: Kerin M. Claeson

Poster Presentation Laura Macesic, Florida Atlantic University