SICB Annual Meeting 2008 Symposia

Symposium: "Evolution vs. Creationism in the classroom: evolving student attitudes"

(Organized by E. Lovely)

Teaching college students about the nature of science should not be a controversial exercise. College students are expected to distinguish between astronomy and astrology, chemistry and alchemy, medicine and voodoo magic. Likewise, they are expected to accept the theory of evolution as an established scientific model, and creationism as a religious belief. In practice, however, the conflict between creationism and the nature of science may create controversy in the classroom, even walkouts, when the subject of evolution is raised. Creationist views can obstruct learning in biology and zoology. When students do not approach introductory courses rooted in evolutionary theory with an open mind, they can struggle to see the relevance and importance throughout the semester. For example, in zoology classes the characteristics of taxonomic groups are learned within a phylogenetic context. If a student rejects common ancestry the majority of the semesters work placed in an evolutionary context becomes irrelevant and incorrect. Teaching Biology and Zoology to a class where creationist views are common can be a challenge. The time and patience spent convincing obstinate students can encumber class time. Occasionally students with these views can disrupt class and impede the quality of the course for other students. The recent court case in Dover Pennsylvania, media coverage, and school board decisions throughout the United States indicate this is an important and current issue. The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology is sponsoring a symposium during their 2008 annual meeting concerning teaching evolution and college student attitudes. Many members of this society are college biology instructors. The objectives of this gathering are to address undergraduate attitudes and teaching strategies. What can educators of undergraduates do to effectively present material, minimize conflict, and maximize student learning? Are there pedagogic techniques that can help us in a classroom with diverse student attitudes?

Outline of Program:

  • Introduction to symposium and student attitudes survey results
    Eric Lovely

  • List of speakers:

    PLEN.1 , 19:00 WOODIN, S.A.: Worms I Have Known and Loved or Spheres of Influence, Recruitment, and Community Dynamics

    1.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:00 SEARCY, B.T.*; BECKSTROM-STERNBERG, S.M.; STAFFORD, P.; SCHWENDIMAN, A.L.; SOTO-PENA, J.; OWEN, M.C.; FLIKKEMA, P.G.: Thyroid Hormone Disruption Detection by Gene Expression Profiling

    1.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:20 DEVICHE, Pierre*; SABO, John; SHARP, Peter: Endocrine response to N-methyl-D-aspartate in relatively photorefractory male passerines: Effect of the photoperiodic condition

    1.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:40 SCHWENDIMAN, Angela L.*; SEARCY, Brian T.; PROPPER , Catherine R.: Courtship in Xenopus tropicalis: Model Development for Evaluation of the Impact of Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Compounds on Behavior

    1.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:00 WADA, H.*; MCNABB, A.; CRISTOL, D.; HOPKINS, W.: Effects of mercury on adrenocortical response and thyroid hormones in tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) nestlings

    1.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:20 NUNEZ, B.S*; DAVIS, J.; SIMPSON, M.; OLSON, M.: Development of mRNA biomarkers for the study of intracellular stress in elasmobranchs

    10.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:00 LAUFER, H.*; SHIN, H.; BAGSHAW, J.: A New Control Function for Recombinant CHHs: Control of Ovarian Ecdysteriods

    10.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:20 COVI, Joseph A*; GOMEZ, Andrea M; CHANG, Sharon; CHANG, Ernie S; LEE, Kara J; MYKLES, Donald L: Conserved role of cyclic nucleotides and nitric oxide in the molt-inhibiting pathway of Gecarcinus lateralis and Carcinus maenas

    10.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:40 HOPKINS, P.*; DURICA, D.; WASHINGTON, T.: Retinoid-X-receptor (RXR) isoforms in the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator

    10.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:00 GIBBS, Victoria K.*; WATTS, Stephen A.; LAWRENCE, Addison L.; LAWRENCE, John M.: Dietary phospholipids affect lipid storage in the gut and gonads of the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus

    10.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:20 VEZINA, F.**; GUSTOWSKA, A.; JALVINGH, K.M.; CHASTEL, O.; PIERSMA, T.: Hormonal correlates and thermoregulatory consequences of molting on metabolic rate in a northerly wintering shorebird

    10.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:40 KORDONOWY, Lauren L*; MCMURTRY, John P; WILLIAMS, Tony D: Plasma leptin during reproduction in European starlings Sturnus vulgaris

    11.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:20 SOWER, STACIA A.*; KAVANAUGH, SCOTT I.; FREAMAT, MIHAEL: Insight from Lamprey Genomics: Brain and Pituitary Reproductive Hormones in Lampreys

    11.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:40 KHAN, IA*; KLINE, RJ; GALIMA, MM; MOHAMED, JS: Kisspeptin Stimulates GnRH Synthesis and Release in Atlantic Croaker

    11.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:00 GALIMA, MM*; KHAN, IA: Gonadotropin-releasing hormone synthesis and release is regulated by insuline-like growth factor-1 in the teleost, Rachycentron canadum

    11.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:20 REINDL, K.M.*; SHERIDAN, M.A.: Growth Hormone Receptor Signal Transduction in Rainbow Trout Hepatocytes

    11.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:40 DAVIS, L.K.*; HIRANO, T.; GRAU, E.G.: Gender-specific expression of multiple reproductive and somatic growth-related genes and effects of 17β-estradiol in the male tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)

    12.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:20 FOKIDIS, H.B*; ORCHINIK, M.; DEVICHE, P.: Species and reproductive stage-specific variation in avian acute stress response associated with urbanization in a desert environment.

    12.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:40 ALLEN-HRISTOVA, L.C.*; WIDMAIER, E.W.; KUNZ, T.H: Chronic Stress in Bridge- and Cave-roosting Brazilian Free-tailed Bats: Assessing Cortisol Response to Hormonal Challenges

    12.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:00 DICKENS, Molly J.*; CYR, Nicole E; ROMERO, L. Michael: Measuring the Fight-or-Flight response with Heart Rate Variability analysis

    12.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:20 LANCE, Valentine A.*; ELSEY, Ruth M.; TROSCLAIR III, Phillip; MERCHANT, Mark: Effects of Hurricane Rita on Alligators in Southwest Louisiana

    12.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:00 EVANS, A.N.*; NUNEZ, B.S.: Characterization of the corticosteroid stress response in the Atlantic stingray

    12.7 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:20 LYNN, S.L.*; STAMPLIS, T.B.; WEIDA, N.: Rapid changes in corticosterone, corticosteroid binding globulin, and testosterone in response to food availability in the zebra finch

    12.8 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:40 JOHN-ALDER, H.**; CARSIA, R.; COX, R.; BARRETT, M.; MCILROY, P.: Gonadal and Nutritional Modulation of Adrenocortical Cellular Steroidogenesis in Sceloporus Lizards

    12.9 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:00 BONETT, Ronald, M*; HU, Fang; DENVER, Rober, J: Stress regulation of basic transcription element binding protein-1 (BTEB1) in Xenopus laevis and its implications for vertebrate neuroplasticity.

    12.10 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:20 BAUER, B.**; PALME, R.; MACHATSCHKE, I.H.; DITTAMI, J.; HUBER, S.: Analyzing fecal steroid metabolites: A non-invasive tool to monitor adrenocortical and gonadal activity in guinea pigs (Cavia aperea f. porcellus)

    12.11 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:40 CORNELIUS, JM*; BREUNER, CW; HAHN, TP: Seasonal variation in the stress physiology of an opportunistic, nomadic songbird, the red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)

    13.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:00 WRIGHT, K. M.**; BLOB, R. W.: Limb bone loading in salamanders during terrestrial locomotion

    13.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:20 SCALES, Jeffrey A.*; LAPPIN, A. Kristopher; MACEDONIA, Joe M.; BUTLER, Marguerite A.: Habitat and sex effects on locomotor performance in lizards

    13.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:40 ESSNER, JR., R.L.*; TOENNIES, J.L.; SUFFIAN, D.J.: Comparison of Jumping and Feeding in the Northern Leopard Frog, Rana pipiens

    13.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:00 BUTCHER, M.T.*; ESPINOZA, N.R.; BLOB, R.W.: Mechanics of limb bone loading during terrestrial locomotion in river cooter turtles Pseudemys concinna: validation of stress analyses by in vivo strain recordings

    13.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:20 MARKLEY, J.S.*; CARRIER, D.R.: Locomotor ventilatory coupling in guinea fowl, Numida meleagris

    14.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:00 NAUWELAERTS, S*; KAISER, L; MALINOWSKI, R; CLAYTON, H: Significance of trunk deformation in estimating trunk center of mass during locomotion in the horse, Equus caballus

    14.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:20 SPENCE, A.J.*; WILSON, A.: What limits running speed in race horses

    14.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:40 BERTRAM, JEA: Motions of the running horse and cheetah revisited: basic mechanics of the transverse and rotary gallop

    14.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:00 BISHOP, K.L.*; PAI, A.K.; SCHMITT, D.: Do Walking Mechanics in Cats Favor Stealth Over Economy?

    14.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:20 LEMELIN, P*; SCHMITT, D; MACKENZIE, A; GEORGE, G; CARTMILL, M: The Effects of Substrate Type and Size on the Locomotion of Kinkajous

    14.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:40 HORNER, AM*; BIKNEVICIUS, AR: Mechanics of Subterranean and Epigean Locomotion in the Domestic Ferret Mustela putorius furo

    15.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 MARQUEZ, E.J.: Can Modular Variation Affect Patterns of Morphological Disparity in the Rodent Mandible?

    15.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 YOUNG, R: Developmental mechanisms of plasticity: cellular response to muscle function in skeletal traits

    15.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 ROLIAN, Campbell: Morphological integration and the role of pleiotropy in the evolution of primate hands and feet

    16.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 NYACK, A.C.*; SEIBEL, B.A.: Cutaneous respiration in the Humboldt squid, Dosidicus gigas

    16.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 EME, J.; GWALTHNEY, J.; OWERKOWICZ, T.; BLANK, J.M.; HICKS, J.W.*: Removal of cardiac shunt impairs growth in the American alligator

    16.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 WILLIAMS, J.B.*; ROBERTS, S.P.; ELEKONICH, M.M.: Flight induced oxidative stress and reduced mitochondrial function in the aging honey bee, Apis mellifera

    16.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 CHRISTENSEN, A.B.*; CHRISTENSEN, E.F.; SUKHODOLETS, M.V.: The nucleic acid sequence and gene structure of the hemoglobins of the brittle star Hemipholis elongata Say

    16.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:20 CEASE, Arianne*; ALBERT, Todd; VANDENBROOKS, John; DAVIDOWITZ, Goggy; HARRISON, Jon: The effects of varying oxygen levels on size, growth, and development rate in the tobacco hornworm

    16.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:40 LIGHTON, J.R.B.*; SCHILMAN, P.E.: Anoxic tolerance and oxygen reperfusion damage in Drosophila

    17.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 WILLIAMS, S.H.*; SIDOTE, J.V.: Ontogeny of rhythmic chewing and masseter activity in a selenodont artiodactyl

    17.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 WARD, A.B.*; KLEY, N.J.: Visceral topography in elongate vertebrates

    17.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 DORNBURG, A.*; SANTINI, F.; SORENSON, L.; ALFARO, M.E.: The Evolutionary History of the Triggerfishes (Family Balistidae) with a Comparative Study of Fin Morphology and Mechanics

    17.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 SANTANA, Sharlene E.*; DECHMANN, Dina K. N.; DUMONT, Elizabeth R.: Roost-making behavior and bite force of bats living inside active termite nests

    18.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 KATIJA, K.*; DABIRI, J.O.: Comparing the energetics of jellyfish motion: laboratory and field measurements using a Self-Contained Underwater Velocimetry Apparatus (SCUVA)

    18.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 PENG, Jifeng*; DABIRI, John O: Optimal stroke patterns for a model jellyfish swimmer with thin, flexible body

    18.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 RICHARDS, Christopher T.*; BIEWENER, Andrew A.: Modeling the kinematic determinants of anuran swimming performance

    18.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 FISH, Frank E*; LAUDER, George V: What’s the point? Undulatory swimming with the tapering tail of the alligator

    18.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:20 ENGEL, Virginia L*; MCLELLAN, William; PABST, Ann; FISH, Frank; LONG, John: A Hydroelastic Model for the Scaling of Steady Swimming in Cetaceans

    18.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:40 COOPER, Lisa Noelle*; SEDANO, Nils; JOHANSSON, Stig; MAY, Bryan; BROWN, Joey D.; HOLLIDAY, Casey M.; FISH, Frank E.: Hydrodynamic perfomance of the minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) flipper

    19.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 COTA, R.M.*; SHUSTER, S.M.: Morphological and genetic variation in allopatric populations of Acanthina angelica in the northern Gulf of California

    19.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 NANCE, H.A.*; MARKO, P.B.; KLIMLEY, A.P.: Population structure and gene flow in the scalloped hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini along the Eastern Pacific

    19.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 FOX, A.M.*; SCHREY, A.; MUSHINSKY, H.; MCCOY, E.: Genetic diversity and gene flow of the sand skink, Plestiodon reynoldsi, among continuous and interrupted scrub habitat in central Florida

    19.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 COX, L.N.*; HALANYCH, K.M.: Genetic connectivity in Sterechinus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) from South American and Antarctic waters

    19.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:20 RAINCROW, J.D.*; CHIU, C.H.: Population genetics of the HoxA2 enhancer in killifish (Teleostei: Fundulus)

    19.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:40 KNOTT, K. E.: Why does genetic diversity of mitochondrial genes not reflect population size?

