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    Michael Hart

    Population genetics of reproductive variation
    We study the population genetics of reproductive variation, mainly in echinoderms. Recent work in the northwest Atlantic looked at microsatellite and mtDNA population structure in sea urchins, sea stars, and clams in the context of Pleistocene glaciations, range expansion, and hybridization. New work in the Pacific focuses on life history and population genetic variation in the context of phylogenetic relationships among closely related species or genera of asterinid sea stars (see the diagram). Some species have dioecious adults with broadcast spawning of gametes followed by feeding (red lineages) or nonfeeding (orange) planktonic larval development, but many others have convergently evolved selfing hermaphrodite adults with non-planktonic larval development in egg masses (green) or viviparous brooding with live birth and sibling brood cannibalism (blue). The new work has several directions: (1) comparison of microsatellite and DNA sequence estimates of inbreeding and population structure among species with different larval forms and mating sytems; (2) analysis of selfing and multiple paternity in species with benthic brooding; (3) study of fertilization kinetics and hybridization potential in species with planktonic gametes; (4) characterization of genes encoding gamete recognition proteins and their sequence variation within and among species with different mating systems. We are actively recruiting new graduate students or postdocs interested in this work, especially projects (3) and (4).

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    Officers & Representatives

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    Chair 01/2021-01/2023 Jonathan Allen
    Program Officer 01/2020-01/2023 Kit Yu Karen Chan
    Secretary 01/2019-01/2022 Justin McAlister
    Student/Postdoc Representative 01/2020-01/2023 Rebecca Varney
    Libbie Hyman Memorial Scholarship Committee Chair Abigail Cahill

    DIZ Memberlist

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    Nikki Adams  Cal Polytechnic State Univer 
    Khaled Adjerid  NEOMED 
    Mehrnaz Afkhami  University of Oklahoma 
    Brett Aiello   
    Caroline Albertin  Marine Biological Laboratory 
    Bassem Allam  Stony Brook University 
    Jonathan Allen  William & Mary 
    Philip Anderson  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
    Hannah Anderson   
    Nigel Andrew  University of New England 
    David Angelini  Colby College 
    Anthony Annunziato  Boston College 
    Ndotimi Apulu  University of Arkansas 
    Gloria Arellano   
    Roxanne Armfield  Yale University 
    Melissa L Atkins  University of Hawai'i at Manoa 
    Jorge Audino  Iowa State University 
    Anthony Auletta  University of Florida 
    Leslie Babonis  University of Florida 
    Kia Baeza  St. Edward's University 
    Laura Bagge  University of FL and AFRL 
    Nicole Baker   
    Caitlin Baker   
    Sujay Balebail  University of Washington 
    Michael Baltzley  Western Oregon University 
    Cody Barnes  Oklahoma State University 
    Danielle Barnes   
    Sofia Barreira   
    Nick Battista  The College of New Jersey 
    Richard Beckwitt  Framingham State University 
    Samuel Bedgood  Univ. of California, Irvine 
    Alexandra Bely  Univ of Maryland 
    Charlotte Benedict   
    Hugo Benitez  Universidad Catolica del Maule 
    Joshua Benoit  University of Cincinnati 
    Vanessa Bentley  Colorado State University 
    Cory Berger  MIT/WHOI Joint Program 
    Daniel Bergman  Grand Valley State University 
    Sarah Berke  Siena College 
    David Bertsch  Case Western Reserve 
    Oliver Betz  University of Tuebingen 
    Leann Biancani   
    Sydney Birch  University of New Hampshire 
    Ruediger Birenheide   
    Todd Blackledge  University of Akron 
    Neil Blackstone  Northern Illinois University 
    Samuel Bogan  UC Santa Barbara 
    victoria bogantes  Auburn University 
    Carol Boggs  University of South Carolina 
    Richard Bomphrey  Royal Veterinary College 
    Calhoun Bond  Greensboro College 
    Alyssa Bonfoey  University of the Pacific 
