SICB 2004 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Jan. 5-9

Exhibitor and Vendor Information

  • Exhibitor Prospectus (.pdf format)

  • List of Exhibitors:
    Booth 1Academia Book Exhibits
    Booth 2Blackwell Publishing
    Booth 3Elsevier
    Booth 4Qubit Systems Inc.
    Booth 5AEI Technology
    Booth 6Science Publishers
    Booth 7Univ of California Press
    Booth 8McGraw-Hill
    Booth 9 LaVision, Inc.
    Booth 10
    Booth 11
    Booth 12The Biological Bulletin, MBL
    Booth 13Wiley
    Booth 14Oxford Univ Press
    Booth 15
    Booth 16 SIGMA Delta Technologies
    Booth 17American Microscopical Society
    Booth 18 Smithsonian Tropical Research Inst.
    Booth 19
    Booth 20
    Booth 21The Company of Biologists Ltd.
    Booth 22Princeton Univ Press
    Booth 23Peak Performance
    Booth 24
    Booth 25ADInstruments
    Booth 26Cornell Univ Press
    Booth 27MI Corp
    Booth 28Fastec Imaging Corporation
    Booth 29Sable Systems Intl. Inc