    2.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:00 HUIZINGA, M.*; GHALAMBOR, C.K.: Ecological divergence in sympatric populations of the Gold-breast Splitfin, Ilyodon furcidens

    2.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:20 VON DASSOW, YJ*; DROSER, ML: The Pleistocene Encruster Scene: Comparison of Epibionts on Molluscan Shells from Different Habitats

    2.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:40 AGASHE, Deepa: Intrapopulation Genetic Variation Facilitates Niche Expansion

    2.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:00 RAGLAND, GJ*; KINGSOLVER, JG: Influence of diapause timing on the evolution of thermotolerance in Wyeomyia smithii

    2.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:20 BUCKLEY, C.R.*; ADOLPH, S.C.; IRSCHICK, D.J.: Ecomorphology among populations of the western fence lizard, Sceloporus occidentalis


    20.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 LARROUX, C*; LUKE, GN; KOOPMAN, PK; SHIMELD, SM; DEGNAN, BM: Genesis and expansion of metazoan transcription factor gene classes: insights from choanoflagellate, sponge, and cnidarian genomes

    20.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 LYNCH, Vincent/J*; WAGNER, Gunter/P: Novel functional specificity of HoxA-11 evolves through changes in the transcription factor protein.

    20.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 WAGNER, GP; KENNEY-HUNT, JP; PAVLICEV, M*; PECK, JR; WAXMAN, D; CHEVERUD, JM: Scaling pleiotropic effects with organismal complexity

    20.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 NAWROCKI, A.M.: Molecular Phylogenetic Evidence Clarifies Hydra’s Closest Relatives

    20.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:20 HENRY, J.Q.*; MARTINDALE, M.Q.; PERRY, K.J.; WEVER, J.M.: Beta-catenin regulates endoderm formation in a nemertean embryo

    20.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:40 ARIYAKUMAR, D.; NISHIGUCHI, M.K.*: The roles of UDP-glucose-6-dehydrogenase and mshA are responsible for colonization of sepiolid (Cephalopoda: Sepiolidae) light organs.

    21.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 BUCHWALD, Robert*; DUDLEY, Robert: Maximum vertical force production in bumblebees (Apidae: Bombini) - a methodological comparison

    21.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 MUNK, Y: Gliding Ants: 3D Kinematics, Maneuvers and Behaviors

    21.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 RIBAK, G.*; EGGE, A.R; SWALLOW, J.G.: Saccadic turns in walking and flying Stalk-eyed flies: The behavior and kinematics of turning a wide head.

    21.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 WARRICK, D. R.*; TOBALSKE, B. W.; POWERS, D. R.: The near-field flow generated by hummingbird wings

    21.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:20 TOBALSKE, B.W.**; WARRICK, D.R.; DICKSON, W.B.; ALTSHULER, D.A.; DICKINSON, M.H.: Hovering aerodynamics in hummingbirds: comparing a dynamically-scaled robot with live birds.

    21.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:40 BERG, A.M.*; BIEWENER, A.A.: Landing flight in the pigeon Columba livia

    22.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 JOHNSTON, GIH*; SHAFFERY, HM; MOORE, MC: Effects of Increased Yolk Corticosterone on Embryonic and Yolk Hormone Levels Throughout Incubation

    22.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:20 WALGUARNERY, JW*; LOVERN, MB: Environmentally-induced stress modifies maternal deposition of yolk hormones in the lizard Anolis carolinensis

    22.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:40 TRAVERS, M.*; CLINCHY, M.; WILLIAMS, T.D.; ZANETTE, L.: Hormonally-mediated maternal effects – the mother’s perspective

    22.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 ROSTAL, DC*; DAVIS, TS; PAITZ, RT; ZIMMERMAN, L; BOWDEN, R: Seasonal patterns in maternal and yolk hormones in the loggerhead sea turtles Caretta caretta

    22.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:20 PAITZ, RT*; BOWDEN, RM: Yolk steroid movement early in development: Finding a familiar face in an unfamiliar place

    22.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:40 CROCKFORD, S.J.: Evolutionary Implications of Maternally-derived Thyroid Hormone on Development

    23.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:00 GRIM, J.M.*; ASKINS, M.E.; CROCKETT, E.L.: Endurance exercise does not alter oxidative capacity or activities of enzymatic antioxidants in killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus)

    23.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:20 BERNER, N.J.: Acclimation in the Eastern red spotted newt (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens)

    23.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:40 MCCUE, Marshall D: Extreme starvation tolerance in snakes. What makes them so different from other vertebrates?

    23.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:00 WILLIAMS, T.M.**; ZAVANELLI, M.: Natural Neuroprotection in the Brains of Marine Mammals: Why swimming dolphins don’t stroke

    23.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:20 NOREN, Dawn P.*; NOREN, Shawn R.: The Development of Muscle Biochemistry in a Diving Marine Endotherm, the Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)

    24.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:00 TRACY, Christopher R.*; MCWHORTER, Todd J.; MANOLIS, S. Charlie; WEBB, Grahame J. W.; CHRISTIAN, Keith A.: Digestive physiological differences between alligators and crocodiles: Are crocodilians just meat eaters?

    24.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:20 SECOR, S.M.*; COX, C.L.; LIGNOT, J.-H.: Form and function; identifying the underlying regulatory mechanisms of intestinal performance

    24.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:40 COX, C. L.*; SECOR, S.M.: Modest regulation of gastrointestinal morphology and function for the frequently feeding diamondback watersnake, Nerodia rhombifer

    24.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:00 WAAS, S.; WERNER, R.A.; STARCK, J.M.*: Predigestive costs in Python regius

    24.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:20 KOHL, K.; BRZEK, P.; CAVIEDES-VIDAL, E.; KARASOV, W.H.*: Diet-induced plasticity in intestinal maltase activity in nestling house sparrows during development

    24.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:40 BRZEK, P.*; CAVIEDES-VIDAL, E.; KARASOV, W.H.: Glucose absorption in House sparrow nestlings does not depend on age or diet

    25.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:00 JOHNSON, M. A.*; WADE, J.: Sexual dimorphism in courtship and copulatory neuromuscular systems of Anolis lizards

    25.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:20 SMALL, TW*; BRENOWITZ, EA; MOORE, IT: Testosterone and neuroplasticity in a tropical bird

    25.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:40 BURMEISTER, SS*; LEBONVILLE, CML; FERNALD, RD: Rapid modification of preoptic area egr-1 and vasotocin mRNA by social opportunity

    25.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:00 JINKA, TULASI**; DREW, KELLY; TOIEN, OIVIND; RASLEY, BRIAN: MK-801 Induces Arousal From Hibernation Through Peripheral Effects

    25.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:20 KEENEY, B. K.*; RAICHLEN, D.A.; MEEK, T.H.; WIJERATNE, R.S.; GERDEMAN, G.L.; GARLAND, T. Jr.: Differential Response To A Selective Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonist In Mice Bred For High Voluntary Wheel-Running Behavior.

    25.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:40 ELLIOTT, GRD*; LEYS, SP: Metabotropic Glutamate Signalling System in a Freshwater Sponge

    26.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:20 CASKEY, Jodi L*; WATSON, Glen M: Identification and characterization of chemoreceptive sensilla on the antennal flagellum of Palaemonetes pugio

    26.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:40 HINTERWIRTH, Armin J*; DANIEL, Thomas L: Multiple inputs mediate multiple outputs for flight control in Manduca sexta.

    26.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:00 TYTELL, E.D.*; COHEN, A.H.: Sensory feedback loops in lamprey swimming

    26.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:20 FRIEDRICH, Markus*; BAO, Riyue ; JACKOWSKA, Magdalena; LIU, Zhenyi: Genomic and gene regulatory signatures of cryptozoic adaptation in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum

    26.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:40 FOX, J.L.*; DANIEL, T.L.: Encoding characteristics of haltere mechanoreceptors

    27.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:00 HANEY, B. R.*; POPE, D. S.: Assessing the potential for sexual conflict in the fiddler crab Uca princeps

    27.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:20 IRSCHICK, Duncan J: Sexual selection and functional morphology: A new frontier?

    27.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:40 FORSMAN, AM*; VOGEL, LA; SAKALUK, SK; JOHNSON, LS; MASTERS, BS; JOHNSON, BG; THOMPSON, CF: Polyandrous female house wrens increase the size, but not immunocompetence, of their extra-pair young

    27.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:00 HENNINGSEN, JP*; HUSAK, JF; IRSCHICK, DJ: Do androgens mediate seasonal changes in sexual signal size and bite-force performance in green anoles (Anolis carolinensis)?

    27.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:20 HUMPHRIES, S.**; EVANS, J.P.; SIMMONS, L.W.: Disentangling sperm speed from sperm length

    27.7 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:00 MEYERS, J.J.*; IRSCHICK, D.J.: The role of badge size, bite performance and display behavior in predicting dominance in male ornate tree lizards.

    27.8 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:20 MINER, S.V.*; MEYERS, J.J.; HUSAK, J.F.; IRSCHICK, D.J.: How do hormones, performance, sexual signals, and behavior interact to predict dominance in brown anoles?

    28.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:00 YU, P. C.*; MANAHAN, D.T.: Extended starvation resistance and subsequent growth recovery in sea urchin larvae: Implications for lifespan in the plankton

    28.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:20 MORAN, A.L.**; WOODS, H.A.: In situ measurement of oxygen in aquatic egg masses: field tests of theoretical models

    28.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:40 WOODS, HA*; MORAN, AL: Polar gigantism in marine invertebrates: a test of the oxygen constraint hypothesis using temperate and Antarctic Tritonia egg masses

    28.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:00 WELLS, S.L.*; MCCONAUGHA, J.R.: Declining Reproductive Output of the Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus: A Changing Reaction Norm?

    28.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:20 KOSMAN, E*; PERNET, B: Variability in Larval Provisioning and its effects on Juvenile Size and Survivorship in Four Bryozoan Species

    29.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:00 ALLEN, JD: Measuring the palatability of marine invertebrate embryos in the field

    29.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:20 KREGTING, L.T.*; YUND, P.O.; BASS, A.L; THOMAS, F.I.M.: Turbulent sex: assessing the effects of oscillatory flow on fertilization in the green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis.

    29.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:40 HOLM, E.R.: Variation among families in cyprid response to surface wettability for the barnacle Amphibalanus amphitrite

    29.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:00 NIEHAUS, AC*; ANGILLETTA, MJ; FRANKLIN, CE; WILSON, RS: Growing up in an unstable environment: Consequences of diel thermal variation to developing anurans

    29.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:20 BORGIANINI, SA*; SPROUL, G; FLENNIKEN, MM; SUTTON, MC; BRODIE, RJ: Cost of Living Differences Among Fiddler Crab Populations Along a Tidal River.

    29.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:40 LEVINE, TD: Competition and Biogeography of Freshwater Mussels

    3.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:00 HEWS, DK; DATE, P**; CASTELLANO, M; HARA, E: Field presentations of conspecific chemicals alter social display rates in the white-bellied Sceloporus virgatus but not in the blue-bellied S. undulatus lizard

    3.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:20 WILSON, R. S.*; BYWATER, C.; ANGILLETTA, M. J.; JAMES, R. S.; NAVAS, C. A.; SEEBACHER, F.: Honest and dishonest signals of strength in Australian slender crayfish (Cherax dispar): are males liars and cheaters?

    3.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:40 ANGILLETTA, M. J.*; WILSON, R. S.: Clawing your way to the top: variation, repeatability and social benefits of chela strength in slender crayfish

    3.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:00 FEO, T.J. : Could the hadrosaurs sing? A re-evaluation with new evidence

    3.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:20 SOCKMAN, K.W.: Conditional Relationship between Bill Morphology and Vocal Performance in Lincoln's Sparrows

    3.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:40 MATZ, Mikhail*; MAZEL, Charles: Animal fluorescence: from coral reefs to deep-sea

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    P1.14 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MORSE, J.T.: Determination of the chronic upper thermal limit for Lake Mead quagga mussels (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis() and the preliminary evaluation of pressurized hot water treatment in controlling the spread of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha)

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    P1.42 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 GORDON, V.K.**; THOMPSON, K.E.; WEIGAND, K.L.; DEAROLF, J.L.: Development of the guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) rectus abdominus muscle: effects of prenatal steroids

    P1.43 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 WEIGAND, K.L.**; ALEXANDER, R.E.; DEAROLF, J.L.: A comparison of two protocols testing the effects of prenatal steroids on diaphragm development in guinea pigs

    P1.44 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MACRINI, Thomas E.*; SÁNCHEZ-VILLAGRA, Marcelo: Development of the ethmoid in Caluromys philander compared with other didelphid marsupials

    P1.45 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 FOSTER, J.*; KENNEDY, M.; ROSE, C.: A cell and molecular description of early limb development in frogs

    P1.46 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 PIKE, R.E.*; BEECHING, S.C.: The Ontogeny of Color Pattern in Thorichthys meeki, the Firemouth Cichlid

    P1.47 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 CLUBINE, Amanda; WIENS, Darrell J.*: Homocysteine Modifies Neural Crest Cell Actin Cytoskeleton and Nuclei

    P1.48 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 COOLEY, J.R.*; NAGY, L.M.: The role of transcription in centrosomal localization during development of the mud snail Ilyanassa obsoleta.