    Reed Boohar  University of Miami 
    Charles Booth  Eastern Connecticut State Univ 
    Michael Boyle  Smithsonian Marine Station 
    Emily Branam  Swarthmore College 
    Erin Brandt  University of Western Ontario 
    Pamela Brannock  Rollins College 
    Christopher Breen   
    John Briseno   
    Karina Brocco French  UCI 
    George Brooks  Virginia Tech 
    Cecilia Brothers  Walla Walla University 
    Stine Brown  University of New England 
    Adrian Brueckner  Caltech 
    David Buchwalter  NC State University 
    Ariane Buckenmeyer  Swedish Museum of Natural History 
    Shayna Burg  Florida Southern College 
    Jennifer Burnaford  California State University Fullerton 
    Louis Burnett  College of Charleston 
    Nicholas Burnett  UC Davis 
    Mercedes Burns   
    Kathryn Busby   
    Elke Buschbeck   
    Jorge Bustamante  University of Washington 
    Margaret L Byron  The Pennsylvania State University 
    Abigail Cahill  Albion College 
    Liming Cai  UC Riverside 
    Shaun Cain  EOU 
    Paige Caine   
    Erika Calle  New College of Florida 
    Robert Cameron  California Institute of Technology 
    Johanna Cannon  Academies of Loudoun  
    Serena Caplins   
    Bailey Carroll   
    Paulyn Cartwright  University Kansas 
    Cameron Cassavaugh  New England College 
    Frank L. Castille   
    Patrick Casto  Bowling Green State University 
    Edward Catapane  Medgar Evers College 
    Cynthia Chai  Caltech 
    Roberta Challener  Bellarmine University 
    Kit Yu Karen Chan  Swarthmore College 
    Karthikeyan Chandrasegaran  Virginia Tech 
    Elizabeth Chang   
    David Charifson  Stony Brook University 
    Daravuth Cheam  University of California, Merc 
    Ariel Chipman  The Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem 
    Able Chow  Louisiana State University 
    Veronica Chua   
    Scott Cinel  University of Florida 
    Elizabeth Clark  Yale University 
    Hannah Clott   
    Jamie Cochran   
    Jenny Coelho  Berry College 
    Mary Alice Coffroth  University at Buffalo 
    C. Sarah Cohen  EOS/ Romberg Tiburon Campus, SFSU 
    Alexis Coles   
    Sean Colin   
    Rachel Collin  STRI 
    Caitlyn Collins-Jencarelli   
    Stacey Combes  U.C. Davis 
    Megan Conkling   
    Hailey Conrad  Rutgers University 
    Geoffrey Cook  New England College 
    Alissa Coonfield   
    Adrienne Correa  Rice University 
    Daisy Cortes  UC Santa Cruz 
    Randy Coryell  New Mexico State University 
    Kathy Cosenza  Front Range Community College 
    David Cowles  Walla Walla University 
    Rachel Crane  Stanford University 
    Karen Crawford   
    Antoine Cribellier   
    Christopher Crowder   
    Mandy Cumming  University of North Florida 
    John Currea   
    Michelle Curtis  UAB 
    Thomas L. Daniel  University of Washington Department of Zoology 
    Ariella Danziger  University of New England 
    Emily Darin   CSU Long Beach  
    Zachary Darnell  Univ. of Southern Mississippi 
    Kyle David  Auburn University 
    Zachary David  Old Dominion Univeristy 
    Sarah Davies  Boston University 
    Sarah Davies  Boston University 
    Johnny Davila-Sandoval  Clark University 
    Elizabeth Davis-Berg  Columbia College Chicago 
    Irene Del Olmo  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 
    Danielle DeLeo  Florida Intl University  
    Jérôme Delroisse  University of Mons 
    Alice Dennis   
    Charles Derby  Georgia State University 
    Candido Diaz  Vassar College 
    Bradley Dickerson  Caltech 
    Patsy Dickinson  Bowdoin College 
    Marianne P DiMarco-Temkin   
    Jason Dinh  Duke University 
    Katie Dobkowski  Bates College 
    Shannon Dohr  Macalester College 
    Dillon Dolinar  San Diego State University 
    Margaret Doolin   
    Kelly Dorgan  Dauphin Island Sea Lab 
    Savannah Draud  University of Mississippi 
    Michael Drummond   
    Meghan Duell  University of Western Ontario 
    Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri  University of Pittsburgh 
    Jonathan Eckel  Providence College 
    Allison Edgar  University of Florida 
    Charles Edwards   
    Olaf Ellers  Free Lance 
    Christina Ellison  University of Oregon 
