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    Attention SICB Presenters: If you are having problems preparing or uploading your presentation, please use this Google form to report your problem: SICB 2021 Problem Report Form. This is the fastest way to have your problem addressed.

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    Still on the fence about attending? Hear from SICB President Beth Brainerd and Program Officer Jake Socha on why they are excited for SICB 2021!

    SICB is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the SICB 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting! As we move forward, our guiding principles are (1) to capture the spirit, scientific value, and networking value of our in-person meetings, (2) to embrace this digital format as an opportunity to broaden the reach of SICB and make our community more accessible and inclusive for all scientists and students, and (3) to offer many ways to participate in the meeting at your own pace and schedule over an extended period during January and February. 

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    SICB Election Results

    L. Patricia Hernandez will begin her term as SICB's President-Elect at the close of the 2021 meeting.  For full election results, click here.

    "As President, I will foster our tradition of interdisciplinary investigation, nurturing the essential cross-fertilization that occurs with such integrative vision, and making our members more competitive for NSF funding.  I strongly support existing SICB initiatives to support early career researchers and student members, and I will strive to broaden participation to all scientists.  As a queer woman of color, whose parents were immigrants, I value our increasingly diverse membership and I look forward to growing diversity in our leadership."  

    SICB Communications Editor
    Molly W. Jacobs is SICB's new Communications Editor! This is a new position in the SICB leadership team. As Communications Editor, Molly will oversee all official SICB communications, manage the content and format of the SICB website, supervise SICB social media output in collaboration with the Public Affairs Committee, and play a leadership role in the ongoing SICB website redesign project.

    "For me, SICB is like a beacon - a yearly reminder of why I fell in love with science in the first place. SICB has been my home meeting since I first attended as an undergraduate - I crept in and out of dimly lit rooms with fantastic images on the screens, and was shocked and elated when the people in my literature cited section turned out to be real live people walking through the corridors. Since that time, it has shaped my career as a scientist, educator, and science communicator. As SICB Communications Editor, I want to make sure that SICB remains an inspiring, supportive home for all scientists - particularly those who are early career or coming from diverse communities."

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