    P1.49 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 KEMPF, Stephen C.*; PAGE, Louise R.: Apical ganglion morphology: serotonergic and ampullary neurons of larval Neritimorph and Pulmonate gastropods

    P1.50 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MYERS, DD*; JUDD, TM: The untilization of micro and macronutrients during the devlopment of the mason bee Osmia

    P1.51 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 AGUILA, J.R.*; GIBBS, A.G.; HOSHIZAKI, D.K.: The Contribution of Larval Energy Stores to Adult Reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster.

    P1.52 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 POWERS, DR*; SMITH, KM; WETHINGTON, SM; GETSINGER, PW; TOBALSKE, BW: The Effect of Some Physiological, Morphological, and Environmental Variables on Hovering Metabolic Rate in Hummingbirds

    P1.53 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 FRIESEN, Chris/R.*; MASON, Robert/T.: Metabolic costs of courtship <&> mate searching in male garter snakes

    P1.54 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 PEARSON, L.E.**; GULLET, K.C.; FLORANT, G.L.; KANATOUS, S.B.: Divers vs Hibernators: Are Enzyme Activities Preserved Under Varying Temperatures?

    P1.55 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 KUPSKY, Daniel/F*; BRETT, Pinckard; REESE, Scott: Extrapulmonary O2 uptake in the soft-shell turtle, Apalone spinifera.

    P1.56 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LIGON, D B*; PETERSON, C C; LOVERN, M B: Acute and persistent effects of incubation and post-embryonic thermal environments on hatchling metabolic rate in the red-eared slider turtle, Trachemys scripta

    P1.57 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MARKS, C.M.*; LEARNER, A.D.; WRIGHT, P.A.; CURRIE, S.; BAGATTO, B.: Metabolism in the Mudminnow (Umbra limi): Effects of temperature, hypoxia and ammonia

    P1.58 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MUIR, T.J.*; COSTANZO, J.P.; LEE JR, R.E.: Urea-Induced Metabolic Depression Varies Seasonally in Isolated Organs of the Wood Frog

    P1.60 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 WRINN, K.M.*; SCHMIDT, J.M.; RYPSTRA, A.L.: The effects of prey availability and conspecific density on emigration in Pardosa milvina

    P1.61 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 DOWNS, C.J.*; VANDER WALL, S.B.: Relative humidity increases pilfering success in chipmunks

    P1.62 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 WRIGHT, AK*; FRIDINGER, RW; BARNES, BM; BUCK, CL: Pre-hibernation Focal Observations in Free-living Arctic Ground Squirrels

    P1.63 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 CURTIS, D.L.*; MCGAW, I.J.: Feeding during low salinity in the Dungeness crab, Cancer magister, is hormonally regulated

    P1.64 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 YAMANE, L.A.**; GILMAN, S.E.: Feeling the heat: the feeding behavior and growth of Nucella ostrina in response to temperature

    P1.65 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 BOTCH, PS*; JUDD, TM: The effects of micronutrients on the foraging behavior of the termite Reticulitermes flavipes

    P1.66 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 ZANI, P.A.*; FINAN, E.S.: Behavioral ecology of a northern population of side-blotched lizards (Uta stansburiana): home range and habitat use

    P1.67 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 WILLIAMS, S C*; MCBRAYER, L D: Interspecific Variation in the Movement Patterns and Foraging Behavior of the Lizards Sceloporus undulatus and Sceloporus woodi

    P1.68 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 JOERN,, A.; LAWS,, A.; GOMEZ,, J.E.**: Hide- and-seek among wolf spider and grasshoppers: applying ecology of fear to invertebrates

    P1.69 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LEID, L.*; JARVIS, E.; SPENCER, R.l.: Glucocorticoids Suppress Stress-Induced Activation of Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase in the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus

    P1.70 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 HU, F*; CRESPI, E.J.; DENVER, R.J.: Long term phenotypic effects of elevated corticosterone during the larval period in the South African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis

    P1.71 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LUTTERSCHMIDT, William I.*; LUTTERSCHMIDT, Deborah I.; MASON, Robert T.; REINERT, Howard K.: Seasonal variation in the hormonal responses of timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) to reproductive and environmental stressors

    P1.72 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 PATTERSON, S. H.**; HAHN, T.P.; BREUNER, C.W.: Stress reactivity, environment, and condition: initial perspectives from a long-term data set

    P1.73 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 CHESTER, E.M.*; DEMAS, G.E.: Photoperiod Mediates Effects of Social Stress in Siberian Hamsters

    P1.74 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 FOKIDIS, H.B*; ORCHINIK, M.; DEVICHE, P.: Pharmacological characterization of avian corticosteroid binding globulins (CBG) in desert songbirds: Phylogenetic comparisons reveal conserved binding properties.

    P1.75 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LYNN, S.E.*; PRINCE, L.E.: Adrenocortical responsiveness to capture and restraint in the eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis): effects of repeated handling

    P1.76 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 RICHARDSON, C.S.*; WIDMAIER, E.P.; HOHMANN, M.; KUNZ, T.H.: Using Fecal Cortisol Assays To Assess Stress in an Endangered Bat

    P1.77 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MOORE, J.R.*; WALTERS, J.R.; MOORE, I.T.: Stress in prothonotary warblers (Protonotaria citrea) in response to breeding stage and food availability

    P1.78 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 KOBEY, R.L.*; HOSHIZAKI, D.K.; GIBBS, A.G.: Expression of Thor Increases Desiccation Resistance in Drosophila melanogaster

    P1.79 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 GALASSI*, E.W.*; STILLMAN, J.H.: Microarray analysis of thermal stress responses in porcelain crabs acclimated to different temperatures

    P1.80 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LEWIS, S.M.*; PODOLSKY, R.D.: Tests for palatability and feeding deterrence in egg masses of nine species of opisthobranch gastropods

    P1.81 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 DAUGHERTY, M.J.*; KERSHNER, J.M.; CAMPANALE, J.P.; ADAMS, N.L.: In situ UVB radiation delays development of purple sea urchins Stronglyocentrotus purpuratus

    P1.82 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MOBLEY, A.S.*; BUSUTIL, L.; LEYS, S.P.; DIAZ, M.C.; COLLIN, R.; THACKER, R.W.: Phototactic Responses of Larvae from the Marine Sponge Xestospongia proxima

    P1.83 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 ALCORN, N*; ALLEN, JD: How do changes in parental investment influence larval development in Gulf of Maine echinoids?

    P1.84 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 BROWN-WILUSZ, L.H.*; LANDBERG, T: Ontogenetic effects of hatching plasticity in spotted salamanders due to larval and egg predators

    P1.85 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 BORGIANINI, SA*; SUTTON, MC; FLENNIKEN, MM; BRODIE, RJ: Behavioral, Developmental and Physiological Constraints on the Distribution of Fiddler Crabs (Uca minax, Leconte, 1855) Within a River-Dominated Estuary.

    P1.86 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 EL-SHAFFEY, Hisham M*; GEORGE, Sophie B: Response to haloclines might depend on seastar larval form and rearing salinity

    P1.87 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 PODOLSKY, R.D.: A test for transgenerational plasticity in the heat stress tolerance of intertidal embryos

    P1.88 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 VAUGHN, Dawn: Attack on the Clones: Predator-Induced Cloning in Echinoderm Larvae

    P1.89 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 VENDETTI, Jann E.: Larval Velar Morphology in a Neogastropod: Implications for the Evolution of Structure and Function

    P1.90 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MACH, K.J.: The eternal tug: fatigue failure of wave-swept macroalgae in conditions of repeated subcritical loading.

    P1.91 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LEIDERMAN, Karin M*; MILLER, Laura A; FOGELSON, Aaron L: The Effects of Spatial Inhomogeneities on Flow Through the Endothelial Surface Layer

    P1.92 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MELVILLE, B.*; O\'NEILL, M.; GIBB, A.C.: Botulinum toxin complex does not diffuse across muscle fascia during in vivo skeletal muscle denervation experiments in Rana pipens

    P1.93 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 SOWY, S.*; KELLOGG, D.; LOUDON, C.: Cricket antennae are mechanically damped (Acheta domesticus L.)

    P1.94 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 PRUETTE, M.E.*; ESPINOZA, N.R.; BLOB, R.W.: Mechanical Properties of Frog Hindlimb Bones

    P1.95 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 CUMMINS, Megan A.*; LIEW, Chun W.; LONG JR., John H.; ROOT, Robert G.: Exploring Morphospace through Computer Simulation: The Evolution of Navigation Behavior in Digital Fish

    P1.96 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 DONOUGHE, S. T.*; CRALL, J. D.; CHRISTMAS, P. N.; WEISEL, J. W.; MERZ, R. A.: Checks on the flex: Structures for maintaining flexible corrugation in odonate wings

    P1.97 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 BERNAL, Diego*; MCGILLIVRAY, Dave; AALBERS, Scott; DONLEY, Jeanine; SYME, Douglas; SEPULVEDA, Chugey: Divergent Locomotor Muscle Design Among Thresher Sharks

    P1.98 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 HUBER, D.R.*; MOTTA, P.J.: Mechanical factors in the evolution of chondrichthyan jaw suspension mechanisms

    P1.99 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 FERRY-GRAHAM, L.A.*; NEWAY, A.L.; QUARANTA, K.L.; PERLMAN, B.M.: Under pressure: ventilation and feeding in the white-spotted ratfish, Hydrolagus collei (Chimaeroidea)

    P1.100 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 WINTERS-MIST, E*; STROTHER, J/A; SUMMERS, A/P: Particle filtering efficiency of a ram suspension-feeding fish

    P1.101 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 STROTHER, J.A.: Hydrodynamics of gill ventilation in a bony fish

    P1.102 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 KANE, E. A.*; MARSHALL, C. D.: Comparative Feeding Performance In Odontocetes

    P1.103 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 MARSHALL, C.D.: Correlations of Bite Performance with Head and Carapace Morphometrics in Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas)

    P1.104 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 GUZMáN , A.*; MARSHALL, C.D.: Ontogeny of Bite Performance in Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta Caretta)

    P1.105 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 HALL, J. T.; FARKE, A. A.*: An Examination of Durophagy and Associated Craniodental Traits in Varanus niloticus Using Finite Element Analysis

    P1.106 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 COPELAND, D.L.*; RODNICK, K.J.; EARLEY, R.L.; SECOR, S.M.: Postprandial response of ventricular mass and metabolic enzyme activities for the Burmese pythons Python molurus

    P1.107 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 REED, D.A.*; ROSS, C.F.: The relationship of mandibular strain to variance in the chew cycle phase slow close in Cebus capucinus

    P1.108 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 BINDER, W.J.: Morphological characteristics of juvenile bite performance: the effect of tooth sharpness

    P1.109 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 DAWSON, M.M.*; METZGER, K.A.; BAIER, D.B.; BRAINERD, E.L.: Skeletal Kinematics of Upper Bill Movement During Feeding in Mallard Ducks, Anas platyrhynchos

    P1.110 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 SZARKO, M*; BERTRAM, J.E.A.: Don't Freeze Your Tissues: Biomechanical Implications For Storage of Water Swollen Tissues

    P1.111 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 EVANGELISTA, D*; DUMAIS, J; HOTTON, S: Explosive dispersal and self-burial in seeds of the filaree, Erodium cicutarium (Geraniaceae)

    P1.112 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 POWOLNY, T.; SECOR, S.M.; LIGNOT, J-H*: Thermogenesis of digestion in juvenile Burmese pythons.

    P1.113 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 KING, C.*; MYRTHIL, M.; CARROLL, M.A.; CATAPANE, E.J.: Effects of p-Aminosalicylic Acid on the Neurotoxicity of Manganese on Biogenic Amines in the Nervous System and Innervated Organs of Crassostrea virginica

    P1.114 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 DAVIS, K.*; SADDLER, C.; CARROLL, M.A.; CATAPANE, E.J.: Manganese Disruption of Mitochondrial Respiration in the Bivalve Crassostrea virginica and its Protection by p-Aminosalicylic Acid

    P1.115 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 HUGGINS, T.*; MARTIN, K.; CARROLL, M.A.; CATAPANE, E.J.: The Neurotoxic Effects of Manganese on the Dopaminergic Innervation of the Gill of the Bivalve Mollusc, Crassostrea virginica

    P1.116 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 PERDOMO, Y.*; CARROLL, M.A.; CATAPANE, E.J.: Effect of Blocking Agents on Manganese uptake in Gill Tissue of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica

    P1.117 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 RIDGWAY, R.L.*; MANN, P.R.; BRISBANE, W.: Live-Cell Imaging of Zinc Sequestering by Hemocytes of the Pond Snail, Lymnaea stagnalis

    P1.118 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LIU, Jane Z.*; JACKSON, Annise K.; SCHMIDT, Ann Marie; GEDDIS, Matthew S.: RAGE-mediated neuronal outgrowth in a model diabetic system.