    Zachary Emberts   
    Laura Enzor  University of Hartford 
    David Epel  Stanford University Hopkins 
    Katie Erickson  Harvey Mudd College 
    David Ernst  University of Arkansas 
    Natalia Ershova  University of Chicago 
    Miguel Estrada Caballero  CSU Fresno 
    Nathaniel Evans  Smithsonian 
    Christine Ewers  Zoological Museum of the Chris 
    Frank Fabela   
    Samuel Fabian  Imperial College London 
    Zen Faulkes  U. Texas Rio Grande Valley 
    Daphne Gail Fautin  University of Kansas 
    Kathryn Feerst  UFL 
    Kathryn Feller  Union College 
    Laura Ferguson  Dalhousie University 
    Jamie Andersen Fields   
    Florent Figon  Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l'Insecte, Université de Tours 
    Marie-Therese Fischer  Stanford University 
    Adrian Fisher  Arizona State University 
    Timothy Fort  Valdosta State University 
    Amanda Franklin  The University of Melbourne 
    Marnie Freckelton  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
    Markus Frederich  Univ New England 
    Rowan French  University of Toronto 
    Lauren Fuess  Texas State University 
    Robert Full  UC of California at Berkeley 
    Megumi Fuse  San Francisco State University 
    Kaitlin Gallagher  Christian Brothers University 
    James Gallagher   
    Mark Garcia  University of Kentucky 
    Loriann Garcia  Austin College 
    Laura Gatch   
    Lauren Gates   
    Jeffrey Gau   
    Brad Gemmell  University of South Florida 
    Caitlyn Genovese  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
    Sophie George  Georgia Southern University 
    Lilly Germeroth   
    Fabrizio Ghiselli  University of Bologna 
    Joshua Gibson  Department of Entomology, UIUC 
    Randy Gibson  US Fish & Wildlife Service 
    Sandra Gilchrist  New College of Florida 
    Ariel Gilligan   
    Jordan Glass  Arizona State University 
    Scott Goeppner  Oklahoma State University 
    Ze Gong  UCSD-SIO 
    Jessica Goodheart  UC Santa Barbara 
    Aaron Goodman  San Francisco State University 
    Mandi Gordon  EIH-UHCL 
    Andrew Gordus  Johns Hopkins University 
    Eleni Gourgou  University of Michigan 
    Jessica Gray  Harvard Medical School 
    Jessica Gray   
    Michael Greene  University of Colorado Denver 
    Candace Grimes   
    Richard Grosberg  University of California, Davi 
    Collin Gross   
    Tobias B. Grun  University of Florida 
    Daniel Grunbaum 
    Vanessa Guerra   
    Mark Gunderson  The College of Idaho 
    Luciana Gusmao  AMNH 
    Sander Gussekloo  Wageningen University 
    Daniela Gutierrez Andrade  University of Tampa 
    Michael Hadfield  University of Hawaii Manoa 
    Kenneth M. Halanych  Biological Sciences Dept 
    Jorg U Hammel  Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht 
    Shanna Hanes  Martin Methodist College 
    Mary Colleen Hannon   
    Christopher Harbison  Siena College 
    Cynthia Harley  Metropolitan State University 
    Michael Hart  Simon Fraser University 
    Lauren Harter  University of the Pacific 
    Daniel K Hartline  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
    Justin Havird  University of Texas at Austin 
    Maureen Hayden  Texas A&M University 
    Maureen Hayden   
    Elizabeth Heath-Heckman   
    Thomas Heinbockel  Howard University College of Medicine 
    Brian Helmuth  Northeastern University 
    Scottie Henderson  Cerritos College 
    Nicholai Hensley  Cornell University 
    Hollister Herhold  American Museum of Natural History 
    Colin Olmsted Hermans  Sonoma State University 
    Alyssa Hernandez  Harvard University 
    Carole Hickman  UC Berkeley 
    Robert P. Higgins   
    John G. Hildebrand  University of Arizona, Dept. of Neuroscience 
    Malcolm Hill  University of Richmond 
    Anthony Himes  VIMS 
    Grace Hirzel  University of Arkansas 
    Rick Hochberg  U Mass Lowell 
    Michelle Hodgson  St. Francis Xavier University 
    Alexander Hoover  UNC - Chapel Hill 
    Sichuan Huang  Arizona State University 
    David Hudson  The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk 
    Ryan Hulett  Harvard University 
    Danielle Husband  Texas Tech University  
    Haruhiko Itagaki  Dr. 