    P1.119 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 WONG, R. Y.*; CUMMINGS, M. E.: Brain Region Activity during Female Mate Choice in Swordtails (Xiphophorus nigrensis)

    P1.120 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 LUTES, Aracely A*; BAUMANN, Diana P; BAUMANN, Peter: Microsatellite Analysis of Parthenogenetic Aspidoscelis Species

    P1.121 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 HERNANDEZ, L.P.: Origin and development of the palatal organ: Using zebrafish to investigate the development of trophic morphological novelties

    P1.122 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 ALEXANDER, T.B.*; TUMPEL, S.; WEIDEMANN, L.M.; KRUMLAUF, R.: Functional sequence divergence between coparalogous fugu Hoxa2 enhancers

    P1.124 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 CAYENNE, Andrea P.*; STILLMAN, Jonathon H.: Identifying Novel Protein Stablizers by Co-immunoprecipitation in Porcelain Crabs, Genus Petrolisthes

    P1.125 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 FIELDS, P.A.*; KOID, A.; JOHN, E.: Do counteracting osmolytes stabilize mussel gill proteins against thermal denaturation?

    P1.126 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 BROOKE, B.E.; HARRIS, R.C.; HOFFMAN, G.G.; GROVE, T.J.*: Structure-function relationships during temperature changes in the calcium binding protein calsequestrin

    P1.127 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 WHITTINGTON, A.C.*; MOERLAND, T.S.: Linking temperature adaptation and conservation of function with patterns of AB domain evolution in parvalbumin.

    P1.129 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 TOMAS MIRANDA, Claudia P.*; GALASSI, Eric W.; STILLMAN, Jonathon H.: Microarray analysis of hepatopancreas heat stress responses in thermally acclimated porcelain crabs, Petrolisthes cinctipes

    P1.130 Thu, Jan. 3, 00:00 TAGMOUNT, A; STILLMAN, JH*: Seasonal and latidutinal variation in heart transcriptome profiles in the porcelain crab, Petrolisthes cinctipes

    P2.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BERN, M/D*; SHANNON, J/P: Brins Fire: One Year Post Wildfire Aquatic Community Response in Oak Creek, AZ

    P2.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MCCOY, M. W.*; GILLOOLY, J. F.: Effects of metabolic rate on natural mortality rate

    P2.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WISE, ML*; RITTSCHOF, D: Morphological variability of Lytechinus variegatus across its geographic range

    P2.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PREZANT, R.S.*; SUTCHARIT, C.; CHALERMWAT, K.: Population Snapshots: Laternulid Bivalves of Kungkrabaen Bay, Thailand

    P2.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MURRELL, E. G.*; DAMAL, K.; JULIANO, S. A.: The role of detritus type in competition and distribution of container-dwelling Aedes

    P2.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MAKOWSKY, R.*; RISSLER, L. J.: A striking lack of genetic diversity across a wide ranging amphibian, Gastrophryne carolinensis

    P2.7 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PEARCE, TA; VON DASSOW, YJ*: Glacial History of Lake Michigan: Influence on Distribution of Island Land Snails

    P2.8 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 DONNELLY, M.J.*; WALTERS, L.J.: Mangrove propagule predation: a test of the incomplete dominance hypothesis and restoration implications

    P2.9 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WEST, Brittany*; MCQUILLIN, Ashley; THOMSON, Giles; RAMBSBY, Blake; POPPELL, Ericka; HILL, April; HARRIOTT, Olivia; HILL, Malcolm; SHERMAN, Tim; HILL, Malcolm: Response of microbial symbiont communities and carotenoid profiles to environmental stressors in temperate sponges from the Chesapeake Bay.

    P2.10 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HILL, Ryan I.: Microhabitat segregation in mimetic ithomiine butterflies

    P2.11 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GAFNEY, J.M.: Tracking Eared Grebe migration using fatty acid signature analysis

    P2.12 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 URSCHEL, Matthew/R*; O\'BRIEN, Kristin/M: Molecular Mechanisms Regulating High Densities of Mitochondria in the Heart Ventricle of Antarctic Icefishes

    P2.13 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 FIELMAN, K.T.*; UEDA, N.; DAVIS, V.C.; HULGAN, B.W.; BLAIR, N.P.: A Integrated, Systems-level Approach to Study Mitochondrial Functioning in Physiological Genomics and Ecology: Connecting the Transcriptome to Respiratory Performance in the Context of Biological Stoichiometry

    P2.14 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 REAID, Michael A.*; ELLINGTON, W. R.: Physiological Role(s) of Arginine Kinase in the Basal Metazoan Sponges

    P2.15 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GERTH, N.; JACKSON, S.; STARCK, J.M.*: The costs of a lazy summer - summer energy expenditure of Inuit sled dogs

    P2.16 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 THIBODEAUX, L.**; BURNETT, K.; BURNETT, L.: Effect of Exposure to Bacteria on Metabolism during Exercise and Recovery in the Atlantic blue crab, Callinectes sapidus

    P2.17 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 STAHLSCHMIDT, Z.R.*; BRASHEARS, J.B.; DENARDO, D.F.: Do Children’s python (Antaresia childreni) eggshells mediate a trade-off between embryonic water balance and metabolic gas exchange?

    P2.18 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 STONE, M.D.*; ARJMANDI, B.; LOVERN, M.B.: Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry as a non-invasive tool for the prediction of bone density and body composition of turtles

    P2.19 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SCUDDER, J*; PULLIAM, D; BLYSTONE, R; TOVAR, I: Effect of Weight-Restriction on Anesthetized Rat Skin Histology and Colonic Temperature

    P2.20 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BOLINGER, MT*; BATTIPROLU, PK; RODNICK, KJ: A Comparison of Proglycogen and Macroglycogen in Cardiac, Hepatic, and White Skeletal Muscle Tissue in Male and Female Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).

    P2.21 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ACOSTA, Wendy*; KRISTAN, Deborah M.: Effects of long-term calorie restriction on a secondary infection by the parasitic nematode Heligmosomoides bakeri

    P2.22 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ROBICH, Sarah R.*; LAYNE, JR., Jack R.: Supercooling point of Eurosta solidaginis: demographic profile and effect of repeat freeze exposure.

    P2.23 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GRIFFING, Paulina*; KRISTAN, Deborah: Caloric Restriction of the Intermediate Host Increases the Infectivity of Rodentolepis microstoma Tapeworm in Their Definitive Host

    P2.24 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CHURCHER, A.M.*; TAYLOR, J.S.: In search of the sea urchin nose: The molecular basis for chemoreception in S. purpuratus

    P2.25 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 JOYNER-MATOS, J.L.*; UPADHYAY, A.; LEEUWENBURGH, C.; BAER, C.F.: The effects of spontaneous mutations on lifespan and oxidative stress in the nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans and C. briggsae

    P2.26 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 JUDD, TM; MAGNUS, RM*; FASNACHT, MP: The distribution of micronutrients in colonies of the wasp, Polistes metricus during different phases of the colony cycle

    P2.27 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 LESZCZYNSKI, Christine F*; LAYNE, JR., Jack R.: Effect of Prior Freeze Exposure on Cold Hardiness of Woolly Bear Caterpillars

    P2.28 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 JUDD, TM: The effects of the life history of Polistes metricus on the nutritional ecology of the parasitiod wasp Pachysomoides fulvus.

    P2.29 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SNOWBERG, L. K.*; BOLNICK, D. I.: Individual diet specialization in wild three-spine stickleback populations

    P2.30 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HUGGINS, KA*; NAVARA, KJ; HILL, GE; MENDONCA, MT: Seasonal Costs Of Carotenoid Ingestion In Songbirds With Extensive Carotenoid-Based Plumage Coloration: Are Carotenoids Detrimental?

    P2.31 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SEARS, Michael W*; ANGILLETTA, Michael J: Evaluating the costs of thermoregulation: simulating animal movements through spatially-structured environments define cost curves for small lizards

    P2.32 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SANDEL, Michael*; OTT, Brian: Comparative Bioenergetics of Endangered Freshwater Fishes and Widespread Relatives

    P2.33 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 URIONA, T J; LYON, M L*; FARMER, C G: The importance of the diaphragmaticus muscle to dive time in the American alligator.

    P2.35 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 JONES, R.A.*; COHN, W.B.; VALVERDE, R.A.; LEINER, K.A.; MACKENZIE, D.S.: cDNA cloning, mRNA expression, and negative feedback regulation of thyrotropin-beta (TSH-β) in the red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)

    P2.36 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 DOROUGH, C.P.*; HIRANO, T.; GRAU, E.G.; RILEY, L.G.: Effect of Glucose on Ghrelin and on the GH/IGF-I Axis in the Tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus

    P2.37 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 FENN, A.M.*; HEALY, J.E.; RICHTER, M.M.; WILKERSON, G.; FLORANT, G.L.: To Eat or Not to Eat: Food Intake Regulation in Hibernators

    P2.38 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HEALY, Jessica E*; CRAVEN, Heather; FLORANT, Gregory L: Plasma ghrelin levels in golden-mantled ground squirrels (Spermophilus lateralis)

    P2.40 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WALKER, A.A.*; FOX, B.K.; HIRANO, T.; GRAU, E.G.; RILEY, L.G.: The Role of Glucose and Insulin in Regulating Ghrelin Production and the GH/IGF-I axis in Tilapia

    P2.41 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PETERS, C.J.*; LOWERY, M.S.; KELLEY, K.M.; DRAWBRIDGE, M.A: Effects of Exercise on Endocrinology in Three Different Swim Styles: California Yellowtail, California Sheephead, and White Seabass

    P2.42 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HAGEMEISTER, A.L.*; GONG, J.; SHERIDAN, M.A.: Somatostatin Isoforms Selectively Activate the MAPK Pathway through Somatostatin Receptor Subtype One

    P2.43 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 VERY, N.; POUDYAL, D.; HANSON, A.; SHERIDAN, M.A.*: Somatostatin Inhibits the Expression of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Receptors

    P2.44 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CRAWFORD, E A; GAY, D M; DILLAMAN, R M*: Structure of the calcified tendons of the dactylopodite in the blue crab Callinectes sapidus

    P2.45 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 NEWEL, M.S.*; BOURNE, G.B.: Castles in the sand: Morphology, sediment profiles and the construction of sand collars by the naticid gastropod Euspira lewisii (Gould, 1847)

    P2.46 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 VOLTZOW, J.*; IYENGAR, E.V.: Comparative functional morphology of trochid mantle cavities: To feed or not to feed

    P2.47 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 TIMM, L.L.*; FISH, F.E.: Hydrodynamic flow through the nasal cavity of sharks

    P2.48 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CHADWELL, B.A.*; HUNTER, B.W.; ASHLEY-ROSS, M.A.: When Designing Rays, Function Matters

    P2.49 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GOWAN, T. A.*; MCBRAYER, L. D.: Seasonal changes in locomotor performance and bite force in a non-territorial lizard

    P2.50 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BROWN, R*; HOCHBERG, R: Functional morphology of the musculoskeletal system in sessile and planktonic species of Collothecaceae and Flosculariaceae (Rotifera)

    P2.51 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 DONOVAN, Edward R*; SCHUTZ, Heidi; HAYES, Jack P: Effects of Parity on Pelvic Shape Dimorphism in Mus

    P2.52 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 EGI, N.: Internal structure of distal humeral articulation in carnivorans

    P2.53 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MAIE, T.*; SCHOENFUSS, H.L.; BLOB, R.W.: Jaw lever analylsis of Hawaiian stream fishes: insights into functional diversity from simulation studies

    P2.54 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ROBISON, A*; MANDAL, R; PULJAN, D; ANDERSON, C: The function of the submentalis muscle during neuromechanical control of feeding movement in Bufo marinus

    P2.55 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ALLEN, R.M.*; WILGA, C.D.: Suction and bite processing mechanics during feeding in spiny dogfish

    P2.56 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WALSH, K.M.*; GIBB, A.C.; ARENA, A.; PACE, C.: Intramandibular bending and an "umbrella-like" jaw protrusion mechanism in the kissing gourami


    P2.58 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GIBB, A. C.*; PACE, C.; FERRY-GRAHAM, L.; HERNANDEZ, L. P.: Unusual jaw morphology facilitates piscivory in the pike killifish, Belonesox belizanus

    P2.59 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 LEYS, SP; ELLIOTT, GRD*; BENTLEY, AG: Sensory cells in sponges: evidence for flow sensors in the sponge aquiferous system?

    P2.60 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 YAGER, D.D.**; SCHLUMPF, C.; KOYUNCU, I.H.: Why is the cyclopean ear of the praying mantis in a midline chamber?

    P2.61 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 JOHNSON, J/I*; MORRIS, J/A; FOBBS, A/J: Contiguity of Insular Cortex with Major Sensory and Motor Regions

    P2.62 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 DUMBARTON, TC*; SMITH, FM; CROLL, RP: Adrenergic regulation of effector function in the swimbladder of the zebrafish (Danio rerio)

    P2.63 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MANDAL, R*; ANDERSON, CW: Integration of hypoglossal, glossopharyngeal and trigeminal neurons within the brainstem of marine toad, Bufo marinus

    P2.64 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HEESY, CP*; WILLMS, J: Comparative volumetric analyses of the retinogeniculostriate pathway in mammals

    P2.65 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HALL, MI*; ROSENSTEIN, SL: Comparative optic nerve and optic foramen size in nocturnal and diurnal raptors

    P2.66 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MORGAN, R. J.*; BELTRAN, J.L.; HERNANDEZ, L.P.: Distribution of muscle fiber types within chondrichthyan muscles

    P2.67 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 O\'CONNOR, P.M.*; DUNCKER, H.-R.: Postcranial skeletal pneumaticity in charadriiform birds: Re-examining relationships among skeletal pneumaticity, body size and diving behavior

    P2.68 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SOKOLOWSKY, K P*; ROOT, R G: Creatine increases intensity of muscle power in early vertebrates

    P2.69 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 TREAT, M.D*; WILLIAMS, J.B; ROBERTS, S.P.; ELEKONICH, M.M.: The effects of activity and oxidative stress on muscle senescence and aging in the honey bee, Apis mellifera

    P2.70 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CZERWINSKI, B.*; OLSON, J.; CARAGIULO, A.: Adaptive response of Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) to cold acclimation: physiological changes and localization of avUCP in skeletal muscle

    P2.71 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 COVI, JA*; BRIER, L; MARTIN, L; MYKLES, DL: Identification of inhibitory and receptor-regulated Smads in three species of decapod crustacean: implications for the regulation of muscle mass by myostatin

    P2.72 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CHAO, Erica*; KIM, Hyun-Woo; THOMPSON, Matthew D; MYKLES, Donald L: Cloning and expression of multiple Troponin-C isoforms in lobster muscle

    P2.73 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BURNETTE, MF*; MONROY, JA; LINDSTEDT, SL; NISHIKAWA, KC: Don't call me a stiff: changes in performance and histology with age

    P2.73A Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SOLOMON, S.; SIROHI, M.; BASTIN, L. D.; COUGHLIN, D. J.*: Parvalbumin in Fish Muscle: Characterization of Binding Properties and Role in Muscle Relaxation

    P2.74 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 OHMES, Lucas B*; TRUMAN, Gary A; CAIN, Shaun D: The Functional Morphology of Murray’s Organ in Tritonia diomedea

    P2.75 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 TRUMAN , Gary A*; OHMES, Lucas B; CAIN, Shaun D: The effects of TPep, ACh, 5HT, and Dopamine on the Ciliary Transport Rate of a Chemosensory Organ in Tritonia diomedea

    P2.76 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MERCHASIN, Emily*; FUSE, Megumi: Characterization of Nociceptive Sensitization in Larval Manduca sexta

    P2.77 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WATSON, G.M.; KINLER, K.M.; PHAM, L.N.; MIRE, P.*: The Sensory Physiology of Nematostella vectensis

    P2.78 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SIMON, M.A.*; TRIMMER, B.A.: Nonlinear modeling as a tool for studying the stretch receptor organ of the Hawkmoth caterpillar, Manduca sexta

    P2.79 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PHILIP, B.N.**; YI, S.-X.; ELNITSKY, M.A.; LEE, R.E.: Aquaporins play a role in desiccation and freeze tolerance in larvae of the goldenrod gall fly, Eurosta solidaginis


    P2.81 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PHILLIPS, M. R.; JOHNSON, E. A.; TERWILLIGER, N. B.*: Functional genetic analysis of the transcriptome of a moderately euryhaline estuarine crab during osmotic stress

    P2.82 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 REIS-SANTOS, Patrick; WILSON, Jonathan M.; MCCORMICK, Stephen D.*: Osmoregulatory changes during metamorphosis and salinity exposure of juvenile sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus L.)

    P2.83 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WEIHRAUCH, D.*; PIERMARINI, P.M.; BEYENBACH, K.W.: Identification and localization of NHE8 in Malpighian tubules of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti

    P2.84 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BESSLER, S.M.*; CLEVES, A; LUBBERS, B; DURTSCHE, R.D.: Determination of Larval Anuran Gut pH Levels with a Newly Developed Solid State Micro-Electrode

    P2.85 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 EDWARDS, S L: Molecular identification of an Rh glycoprotein in the gill of the Atlantic hagfish Myxine glutinosa

    P2.86 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MCCOY, K.*; CARROLL, M.A.; CATAPANE, E.J.: Effects of Diltiazem and Lanthanum on Copper Inhibition of Mitochondrial O2 Consumption of Gill of the Oyster, Crassostrea virginica

    P2.87 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HUNT, M.E.*; HADDOCK, S.H.D.; MATZ, M.V.: Uromodulin-like red fluorescent proteins from deep-sea dragonfishes

    P2.88 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SCHWARTZ, J.A.*; CURTIS, N.E.; PIERCE, S.K.: Preliminary Analysis of the Transcriptome Sequence of Elysia chlorotica Indicates the Presence of Additional Transferred Algal Nuclear Genes

    P2.89 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 RAMENOFSKY, M.**; MOFFAT, J.; JENSEN, J.; GUGLIELMO, C.G.: Metabolite, endocrine and behavioral profiles of migratory white-crowned sparrows.

    P2.90 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PETERSON, J.D.; MENDONCA, M.T.*: Exposure to an environmentally relevant stressor alters whole body corticosterone, oral morphology, growth, and development in larval Southern Leopard Frogs throughout metamorphosis.

    P2.91 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PARTYKA, M.*; SCHWENDIMAN, A.L.; SEARCY, B.T.; OWEN, M.C.; HURLOCK, C.; CHANTAROJWONG, T. ; PROPPER, C.R.: Pheromones and Sexual Attraction in the Western Clawed Frog (Xenopus tropicalis)

    P2.92 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 TRAN, Tien; RICCIARDELLA, Lauren F.; WOODLEY, Sarah K*: Harderian gland size is sexually dimorphic and correlated with vomeronasal size in a terrestrial plethodontid salamander, Plethodon shermani

    P2.93 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MILLER, T.C.*; MACKENZIE, D.; JAQUES, S.: Development of a thyroid stimulating hormone challenge test in red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)

    P2.94 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GILMAN, C.A.*; WOLF, B.O.: The burden of gravidity in lizards: changes in cardio-respiratory function associated with reduced lung volume (preliminary results)

    P2.95 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 LEBLANC, A.M.*; WIBBELS, T.: Effect of daily water treatment on hatchling sex ratios in a turtle with temperature-dependent sex determination

    P2.96 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ROURKE, M.J.*; MILNE, K.R.; HAHN, D.A.: Mating affects reproductive investment but not timing in the flesh fly Sarcophaga crassipalpis.

    P2.97 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GARLAND, C. P.; FREGOSO, S. P.; PRICE, E. K.; STEWART, J. R.*; ECAY, T. W.; HERBERT, J. F.; THOMPSON, M. B.: Embryonic growth and calcium mobilization in oviparous and placentotrophic Australian scincid lizards

    P2.98 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 JENSEN, BH; LAI, M*; MARINO, CL; BRYCE, B: Sexually Regressed Mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) Lack Spontaneous Ovarian Contractions.

    P2.99 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WESSELS, F. J.*; HAHN, D. A.: Capital vs. Income, Stable Isotopes Reveal Nutrient Allocation to Reproduction and Turnover in the Flesh Fly, Sarcophaga crassipalpis

    P2.100 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MERKEY, Allison B*; GIBBS, Allen G; HOSHIZAKI, Deborah K: The U-shaped Metabolic Curve of Insect Metamorphosis: Substrate Utilization Patterns and Proximate Causes

    P2.101 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MCMAHON, JF*; ZOSHAK, JJ; GHONAIM, M; HAHN, D; BORST, DW: RNAi suppression of a storage protein in Romalea microptera.

    P2.102 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GRILLIOT, M.E.*; MENDONCA, M.T.; BURNETT, S.C.: Ultrasonic Vocalizations Function in Mate Selection in the Big Brown Bat, Eptesicus fuscus

    P2.103 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WILLIAMS, S.*; KIDD, M.R.; HOFMANN, H.A.: Male Behavioral Responses to the Female Ovulation Cycle in the Lek Breeding African Cichlid Fish Astatotilapia burtoni

    P2.104 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CARLTON, E.D.*; STEWART, S.N.; HAUSSMANN, M.F.; MAUCK, R.A.: Flashy feet: color based assortative mating in the black guillemot (Cepphus grylle)

    P2.105 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SLOBODCHIKOFF, C.N.*; BRIGGS, W.R.; DENNIS, P.; HODGE*, A.M.C.*: Size and shape information encoded in alarm calls of the Gunnison’s prairie dog (Cynomys gunnisoni)

    P2.106 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 NAVA, Saul S.: Visual performance and divergence in Sceloporus undulatus at the White Sands ecotone

    P2.107 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WADA, H.*; BREUNER, C.W.: Developmental changes in neural corticosteroid receptor capacity in altricial nestlings

    P2.108 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 DICKENS, Molly J.*; CYR, Nicole E; MEDDLE, Simone A.; ROMERO, L. Michael: The effects of chronic stress on the brain: changes in glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors in European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)

    P2.109 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BULIN, Sarah E.*; CARR, James A.: Do non-specific stressors elicit adaptive behavior?

    P2.110 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 SWEENEY, M.J.**; YOUNG, R.L.; BADYAEV, A.V.: Plasticity of foraging strategies in soricid shrews: A model for behavioral stress response

    P2.111 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BAUER, C.B.*; DAVIS, J.E.; WINGFIELD, J.C.: Effects of Acute Corticosterone Treatment on Learning and Memory in Captive White-Crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii)

    P2.112 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 DE PALMA, C.: Evaluation of individual variability in the temperament of shelter dogs.

    P2.113 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WONG, Stephanie C.*; MA, Jacqueline; EARLEY, Ryan L.: Stressed out? Novel methods and experimental assessment of the interaction between social stress and aggression in convict cichlid fish (Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus)

    P2.114 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MA, J.W.*; WONG, S.C.; EARLEY, R.L.: Social deprivation triggers increased stress responsiveness and aggression in convict cichlid fish (Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus)

    P2.115 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 NEESER, K.L.*; ZHAO, Y.; HARDISON, S.A.; HAWKSWORTH, S.A.; JOHNSON, E.C.: Dopaminergic signaling in Drosophila regulates the dynamics of stress-induced behavioral responses

    P2.116 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ZHAO, Yan*; JOHNSON, Erik C: Corazonin neurons function in dimorphic circuits to modulate dopamine signaling in Drosophila

    P2.117 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 PRICE, Renee A.: Primary Colonization of Marine Debris in Reefs at Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

    P2.118 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MAGI, J.T.*; PATTEN, S.B.; NESTLER, J.R.: Behavioral Effects of Light on the Tropical Holothurian Pearsonothuria graeffei

    P2.119 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 WORTHAM, J. L.: Grooming and Mantis Shrimp

    P2.120 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CROWTHER, A.L.*; FAUTIN, D.G.: Shell-forming sea anemones from Australia.

    P2.121 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GUERRERO-FERREIRA, R.C. *; GORMAN, C; NISHIGUCHI, M.K.: Characterization of Vibrio Isolates from the Light Organs of Loliginid Squids from Thailand (Mollusca:Cephalopoda)

    P2.122 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 KOPLOVITZ, G*; KIFLAWI, M: Determinants of group size in the coral-associated fish, Dascyllus marginatus occurring in the Red Sea

    P2.123 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 GOERLICH, V.*; SCHAAFSMA, S.; DIJKSTRA, C.; GROOTHUIS, T.G.G.: Mechanism of sex ratio manipulation: Effects of testosterone in homing pigeons (Columba livia)

    P2.124 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CAIN, K.E.*; BERGEON, C.M.; KETTERSON, E.D.: Does digit ratio correlate with gonad function or morphological characters in a songbird?

    P2.125 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ADAMS, A.L.*; LIGON, D.B.; LOVERN, M.B.: Breeding density effects on plasma and yolk hormones in green anole lizards: a laboratory study

    P2.126 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 ZEE, B.M.*; HIEBERT, S.M.: Effects of a desaturase inhibitor on tissue lipid composition and dietary self-selection by the Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus)

    P2.127 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 IRWIN, Jason T*; FINKLER, Michael S: Sex differences in freeze tolerance and cryoprotectant mobilization of Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) and Western Chorus frogs (Pseudacris triseriata)

    P2.128 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MARTIN, A.R.*; PORTER, S.D.; HAHN, D.A.: Interaction of Cooling Rate and Body Size on Cold Tolerance in the Red Imported Fire Ant (Solenopsis invicta)

    P2.129 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 BAKER, PJ*; COSTANZO , JP; IVERSON, JB; LEE, RE: Cold hardiness influences life history traits of northern turtles: variation in the timing and synchrony of hatchling emergence from the nest

    P2.130 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 MILES, DRB*; GRIM, JM; CROCKETT, EL: Activities of antioxidant enzymes and membrane susceptibility to lipid peroxidation in skeletal muscle from temperature-acclimated bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)

    P2.131 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 HARTLEBEN, Goetz; TAWNEY, Rachel; O\'BRIEN, Kristin*: Reactive Oxygen Species May Stimulate Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Response to Cold Temperature in Aerobic Muscle of Threespine Stickleback

    P2.132 Fri, Jan. 4, 00:00 CARAGIULO, A.*; OLSON, J.; CZERWINSKI, B.: Ultrastructural Adaptations of Skeletal Muscle of young Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) during acclimation

    P3.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ROGERS, Stacey; CORBIN, Clay; WASSMER, Gary*: Ectoparasite Load, Fecundity, and Brood Survivorship in Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica).

    P3.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 PEREYRA, M.E.*: Effects of phenotypic characteristics on reproductive timing in high altitude flycatchers

    P3.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 REICHARD, D.G.*; KETTERSON, E.D.: An estimation of female home-range size during the nestling period in Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis)

    P3.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BERGEON, C.M.*; CAIN, K.E.; KETTERSON, E.D.: Reproductive Timing in Geographically Distinct Subspecies of Junco

    P3.5 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 CLASS, A.M.*; MOORE, I.T.: Seasonality of territorial aggression in equatorial rufous-collared sparrows Zonotrichia capensis

    P3.6 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ALVINE, Travis D.*; CROSSLEY, Dane A.: Cardiovascular Control Mechanisms Present at Two Points of Development in Embryonic Common Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina).