    Evgeny Ivashkin  Marine Biological Laboratory 
    Vikram Iyengar  Villanova University 
    Molly Jacobs  Manomet, Inc 
    Aubrey Jane  University of New England 
    Kaushik Jayaram  University of Colorado Boulder 
    Chris Jendrey  University of Washington 
    Amy S Johnson  Bowdoin College 
    Lauren Johnson   
    Angela Jones  Humboldt State University 
    Darwin Jorgensen  Roanoke College 
    Jennifer Jost  Bradley University 
    Ana Jurcak-Detter  Friends University 
    Amanda Kahn  Moss Landing Marine Labs 
    Robert Kallal  NMNH 
    Maryam Kamran  Oregon State University 
    Jessleen Kanwal  Caltech 
    Zulekha Karachiwalla  UMBC 
    Vishwa Teja Kasoju   
    Kakani Katija  Monterey Bay Aquarium Res Inst 
    Chloe Keck   
    Joseph Kelly  Stony Brook University, State  
    Sean Keogh  University of Minnesota/Bell M 
    Remi Ketchum   
    Emily King  University of California, Berkeley 
    Alexandra Kingston  University of Tulsa 
    Kelly Kissane  Trinidad State Junior College 
    Sheila Kitchen  California Institute of Techno 
    Thomas Klinger  Bloomsburg University 
    Anna Klompen  The University of Kansas 
    Emily Knott  Univ of Jyvaskyla 
    Robert Knowlton  GWU 
    Ryan Koch  Oklahoma State University 
    Kevin Kocot  The University of Alabama 
    Mimi Koehl  Univ. of California, Berkeley 
    Abbigale Koenigsmark   
    Broc Kokesh  University of Chicago 
    Kostya Kornev  Clemson University 
    Janice Krumm  Widener University 
    Michael LaBarbera  University of Chicago Organismal Biology & Anatomy 
    David Labonte  5560858400197390 
    David Lambert  Rochester 
    Matthew Landau   
    Zachary Lane  University of Southern MS 
    Audra Lane  Harvey Mudd College 
    Tara Lanzer  Bowling Green State University 
    Zachary LaRocca-Stravalle  Kenyon College 
    Claire Larroux   
    Howard Lasker  University at Buffalo 
    Emily Lau   
    Marion Le Gall  Arizona State University 
    Melise Lecheta  University of Kentucky 
    Petra Lenz  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
    Maryna Lesoway  UC San Diego 
    Nicolas Lessios  Assumption College 
    Lily Leveque-Eichhorn  UC Berkeley 
    Sally Leys  University of Alberta 
    Diana Li  Columbia University 
    Nancy Liang   
    Alyssa Liguori  Stony Brook University 
    Huai-Ti Lin  Imperial College London 
    Sara Lindsay  University of Maine 
    Aerianna Littler   
    Graham Lobert   
    Amaneet Lochab  Harvard University 
    Jamie LocPort   
    Kenneth Lohmann  University of North Carolina 
    Nathan Lord  Louisiana State University 
    Donald Lovett  Dept of Biology, The College of NJ 
    Kaitlyn Lowder   
    Brittany Lownds   
    Rebecca Lucia   
    Keegan Lutek  University of Ottawa 