    P3.7 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 PAN, V.*; SILVERTHORN, D.U.: Characterization of Carbohydrates that Depress Crayfish Cardiac Rhythms following Chemoreception

    P3.8 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 REIBER, C.L.; MIKA, T.L.*: Diastolic filling time limits cardiac output in thermally stressed grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio): Physiological limits to temperature extremes

    P3.9 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SORENSEN, OJ*; RODNICK, KJ: Stress and Metabolic Hormones Do Not Promote Cardiac Glycogenolysis In Vitro In Rainbow Trout

    P3.10 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 GAMPERL, A./Kurt**; SWAFFORD, Brenda/L; RODNICK, Kenneth/J: Impact of elevated water temperature and zatebradine-induced bradycardia on cardiovascular function in male and female rainbow trout.

    P3.11 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 CROSSLEY, Dane A: The Impact of Chronic Hypoxic Incubation On Cardiovascular Physiology of Embryonic Common Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina).

    P3.12 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 CHAN, S.Y.*; KULTZ, D: Validation of Daphnia pulex Genome Annotation by Expression Proteomics

    P3.13 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MOOI, Rich; BRESLIN, Cara Marie*: Multiple origins of respiratory structures in sea urchins

    P3.14 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BALENGER, S. L.**; BONNEAUD, C.; EDWARDS, S. V.; HILL, G. E.: Gene expression and ornamental plumage color in the house finch

    P3.15 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 LEDON-RETTIG, C.*; PFENNIG, D.W.; NASCONE-YODER, N.: Diet-induced developmental gut plasticity: Implications for the evolution of alternate feeding strategies within and between species

    P3.16 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 STAAB, K.L.*; HERNANDEZ, L.P.: More than the sum of its parts: Functional development of a complex feeding system within zebrafish

    P3.17 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 O\'QUIN, C.T.*; OBERG, F.L.; HERNANDEZ, L.P.: Ontogeny of the pharyngeal jaw apparatus in the zebrafish

    P3.18 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ZIGLER, K.S.*; MOOI, R.J.; LESSIOS, H.A.: Molecular phylogenetics and egg size evolution in the sand dollar genus Mellita

    P3.19 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 RYCHEL, Amanda L.*; SWALLA, Billie J.: Hox1 expression in normal and regenerating Ptychodera flava hemichordates

    P3.20 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BIRD, NC*; HERNANDEZ, LP: Differential growth and the evolution of novel vertebral morphology: lessons from the cypriniform Weberian apparatus

    P3.21 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BYARS, Dawn J.*; FORD, Neil B.: Effect of Diet on Age of First Reproduction in African House Snakes (Lamprophis fuliginosus)

    P3.22 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TANZER, Andrea; STADLER, Peter F. ; WAGNER, Gunter P. *: The origin of a new cell type coincides with miRNA innovation: expression and function of derived miRNAs in the human endometrium.

    P3.23 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 HOLSTIEN, K.**; HILL, M.S.; HILL, A.L.: Early diversification of the T-box gene family in the poriferan lineage

    P3.24 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SWIDERSKI, D.L.*; RAPHAEL, Y.: Variation in orderliness of the sensory array of the mammalian inner ear

    P3.25 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TEMKIN, M H*; MISERCOLA, B A: Homeobox gene expression during zooid development in colonies of the marine bryozoan Membranipora membranacea

    P3.26 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 WINSLOW, B. B.*; SHEARMAN, R. M.; BURKE, A. C.: locating abaxial cells of the sternal rib in stage x+ somites

    P3.27 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TULENKO, F.J.*; SHEARMAN, R.M.; SFERLAZZO, M.; WINSLOW, B.B.; BURKE, A.C.: 3D Modeling of the Lateral Somitic Frontier

    P3.28 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 STORZ, Brian/L*; NITZBERG, Brian/W; MOERLAND, Timothy/S: Not everything is bigger in Texas; developmental analysis between Texas and Arizona populations of Spea bombifrons reveals striking intestine growth differences.

    P3.29 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SYLVESTER, JB*; VAN STAADEN , MJ; FRASER, GJ; STREELMAN, JT: Cichlid brain diversity develops at the boundaries

    P3.29A Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TORDAY, John/S*; REHAN, Virender/K: A Cell-Cell Signaling Model for Metazoan Evolution

    P3.30 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MOORE, M/S*; JACKSON, F/R; MENDONçA, M/T; MCCRACKEN, G/F; KUNZ, T/H: Rabies neutralizing antibody production, relative immune function and life-history traits in the big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus

    P3.32 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TURMELLE, Amy/S.*; MENDONCA, Mary/T.; MCCRACKEN, Gary/F.: Histological assessment of cellular immune response to the phytohemagglutinin (PHA) skin test in Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis)

    P3.33 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ZYSLING, D.A.*; DEMAS, G.E.: Effects of food restriction on immune function in long- and short-day housed Siberian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)

    P3.34 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MARTIN, LB*; WEIL, ZM; NAVARA, KJ; TUTHILL, C; ZUCKER, I; NELSON, RJ: Melatonin organizes the immune system of Siberian hamsters

    P3.35 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 HOLGERSSON, MCN*; NICHOLS, W; PAITZ, RT; BOWDEN, R: Bacteria infection and colonization patterns on and within the eggs of developing Trachemys scripta

    P3.36 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SPECKMAN, S.C.; ZALISKO, E.J.; SCRIBNER, Z.A.*; REID, D.L.: Salmonella Infections in Hatchling Milk Snakes (Lampropeltis triangulum): Testing the Hypothesis That Hatchling Snakes Acquire Salmonella From Their Initial Meals of Mice.

    P3.37 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 O\'NEAL, D.M.*; KILEY, R.; KETTERSON, E.D.: Impact of Winter Sex Ratio on Winter Physiology in a Differential Migrant the Dark-eyed junco

    P3.38 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ZIMMERMAN, L.M.*; VOGEL, L.A.; BOWDEN, R.M.: Effect of season on the immune system of adult red-eared sliders, Trachemys scripta.

    P3.39 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 EHLINGER, Casey C.*; COVI, Joseph A.; CHANG, Ernest S.; MYKLES, Donald L.: Double-Stranded RNA Interference Lowers Expression of Molt-inhibiting Hormone in the Eyestalk of the Land Crab Gecarcinus lateralis

    P3.40 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MCDONALD, Audrey A.*; BADER, Brandon D.; COVI, Joe A.; MYKLES, Donald L.: Increased nitric oxide synthase expression in the activated molting gland of the land crab Gecarcinus lateralis

    P3.41 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TOUPS, E.*; ZOU, E.: Induction of Collagenase Activities by 20-Hydroxyecdysone in the Epidermis of the Fiddler Crab, Uca pugilator

    P3.42 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MENG, Y.*; ZOU, E.: Partial sequence of N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase mRNA from the epidermis of the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator

    P3.43 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BADER, B.D.*; KIM, H.W.; COVI, J.A.; CHANG, E.S.; MYKLES, D.L.: Quantitative Expression of Myostatin in Tropical Land Crab, Gecarcinus lateralis: Implications for the Regulation of Muscle Atrophy.

    P3.44 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TAMVACAKIS, Arianna*; FUSE, Megumi: Ecdysis Triggering Hormone stimulates fictive pre-ecdysis and ecdysis in intermolt larval tobacco hornworm nervous systems.

    P3.45 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ZOU, E.: Forms of sexual abnormalities in the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator

    P3.46 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MIKLASZ, K.A.*; DENNY, M.W.: A Low-Reynolds number conundrum: How fast should diatoms sink?

    P3.47 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BANET, Amanda I*; SERENA, Giovanna; DOMENICI, Paolo: Wall effects during escape response in Pacific Staghorn Sculpins

    P3.48 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 JONG, Arianne*; JONES, Emily A; ELLERBY, David J: The effects of acute temperature change on labriform swimming performance in bluegill sunfish

    P3.49 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 WOOLARD, A.M.*; BARTOL, I.K.: Locomotive function of the anal fin in boxfishes

    P3.50 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ALUCK, R.J.*; WARD, A.B.: Impact of sex on fast-start responses in reedfish, Erpetoichthys calabaricus

    P3.51 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 RACINE, Matt L*; OSWALD, Mary E; RODNICK, Ken J; ROBISON , Barrie D: The Effect of Sex & Strain on Swimming Performance and Behavior of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

    P3.52 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 CREER, R.M.*; ASHLEY-ROSS, M.A.: Advantages of limb use underwater in the salamander Ambystoma tigrinum

    P3.53 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BENNETT, N.L.*; RIVERA, G.; BLOB, R.W.: Hydrodynamic stability of the Painted turtle (Chrysemys picta)

    P3.54 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 GERALD, Gary W.*; CLAUSSEN, Dennis L.: Do snakes possess locomotor adaptations in frequently-used microhabitats? Performance and energetic costs of different modes of locomotion in colubrid snakes

    P3.55 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 PATEL, B.A.*; UPPAL, K.; POLK, J.D.: Primate hand postures across symmetrical and asymmetrical gaits

    P3.56 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 LAWLER, R.R.*; WUNDERLICH, R.E.: Age-specific patterns of morphological integration in Verreaux's sifaka

    P3.57 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 WUNDERLICH, R.E.*; PATEL, B.A.: Peak pressures and cheiridial postures in baboons (Papio anubis)

    P3.58 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 CARRIER, David/R: Maximum running speed in mammals is inversely correlated with a proxy for male-male competition.

    P3.59 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 QUILTER, L.A.S.; LYONS, R.; ETNIER, S.A.*: Hind foot reversal in arboreal squirrels

    P3.60 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ANDERSON, R. A.*; COLON, E.W.: Sprinting performance in the field by the western whiptail lizard, Aspidoscelis tigris

    P3.61 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 HAMMEL, J.U.*; BECKMANN, F.; NICKEL, M.: Morphogenesis during asexual bud-formation and growth in the poriferan Tethya wilhelma: silica skeleton, aquiferous system and the mesohyle

    P3.62 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 STEMPKO, T*; VENN, C: Growth Rate Determinations for Lepas anatifera (Cirripedia:Lepadidae) in the Tropical Pacific Using Shell Growth Patterns and In-situ Temperature Records

    P3.63 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 LEISSING, J.J.**; WALTERS, L.J.: Caulerpa versus Chaetomorpha: Is the latter a safer choice for home aquarium enthusiasts based on fragment success?

    P3.64 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 FEUERBORN, E *; RODNICK, K; ANDERSON, C: Scaling of spinal cord motor neurons in the Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

    P3.65 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BEECHING, S.C.*; PIKE, R.E.: Comparative Analysis of the Ontogeny of Color Pattern in two Neotropical cichlid fishes, Thorichthys meeki and Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum

    P3.66 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SCHACHT, M.C.*; MCBRAYER, L.D.: The Effects of Feeding Behavior and Canopy Closure on Morphology and Development of Larval Bufo terrestris

    P3.67 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 JORGENSEN, Michael/E.*; SHEIL, Christopher: Developmental temperature affects larval anuran shape trajectories

    P3.68 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 WADDELL, J.C.*; MCBRAYER, L.D.; ROSTAL, D.C.: The ontogeny of carapace morphology in gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus)

    P3.69 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 PERRY, ML*; BAKER, PJ: Does sex predict the frequency and type of scute anomalies in diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin terrapin)?

    P3.70 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ZEININGER, A.**; SHAPIRO, L.J.; RAICHLEN, D.A.: The effects of digitigrade cheiridial postures on speed and gait in infant baboons.

    P3.71 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 KRAJNIAK, K.G.*; ONYANGO, E.: Pharmacological Characterization of the Earthworm Gizzard Cholinergic Receptor

    P3.72 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 HO, L L*; KUNEC, S; ROOT, R G: Modeling interaction between Mauthner cells and central pattern generators

    P3.73 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 FAULKES, Z.: Motor neurons involved in escape responses in white shrimp, Litopeneaus setiferus

    P3.74 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 NEUMEISTER, H*; HOFMANN, H.A.; PREUSS, T.: Physiological and molecular analysis of socially regulated escape behavior

    P3.75 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ESPINOZA, S.Y.*; FAULKES, Z.: Compromised weaponry enhances crayfish tailflipping

    P3.76 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 WILLINGHAM, K.A.*; WALTON, D.B.; PIRTLE, T.J.; SATTERLIE, R.A.: The effect of the hyperpolarization-activated inward current antagonist, ZD7288, on the locomotor rhythm of Clione limacina

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    P3.78 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ELNITSKY, M.A.*; BENOIT, J.B.; LOPEZ-MARTINEZ, G.; DENLINGER, D.L.; LEE, R.E.: Salinity Tolerance in the Antarctic Midge: Seawater Acclimation Confers Cross Tolerance to Freezing and Dehydration

    P3.79 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BOLIN, GM*; BURGGREN, WW: “Influences of incubation humidity on development and function of kidney in the chicken, Gallus gallus domesticus.”