    Sophia Ly  Northeastern University 
    Deirdre Lyons  Scripps Institution of Oceanog 
    Ana Lyons  UC Berkeley 
    Aide Macias   
    Joseph Mack  University of Maryland 
    Heath MacMillan  Carleton University 
    Jason Macrander  Florida Southern College 
    Jasmine Mah   
    Andrew Mahon  Central Michigan University 
    Christine Mantegna   
    Linda Mantel   
    Sandra Marbach   
    Gary Martin  Occidental College 
    Arthur Martin  Saginaw Valley State University 
    Mark Martindale  Univ of Florida 
    Alejandro Martinez  University of California Davis 
    Shumpei Maruyama  Oregon State University 
    Svetlana Maslakova  University of Oregon 
    Spencer Mass  SUNY New Paltz 
    Shayle Matsuda  Hawaii Institute of Marine Bio 
    David Matthews   
    Mikhail Matz  University of Texas at Austin 
    Melissa May  Florida Gulf Coast University 
    Justin McAlister  College of the Holy Cross 
    Marlo McCarter  University of California, Irvi 
    James McClintock  UAB 
    James McClintock    
    Kyle McCulloch  Harvard University 
    Kyle McCulloch  Harvard University 
    Madelyn McCutcheon   
    Matthew McDonald  Drexel University 
    Jack McDonald   
    Kyle McElroy   
    Catherine McFadden  Harvey Mudd College 
    Matthew J McHenry  U. C. Irvine 
    Damhnait McHugh  Colgate University 
    Amberle McKee  University of Calif., Irvine 
    Emily McLaughlin   
    Callum McLean  Manchester Met. University 
    Lauren Mellenthin   
    Abbigail Merrill   
    Rachel Merz  Swarthmore College 
    Natasha Mhatre  University of Western Ontario 
    Taishi Mikami  Tohoku University 
    Liliana Milani  University of Bologna 
    E. Morton Miller   
    Luke Miller  San Diego State University 
    Abraham Miller  Univ of Tampa 
    Felicia Miller   
    Felicia Miller   
    Felicia Miller   
    Michael Misamore  Texas Christian U 
    Lindsey Mixer  University of South Florida 
    Tetsuto Miyashita  Canadian Museum of Nature 
    Robert Mobley   
    Katherine Montana  UC Berkeley 
    Richard Mooi  California Academy of Sciences 
    Paul Moore  Bowling Green U 
    Francisco Moore  National Science Foundation 
    Amy Moran  University of Hawaii at Manoa 
    Nathan Morehouse  University of Cincinnati 
    Rina Morisawa  Macalester College 
    Kevin Morrill  UCSD 
    William Morris  University of Cambridge 
    Colin Morrison   The University of Texas at Aus 
    M. Patricia Morse   
    Florian Muijres  Wageningen University & Resear 
    David Murphy  University of South Florida 
    Elizabeth Murphy  Umeå University 
    Dennis Murphy   
    James Murray  Cal State East Bay 
    Jacob Musser   
    Anik Mutsuddy  Wheaton College 
    Laura Mydlarz  University of Texas 
    Jason Nadler  Georgia Tech Research Inst. 