    P3.80 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TURNER, Lucy M; MORRIS, Steve*; WEBSTER, Simon G: Regulation of kidney-like function in freshwater land-crabs: a study of the Christmas Island Blue Crab, Discoplax hirtipes

    P3.81 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 THURMAN, Carl L. *; HANNA , Joshua M. ; BENNETT, Chad R.: Osmoregulation by Fiddler Crabs (genus Uca) from the Northern Caribbean

    P3.82 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BABONIS, L.S.*; CAMPBELL, C.C.; LILLYWHITE, H.B.: A comparative study of osmoregulatory physiology in freshwater and estuarine watersnakes

    P3.83 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 HAZARD, L.C.**; LECHUGA, C.; ZILINSKIS, S.: Control of salt gland secretion in two insectivorous lizard species

    P3.84 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 RO, J*; MUÑOZ-GARCIA, A; WILLIAMS, J.B.: Identification of sphingolipids of the stratum corneum in lowland Tropical bird species by high performance liquid chromatography and atmospheric photo ionization mass spectrometry

    P3.85 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ESTES, J; WIBBELS, T*: Sea Turtle CSI: A Teaching Module in Sea Turtle Genetics

    P3.86 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 FURIMSKY, M.*; ROBERTSON, J.: Isolated fish gills as a model for teaching osmotic permeability to undergraduate physiology students.

    P3.87 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 WENDEROTH, Mary Pat*; HENSON, Kate: Using General Models in Physiology can Enhance Student Understanding.

    P3.88 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BATCH, R. A.*; COUGHLIN, D. J.: Teaching Evolution: Historical Perspectives on 19th and 20th Century Biology

    P3.89 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 OWEN, M.C.*; SEARCY, B.T.; SCHWENDIMAN, A.L.; HURLOCK, C.; PROPPER, C.R.: A Tadpole Tail Assay Reveals Potential Thyroid Hormone-Disrupting Effects of Wastewater Effluent in African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis)

    P3.90 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SOTO-PEñA, J.S.*; SCHWENDIMAN, A.L.; SEARCY, B.T.; PROPPER, C.R,: Use of a Tadpole Tail Regression Assay to Evaluate The Endocrine Disrupting Capacity of a Commonly Used Pesticide

    P3.91 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 PARTYKA, M.*; SCHWENDIMAN, A.L.; SEARCY, B.T.; OWEN, M.C.; HURLOCK, C.; CHANTAROJWONG, T. ; PROPPER, C.R.: Pheromones and Sexual Attraction in the Western Clawed Frog (Xenopus tropicalis)

    P3.92 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 TUBERTY, Shea R*; BABYAK, Carol; GAYLORD, Matt; ARNOLD, Justin; CARTER, Bethany; GIBBONS, Leigh Ann; SINGER, Erin: Vitellogenesis induction in male fish exposed to municipal wastewater effluent estrogens

    P3.93 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MILLER, L.P.: Morphological and behavioral determinants of thermal stress in northeastern Pacific Littorina.

    P3.94 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 YUAN, W*; WALTERS, LJ; HOFFMAN, EA; SCHNEIDER, KR: Salinity Tolerance of Mytella charruana, a New Invasive Mussel in the Southeastern United States

    P3.95 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 LILLEY, G*; HOCHBERG, R: External anatomy and neuromuscular organization of the freshwater colonial rotifer Sinantherina socialis

    P3.96 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MATHIASEN, Cindy C*; MURRAY, Ian; WOLF, Blair O; SMITH, Felisa A: Using Portable Ultrasonography to Examine the Dynamics of Reproduction in Neotoma lepida in Death Valley, CA

    P3.97 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 OKEKPE, CC*; NAVARA, KJ; HILL, GE; MENDONCA, MT: Effect of diet on periovulatory levels of steroid hormones and primary sex ratio in zebra finches

    P3.98 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 FREAMAT, MIHAEL; SOWER, STACIA A.*: Identification and Cloning of a Second Glycoprotein Hormone Receptor (TSH-like Receptor) in Sea Lamprey

    P3.99 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 REDMOND, L.J.*; MURPHY, M.T.; COOPER, N.W.; O\'REILLY, K.M.: Breeding season changes of plasma testosterone level in the Eastern Kingbird

    P3.100 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 CURTIS, J.L.*; BAIRD, T.A.; HEWS, D.K: Collared Lizards Decrease Testosterone Levels in Response to Staged Territorial Intrusions: A Test of the Challenge Hypothesis

    P3.101 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 LUTTERSCHMIDT, D.I.*; WILCZYNSKI, W.: Kisspeptin-like immunoreactive neuron distribution in green treefrogs (Hyla cinerea)

    P3.102 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 GREIVES, T.J.*; HUMBER, S.A.; SCOTTI, M.; KRIEGSFELD, L.J.; DEMAS, G.E.: Role of photoperiod and gonadal steroids in the regulation of kisspeptin in seasonally breeding Siberian hamsters

    P3.103 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SCOTTI, M.L.*; BELEN, J.; DEMAS, G.E.: Role of DHEA in Mediating Seasonal Aggression in Male Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus).

    P3.104 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 CALISI, R.M.*; RIZZO, N.O.; BENTLEY, G.E.: Capture-handling stress and its effects upon hypothalamic EGR-1 and GnIH expression in House sparrows (Passer domesticus)

    P3.105 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 MCGUIRE, Nicolette L.*; UBUKA, Takayoshi; TSUTSUI, Kazuyoshi; BENTLEY, George E.: Evidence for a Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone (GnIH) system within vertebrate gonads

    P3.106 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 IMPERATORE, K.A.*; TANG, A.F.; HAHN, D.A.: Protein feeding and juvenile hormone signaling interact to set male reproductive success in the flesh fly, Sarcophaga crassipalpis.

    P3.107 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 GANJI, PURNACHANDRA N*; BORST, DAVID W: The effects of salinity and temperature on hemolymph methyl farnesoate levels and testicular development in Carcinus maenas

    P3.108 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 LOVETT, D.L.**; NAGARAJU, G.P.C.; BORST, D.W.: Ca2+ levels in hemolymph regulate methyl farnesoate production by mandibular organs from the green crab Carcinus maenas


    P3.110 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 LEE, J.Y.*; CHUNG, W.Y.; LOGSDON, S.; JOHNSTONE, A. F. M. ; COOPER, R.L.: The Regulation of Synaptic Vesicle Pools Within Motor Nerve Terminals


    P3.112 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 KLAUS, S.*; GROSS, M.: The Neogene freshwater crabs of Europe (Brachyura, Potamidae)


    P3.115 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 PERLMAN, Benjamin M.: Predicting Habitat Associations from the Pectoral and Caudal Fin Aspect Ratios of Surfperches (Embiotocidae)

    P3.116 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SCHAMEL, Lindsay B.*; FINGERUT, Jonathan T.: Do Stream Pools Act as Sinks for Passively Transported Larvae?

    P3.117 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 ASTLEY, H.C.*; JAYNE, B.C.: Effects of incline and surface width on the climbing performance in crevices versus on cylinders of corn snakes (Elaphe gutatta)

    P3.118 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 GONZALES, Vanessa A.*; TSUKIMURA, Brian: A Key To Brachyuran Megalopae of the San Francisco Bay Estuary System

    P3.119 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 FINGERUT, J.T.*; THOMSON, J.R.; HART, D.D.: Larval settlement in benthic environments: The effects of velocity and bed geometry

    P3.120 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 GILCHRIST-SCOTT, D.H.; YOON, D.Y.J.; HIEBERT, S.M.*: Temperature-dependent self-selection of dietary lipid saturation by an obligate homeotherm, Mus musculus

    P3.121 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 COOPER, B.S.; WILLIAMS, B.H.*; ANGILLETTA, M..J.: Life in the Big City: Thermal Tolerance of Isopods to Urban Heat Islands

    P3.122 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 COOPER, B. S.*; WILLIAMS, B. H.; ANGILLETTA, M. J.: Unifying indices of heat tolerance in ectotherms

    P3.123 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 BARSHIS, Daniel; WATERSON, Tyler P.*; STILLMAN, Jonathon H.: Temperature determines plasticity in growth of the reef-building coral, Porites Lobata

    P3.124 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 EHRENBERGER, J. C,*; BUCKLEY, L. B.; ANGILLETTA, M. J.: How does knowledge of intraspecific variation improve our ability to predict geographic distributions? A case study of the eastern fence lizard, Sceloporus undulatus

    P3.125 Sat, Jan. 5, 00:00 SMITH, J.J.*; SEARS, M.W.: Perspectives of scale: the influence of body size, thermoregulation, and movement on the potential for interspecific interactions

    S1-1.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:00 CHOJNOWSKI, JL*; BRAUN, EL: Candidate genes in a turtle with temperature-dependent sex determination

    S1-1.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:30 GLENN, Travis C.*; JONES, Kenneth L.; SAWYER, Roger H.; GREENWOLD, Matthew J.; CRAWFORD, Nicholas G.: Challenges and opportunities in comparative reptilian genomics

    S1-1.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:00 KOHNO, Satomi*; KATSU, Yoshinao; IGUCHI, Taisen; GUILLETTE, Louis J Jr: The Functional Evolution of Steroid Hormone Receptors: Insights from Reptiles

    S1-1.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:00 JANES, D.E.*; EDWARDS, S.V.: Comparative expression and genomic organization of sex-differentiating genes in a bird and a reptile

    S1-1.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:30 ELF, P: Maternally derived yolk steroid hormones in TSD reptiles: A comparison among species and their possible roles in embryonic development

    S1-1.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:00 OLMO, Ettore: Rate of chromosome changes and speciation in reptiles

    S1-1.7 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:30 ORGAN, Chris*; EDWARDS, Scott: Genome Architecture and Diversity in Reptiles

    S1-2.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 SCHNEIDER, Christopher: Exploiting Genomic Resources in Studies of Speciation and Adaptive Radiation of Anolis Lizards.

    S1-2.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:30 BERMUDEZ, DS*; GUILLETTE, LJ: The Thyroid-Gonad axis: Insights on a novel mechanism of communication in the American Alligator

    S1-2.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 THOMSON, R.C.*; SHAFFER, H.B.: Moving towards many-marker datasets: progress and challenges for turtle phylogenetics

    S1-2.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:30 NICOLE, Valenzuela: Evolution of the gene regulatory network underlying sexual differentiation in turtles with alternative sex determining mechanisms

    S2-1.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:00 NORTHCUTT, R. Glenn: A Brief History of Theories Regarding Vertebrate Head Organization

    S2-1.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 08:30 HOLLAND, L. Z.*; RASMUSSEN, S. L. K.; BEASTER-JONES, L.; KOOP, D.: Amphioxus and the Evolution of Head Segmentation

    S2-1.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:00 KIMMEL, C. B.*; EBERHART, J. K.; MOENS, C. B.: Segmenting the Mosaic Head

    S2-1.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 09:30 SCHLOSSER, Gerhard: Segmentation of neurogenic placodes

    S2-1.5 Thu, Jan. 3, 10:30 MURAKAMI, Yasunori: Neuromeres segmentation and trigeminal nerve projections in the developing vertebrate brain

    S2-1.6 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:00 LACALLI, T.C.: Head organization and the head/trunk relationship in protochordates: problems and prospects

    S2-1.7 Thu, Jan. 3, 11:30 SCHILLING, T.F.: Neural Crest Segments in Zebrafish

    S2-2.1 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:00 HANKEN, J.: Is the amphibian skull segmented? Novel insights from neural crest labeling and functional studies

    S2-2.2 Thu, Jan. 3, 13:30 NODEN, Drew M.: Is Segmental Organization Presaged In or Imposed Upon Craniofacial Mesenchymal Populations?

    S2-2.3 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:00 GRAHAM, A.: The formation of the pharyngeal arches

    S2-2.4 Thu, Jan. 3, 14:30 KURATANI, Shigeru: Head segments in developmental and evolutionary contexts

    S3-1.0 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:00 KUNZ, Thomas H.*; HRISTOV, Nickolay I.: Aeroecology: Probing and Modeling the Aerosphere

    S3-1.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:20 GAUTHREAUX, S.A.*; BELSER, C.G.: Detection and Discrimination of Fauna in the Aerosphere Using Doppler Weather Surveillance Radar

    S3-1.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:45 HORN, Jason, W.*; KUNZ, Thomas, H.: Bats and Angel Rings: Quantifying Flight Behavior and Colony Dynamics using NEXRAD Doppler Radar Data

    S3-1.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:10 LARKIN, Ronald P.: Radar evidence for dispersed groups of migrating vertebrates at night

    S3-1.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:35 KELLY, T. A.: Exploring Bird, Bat and Insect Behavior Using a Vertical Profiler Radar

    S3-1.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:30 HRISTOV, N.I.*; BETKE, M.; KUNZ, T.H.: Applications of Thermal Infrared Imaging in Field Biology

    S3-1.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:55 JONES, G*; HOLDERIED, M.W.: Flight performance and echolocation behavior in aerial insectivorous bats

    S3-1.7 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:20 KALKO, Elisabeth K. V.: Flying High - Spatial Use of the Aerosphere by Aerial Insectivorous Bats

    S3-1.8 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:45 SWARTZ, SM*; WILLIS, DJ; BOWLIN, MS; BREUER, KS: Aeromechanics in the Aerosphere: Where Physics meets Flight Biology in Aeroecology

    S3-2.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:00 SRYGLEY, R.B.**; DUDLEY, R.: Optimal strategies for insects migrating in the flight boundary layer: mechanisms and consequences

    S3-2.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:25 WESTBROOK, J. K.: Noctuid Migration in the Nocturnal Boundary Layer

    S3-2.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:50 WIKELSKI, Martin: Beat by beat on the move: Wing beat and heart rate of New World thrushes during migration in the wild

    S3-2.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 14:15 MCCRACKEN, Gary/F*; WESTBROOK, John/K; LEE, Ya-Fu; GILLAM, Erin/H; JENSEN, Michael/L; BALSLEY, Ben/B: High altitude feeding by Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis: Molossidae, Chiroptera) on migratory populations of insects

    S4-1.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:00 LOVELY, Eric C.: Teaching Evolution: Evolving Student Attitudes

    S4-1.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:30 VERHEY, S. D.: Update on the Effect of Engaging Prior Learning on Student Attitudes Toward Creationism and Evolution

    S4-1.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:00 KONDRICK, Linda C: Thomism and Science Education: History Informs a Modern Debate

    S4-1.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:30 DONOVAN, S.: Tree Reasoning in Evolution Education

    S4-1.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:30 ALTERS, Brian: Teaching Evolution in Higher Education

    S4-1.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:00 JUNGCK, John R*; WEISSTEIN, Anton: Synergistic Evolutionary LEarning Consortium: evolution in acTION: A NESCent Working Group

    S4-1.7 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:30 NELSON, Craig E.: Teaching Evolution Effectively: A Central Dilemma and Alternative Strategies.