    Vivek Nagendra Prakash  University of Miami 
    Nagayasu Nakanishi  University of Arkansas 
    Dania Nanes Sarfati  Stanford University 
    Brian Nedved  Univ of Hawaii Dept Zoology/PBRC 
    Lenny Negron-Pineiro  New York University 
    Katherine Newcomer  SUNY-ESF 
    Valerie Nguyen  George Mason University 
    Matthew Nicotra  University of Pittsburgh 
    Michele Nishiguchi  University of California, Merced 
    Julia Notar  Duke University 
    Richard Nye  US Fish and Wildlife Service 
    Todd Oakley  UC Santa Barbara 
    Aki Ohdera   
    Andrew Ontano  University of Wisconsin - Madi 
    Kirt Onthank  Walla Walla University 
    Georget Oraha  CSU Fullerton 
    Sarah Orr  North Carolina State University 
    Karen Osborn  Smithsonian National Museum of 
    Madeleine Ostwald   
    Kate Otter  University of Massachusetts Am 
    Avalon Owens  Tufts University 
    Oluchi Oyekwe  Auburn University 
    Yasemin OZKAN AYDIN  Georgia Tech 
    Douglas Pace  Cal State - Long Beach 
    Dianna K. Padilla  Stony Brook University 
    Lisa Paggeot   
    Alexandre Palaoro  Universidade Federal de São Pa 
    Ravindra Palavalli Nettimi   
    Sitara Palecanda   
    Emmanuelle Pales Espinosa  Stony Brook University 
    A. Richard Palmer  University of Alberta 
    Olivia Pares  UMCES IMET 
    Sheila Patek  Duke University 
    Mark Patterson  Northeastern University 
    Titus Patton   
    Vicki Pearse   
    Jan Pechenik  Tufts University 
    Bruno Pernet  California State Univ/Long Beach 
    Jacob Peters  1989 
    Brianna Peterson  William & Mary 
    Nicole Phillips  Victoria University of Wellington 
    John Phillips  University of Idaho 
    Natasha Picciani  UC Santa Barbara 
    Camilla Piechocki   
    Emily Pierce  Moss Landing Marine Laboratori 
    John F. Pilger  Agnes Scott College 
    Maria Pimienta  Florida International University 
    Anthony Pires  Dickinson College 
    Thomas Pirtle  The College of Idaho 
    Sean Place  Sonoma State University 
    David Plachetzki  University of New Hampshire 
    Melissa Plakke  University of Kansas 
    Theodora Po   
    Robert Podolsky  College of Charleston 
    Aaron Pomerantz   
    christopher pomory  University of West Florida 
    Shirley Pomponi  FAU-Harbor Branch 
    Angela Poole  Berry College 
    Megan Porter  University of Hawai'i at Manoa 
    Nick Porter  Bradley University 
    Megan Porter   
    Daniel Powell   
    Matt Powers  Auburn University 
    Megan Powers  University of Washington 
    Heather Proctor  University of Alberta 
    Judit Pungor  University of Oregon 
    Md Sadequr Rahman   
    Sriram Ramamurthy  UC Santa Barbara 
    Desmond Ramirez  UMass Amherst 
    Sarah Ramsaran  Providence College 
    Racine Rangel  UCI 
    Paul Rawson  University of Maine School of Marine Sciences 
    Caitlin Redak  Auburn University 
    Katherine Reed   
    Sierra Reese   
    Kathleen Reinsel  Wittenberg University 
    Karen Zich Reiss  College of the Redwoods 
    John Reiss  Humboldt State University Department of Biology 
    Adam Reitzel  UNC Charlotte 
    Corey Rennolds  University of Maryland 
    Carlee Resh  Central Michigan University 
    Julie Reynolds  Ohio State University 
    Mary Rice  Smithsonian Marine Station 
    Michael A. Rice  University of Rhode Island 
    Jeff Riffell  University of Washington 
    Kate Riordan  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
    Samuel Ritmeester-Loy  Occidental College 
    Kathleen Ritterbush  University of Utah  
    Ajna Rivera  University of the Pacific 
    Hanny Rivera  Boston University 
    Emily Rivest  VA Institute of Marine Science 
    Emily Rivest   
    Sonia Roberts  University of Pennsylvania 
    Emily Roberts  Claremont McKenna College 
    Eve Robinson  Humboldt State University 
    Karen Robles  Brown University 
    Matthew Rockman  NYU - CGSB 
    D. Christopher Rogers  Kansas Biological Survey 
    Heide Rohland  SICB 
    Moey Rojas   
    Laura Romanovich  University of New England 
    Vittoria Roncalli  University of Barcelona 
    Dustin Rubenstein  Columbia University 
    Allison Rugila  Stony Brook University 
    Carlos Ruiz  Florida International Univ 
    Avery Russell   
    Melissa Ruszczyk   
    El Nyazia Sajdah-Bey   
    Michael Salmon  Florida Atlantic University Department of Biological Sciences 
    Jill Sanderson   
    David Sandstrom  University of Maryland, USG 
    Scott Santagata  Long Island University-Post 
    Nicholas Santangelo  Hofstra University 
    Arvind Santhanakrishnan  Oklahoma State University 
    Carlos Santibañez-Lopez   Eastern Connecticut State University 
    Scott Santos  Auburn University 
    Ushrayinee Sarker   
    Nathan Sayavong   
    John Scarpa   
    George Schulte  Truman State University 
    Anja Schulze   
    Lindsey Schwartz   
    Anthony Scibelli  Tufts University 
    Clare Scott Chialvo  Appalachian State University 
    Kenneth Sebens  University of Washington 
    Jeanne Serb  Iowa State University 
    Sasha Seroy  University of Washington 
    Emily Setton  Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison 
    Brett Michael Seymoure  Washington University 
    Joel Sharbrough   
    Prashant Sharma  Univ. Wisconsin-Madison 
    Varun Sharma  Georgia Tech 
    Bethany Shaw  SUNY Oneonta 
    Vonnie Shields  Towson University 
    Jeff Shimeta  RMIT University 
    Braden Shipman  University of Texas at Dallas 
    Caitlin Shishido  US Fish and Wildlife Service 
    Bikram Shrestha  University of Miami 
    Yoonjin Shu   
    rachel sidebottom  Occidental College 
    Mayra Silva  Cal State Univ Fullerton 
    Sugjit Singh   
    Preetpal Singh  North Dakota State University 
    Dominic Sivitilli  University of Washington 
    Ashley Smart   
    Garrett Smedley  Iowa State University 
    Frank Smith  University of North Florida 
    Chase Smith  University of Texas at Austin 
    Samantha Smoot  Auburn U 
    Jake Socha  Virginia Tech 
    Aurora Solla  Reed College 
    Camilla Souto  Smithsonian NMNH 
    Hayden Speck   
    Daniel Speiser  University of South Carolina 
    Adam Spierer  Brown Unversity 
    Erich Spiessberger  University of Tübingen 
    Jennifer Spillane  University of New Hampshire 
    Simon Sponberg  Georgia Tech 
    Rachel Stander  Albion College 
    Daniel Stanton  University of Florida 
    Alyssa Stark  Villanova University 
    Jeremy Starkey  Idaho State University 
    Mireille Steck   
    Alexandra Steele   
    Matthew Steffenson  St. Edward's University 
    Nicholas Steichmann  University of South Carolina 
    Deborah Steinberg  VA Institute of Marine Science 
    Bailey Steinworth   
    Kimberly Stewart  Heritage University 
    Benedict Stocker   
    Marie Strader  Auburn University 
    Caroline Strang  University of Western Ontario 
    Richard R. Strathmann  University of Washington 
    Shirah Strock  Roger Williams University 
    James Strother  University of Florida 
    Kyra Sullivan  UC Santa Barbara 
    Jenny Yi-Ting Sung  University of Cincinnati 
    Billie Swalla  University of Washington 
    Colin Szuch  New England College 
    Cheyenne Tait  UMass Amherst 
    Daisuke Takagi   
    Stav Talal  Arizona State University 
    Sherry Tamone  University of Alaska Southeast 
    Keana Tan  University of the Philippines 
    Richelle Tanner  UC Davis 
    Junliang Tao  Arizona State University 
    David Tapley  Salem State University 
    Ann Tarrant   
    Michael Tassia  Auburn University 
    Kevin Tate  Texas Lutheran University 
    Jennifer Taylor  UC San Diego 
    Larry Taylor  University of California, Berk 
    Michael Temkin  St Lawrence Univ 
    Nora Terwilliger  Univ of Oregon OIMB 
    Robert Thacker  Stony Brook University 
    Jamie Theobald  Florida International Universi 
    Jodi Thea Thomas  James Cook University 
    Joseph Thompson  Franklin and Marshall College 
    Rebecca Thublin  Bowling Green State University 
    Michael Tift   
    Nicholas Topping  Bradley University 
    Andrew Toth  United States Naval Academy 
    James Townsend  Providence College 
    Brian Tsukimura  California State Univ Fresno 
    Richard L. Turner  Florida Institute of Technology 
    Mo Turner  University of Washington 
    Kenyon S. Tweedell  University of Notre Dame Department of Biological Sciences 
    Yu Umeki   
    Colleen Unsworth  University of Akron 
    Elizabeth Urban-Gedamke   
    Tomer Urca  Tel-Aviv University 
    Theodore Uyeno  Valdosta State University 
    Travis Vail   
    Magalie Valere Rivet  Loma Linda University 
    Kathryn Van Alstyne  Western Washington University 
    Jacey Van Wert   
    Rachel Vargas  Saint Edward's University 
    Rebecca Varney  University of Alabama 
    Adrian Vasquez  Wayne State University 
    E. Alan Verde  Maine Maritime Academy 
    Carla Nathaly Villacis Nunez  University of Michigan 
    Bridget Vincent  University of California, Sant 
    Janice Voltzow  Univ of Scranton 
    Abigail von Hagel  University of Washington 
    Damien Waits  Auburn University 
    Lindsay Waldrop  Chapman University 
    Robert Wallace  Ripon College 
    Keith Walters  Coastal Carolina University 
    Linda Walters  Univ of Central Florida 
    Bo Wang  Stanford University 
    Annaliese Wargin   
    James Waters  Providence College 
    Ryan Weaver  University of Texas 
    Summer Webb  SIO, UCSD 
    Christina Webb   
    Mark Webster  University of Chicago 
    Nicole Webster  Clark University 
    David Weier   
    Sierra Weir  Louisiana State University 
    James Welch  Wittenberg University 
    Terry West   
    Erica Westerman  University of Arkansas 
    David S Wethey  U South Carolina 
    Nathan Whelan  US Fish and Wildlife Service 
    Jacquelyn Whisenant  University of Wisconsin: MSN 
    Carl Whitesel  UC San Diego 
    Jacob Whitlock  University of the Pacific 
    Jason D. Williams  Hofstra University 
    Colleen Winstead   
    Allan Wolfe  Lebanon Valley Col 
    Adrienne Womble   
    Hannah Wood  Smithsonian Institution 
    Sarah A. Woodin  Univ of SC 
    Tamsin Woodman  University of Florida  
    Gavin Woodruff   
    Aaliyah Wright  Tuskegee University  
    Russell Wyeth  St Francis Xavier University 
    Nicole Xu  Stanford University 
    Meghan Yap-Chiongco  University of Alabama 
    Alexandra Yarger  Imperial College London 
    Jeannette Yen  Georgia Tech/Biol Sciences 
    Amanda Yeo  William & Mary 
    Louis Zachos  University of Mississippi 
    Christina Zakas  North Carolina State University 
    Casey Zakroff  WHOI 
    William Zamer  Retired, National Science Foundation 
    John Zardus  The Citadel 
    Yu Zeng  Chapman University 
    Paige Zhang  UCLA 
    Samuel Zhang   
    Yi Zhong  Arizona State University 
    Amanda Fern Ziegler   
    Hope Zimmerman   
    Jessica Zung  Princeton University