    S4-2.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:00 PADIAN, K: How to get coverage of major evolutionary adaptive changes into textbooks and curricula

    S4-2.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:30 FORREST, Barbara: Still Creationism After All These Years: Recognizing and Counteracting Intelligent Design

    S4-2.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 14:00 SCOTT, Eugenie C: Creation Science is Alive and Well

    S5-1.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 08:30 ADKINS-REGAN, E*; VAN VEEN, SC; JOHNSON, P: Maternal Yolk Steroid Effects on Offspring: Questions and Answers from Galliform Birds

    S5-1.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:00 LOVE, Oliver/P*; WILLIAMS, Tony/D: Corticosterone as a maternal effect: variability within- and between-species and speculations on links to fitness

    S5-1.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 09:30 SCHWABL, Hubert*; MARTIN, Thomas E.: Hormone-mediated maternal effects in birds – evolution of mechanisms

    S5-1.4 Fri, Jan. 4, 10:30 BOWDEN, RM*; PAITZ, RT: Patterns of yolk steroid decline during incubation and potential effects on offspring in species with temperature-dependent sex determination

    S5-1.5 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:00 RIPLEY, Jennifer L.; FORAN, Christy M.*: Consider the Timing, Consider the Source – Lessons from the Comparative Responses of Teleosts.

    S5-1.6 Fri, Jan. 4, 11:30 LOVERN, M.B.*; ADAMS, A.L.: Yolk steroids in the green anole, a lizard with genotypic sex determination: exploring the environment-mother-offspring link

    S5-2.1 Fri, Jan. 4, 13:30 WIDDER, P.D.*; BELDEN, L.K.: Maternally-derived steroids in amphibian eggs

    S5-2.2 Fri, Jan. 4, 14:00 MOORE, Michael*; JOHNSTON, Gwynne: Toward a Dynamic Model of Yolk Steroid Deposition and Utilization

    S5-2.3 Fri, Jan. 4, 14:30 GROOTHUIS, T G G *; SCHWABL, H: Hormone-mediated Maternal Effects in Birds: Mechanisms

    S6-1.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:00 SUTER, Kelly: Computation meets GnRH neurons: Dynamic current clamping

    S6-1.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:25 ROBERTS, Carson B: Computation Meets GnRH Neurons: Compartmental Modeling

    S6-1.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 09:00 BENTLEY, GE*; MCGUIRE, N; CALISI, RM; PERFITO, N; UBUKA, T: Gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone: A synopsis

    S6-1.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 09:25 UBUKA, T*; BENTLEY, GE: Mechanisms of Action of Gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone in birds and mammals

    S6-1.5 Sat, Jan. 5, 10:30 SHERWOOD, N.M.; TELLO, J.A.; WU, S.; ADAMS, B.A.: GnRH Peptides and Receptors: The Strange Twists of Evolution


    S6-2.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:00 RISSMAN, Emilie F.: GnRH II A Multipurpose Peptide

    S6-2.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:25 SCHNEIDER, Johanna S.: Musk Shrews: A Novel Model for Eating Disorders

    S6-2.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:00 FERNALD, R.D.: Social Regulation of the Brain

    S6-2.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:25 DESJARDINS, J.K.; FERNALD, R.D.: Behavioral and physiological consequences of an audience in the group living cichlid, Astatotilapia burtoni

    S7-1.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:00 VOGEL, Steven: Size-dependent mode choices in aquatic locomotion

    S7-1.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:30 STEWART, H.L.: The role of spatial and ontogenetic morphological variability in the spread of a tropical alga across barrier reefs and oceanic islands

    S7-1.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 09:00 BARTOL, I.K.: Swimming dynamics of squids throughout ontogeny

    S7-1.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 10:00 BLOB, R.W.**; SCHOENFUSS, H.L.; MAIE, T.; CEDIEL, R.A.; PTACEK, M.B.; BRIDGES, W.C.: Morphological Selection in a Distinctive Flow Environment: Body Shape and Waterfall-climbing Success in Hawaiian Stream Fishes

    S7-1.5 Sat, Jan. 5, 10:30 LANGERHANS, Brian: Predictability of morphological differentiation across flow regimes in fishes

    S7-1.6 Sat, Jan. 5, 11:00 RIVERA, G.: Ecomorphological variation in shell shape of the freshwater turtle Pseudemys concinna across different aquatic flow regimes

    S7-1.7 Sat, Jan. 5, 11:30 FISH, F.E.*; HOWLE, L.E.; MURRAY, M.M.: Hydrodynamic flow control in marine mammals

    S7-2.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:00 CARRINGTON, E: Ecomechanics of marine mussels: do they really go with the flow?

    S7-2.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:30 PRATT, M. C.: Living where the flow is right: How flow affects feeding in bryozoans.

    S7-2.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:00 MEAD, K. S.: Does Form Follow Flow? Crayfish Aesthetasc Morphology, Arrangement, And Flow Environment.

    S7-2.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:30 KOEHL, M. A. R. *; SILK, W. K.: How kelp produce blade shapes suited to different flow regimes: A new wrinkle

    S8-1.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:00 SCHRAM, F.R.: The origin of Decapoda

    S8-1.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 08:30 TOON, Alicia*; SEAMONS, Ryan ; ROBLES, Rafael; FELDER, Darryl L ; CRANDALL, Keith A : An Overview of Decapod Molecular Phylogeny

    S8-1.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 09:00 SCHUBART, Christoph D.: Recent Mitochondrial Approaches to Decapod Phylogeny

    S8-1.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 09:30 SCHOLTZ, Gerhard: Development, Genes and Decapod Evolution

    S8-1.5 Sat, Jan. 5, 10:30 TUDGE, Chris: Sperm Morphology and its Bearing on Decapod Phylogeny

    S8-1.6 Sat, Jan. 5, 11:00 FRANSEN, C.H.J.M.*; DE GRAVE, S.: Evolution and Radiation of Shrimp-like Decapods: an Overview

    S8-1.7 Sat, Jan. 5, 11:30 POORE, Gary C. B.: Callianassidae and related families: steps towards a practical classification

    S8-2.1 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:00 CLARK, Paul F.*; CUESTA, Jose A.: The bearing of larval morphology on decapod phylogeny

    S8-2.2 Sat, Jan. 5, 13:30 PORTER, M.L.*; CRONIN, T.W.: Visual elements and the evolution of the decapods

    S8-2.3 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:00 TAVARES, M.: Is Podotremata Monophyletic (Decapoda: Brachyura)?

    S8-2.4 Sat, Jan. 5, 14:30 BOYKO, C.B.*; WILLIAMS, J.D.: Parasites as Phylogenetic Indicators in Decapod Evolution

  • Roundtable and summary session

Speaker Biographies

Eric Lovely
Dr. Eric Lovely received his Ph.D. in zoology from University of New Hampshire. His dissertation research focused on the life histories and evolution of sea spiders (Pycnogonida). He is currently an Assistant Professor of Biology at Arkansas Tech University where he has been polling students on their opinions concerning evolution before and after introductory courses that teach evolution.

Steven Verhey
As an Assistant Professor at Central Washington University, Steve Verhey accepted leadership of assessment and improvement efforts for the university's General Education Program, and chaired the campus-wide General Education Committee for two years. He also initiated the university's Darwin Day celebration tradition, now in its sixth year.

While teaching introductory biology for both majors and non-majors, he noted that nearly all students had had previous exposure to creationism/intelligent design. As a result of his own learning about teaching, he decided to try offering his students some information about intelligent design along with traditional evolutionary biology material.

Although engaging prior learning undeniably reflects sound pedagogy, it is controversial in the area of creationism-evolution education.

Compared with students in other sections of the same class, students who had experienced a respectful presentation of some intelligent design information were significantly more likely to change their attitudes from christian literalist or young Earth creationist toward more rationalist views. A preliminary report of this study was published in BioScience in 2005. Further data strongly support the initial observation.

The year the BioScience paper was published, he was denied tenure at CWU. This gave him the opportunity to begin a new career while continuing his interest in evolution education. He is currently at work on a paper reporting the results from the larger data set.

Brian Alters
Dr. Brian Alters holds an $8 million endowed chair (the Tomlinson Chair in Science Education) and project, is named Sir William Dawson Scholar, and holds appointments internationally at McGill University in Montréal, and at Harvard. He recently won McGill University's highest teaching award, the President's Prize for Excellence in Teaching. He served as an expert witness for the plaintiffs in the first legal case involving intelligent design, Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District, which originated in Dover, PA. Along with producing 5 books in the last 5 years on biology, evolution, religion and education, Dr. Alters is founder and director of the Evolution Education Research Center, a joint involvement between researchers in science and education at McGill and Harvard. He writes primarily about evolution education and teaching, with some recent books being Biology Understanding Life (a university-level biology textbook), Teaching Biology in Higher Education (a teaching guide for instructors), and Defending Evolution in the Classroom (with a Foreword by the late Stephen Jay Gould). His work has been reported world-wide in thousands of articles and media outlets, including Nature, ABC, CNN, CBC, MSNBC, Associated Press, The New York Times, Scientific American, MTV, and Rolling Stone.

Samuel Donovan
Donovan, S. (in press). Teaching the tree of life: Tree thinking and reasoning about change over deep time. In Bybee, R. (Ed.) Evolutionary science and society: Educating a new generation.

John Jungck
Dr. Jungck has specialized in mathematical molecular evolution, history and philosophy of biology, and science education reform. In 1986, he co-founded the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, a national consortium of college and university biology educators devoted to curricular reform across the nation. It promotes quantitative, open-ended problem solving, collaborative learning, peer review, research, and civic engagement/social responsibility. He is a Fulbright Scholar (Thailand), a Mina Shaughnessy Scholar, a Fellow of the National Institute of Science Education, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The Synergistic Evolutionary LEarning Consortium: Evolution in AcTION, a "Working Group" of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, is implementing applied evolutionary research in undergraduate biology education. Members of the working group include the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, scientific specialists, and science education researchers. Evolutionary research is engaged with many contemporary human problems in ways that are seldom included in current undergraduate biology education. Examples include: the development of vaccines for newly emerging infectious diseases (SARS, AIDS, Asian bird flu, etc.); design of pharmaceuticals; clinical use of chemotherapy to determine whether treatment will be efficacious or nontoxic for a specific patient; development of resistance to extensively used biocides (antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, cancer chemotherapeutics); prevention of destruction to our environment by invasive species; use of index fossils to identify energy reserves; simulation of locomotion of diverse species to understand human biomechanics and construct better prostheses; improvement in the yield and quality of crops and livestock; sustainable management of national parks, forest, prairie, and coral reef preserves, and international heritage sites; and, preservation of endangered species and biodiversity, in general. Databases of primary research data on each of these issues will be constructed in a fashion that engage students in formulating and testing evolutionary hypotheses by importing the data into statistical packages, spreadsheets, phylogenetic software, and modeling programs. Explicit synthesis of various approaches to evolution at the molecular, organismal, and ecosystem levels and through heterogeneous perspectives of population and quantitative genetics, evolutionary ecology, bioinformatics, and phylogenetic systematics will be emphasized.

Craig E. Nelson
Teaching Evolution Effectively: A Central Dilemma And Alternative Strategies
CRAIG E. NELSON is Professor Emeritus of Biology at Indiana University. His biological research has been on evolution and ecology, most recently on sex-determination in turtles. He has taught biology, intensive freshman seminar, various honors courses, several collaboratively taught interdisciplinary courses (mostly in environmental studies) and a graduate biology course on Alternative Approaches to Teaching College Biology. His teaching papers address critical thinking and mature valuing, diversity, active learning, teaching evolution and the scholarship of teaching and learning. He has presented invited workshops at many national meetings and individual institutions (in 37 states and 8 countries). He has served on the editorial boards of several journals on pedagogy and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and on teaching grant review panels for the National Science Foundation and other national programs. He was co-director (for 10 years) of a set of NSF funded institutes for high school biology teachers on "Evolution and the Nature of Science" ( for resources), was founding Director of Environmental Programs in IU's School of Public and Environmental Affairs, was instrumental in the development of IU's award winning Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) program ( and was the first President of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning ( He received awards for distinguished teaching from IU and nationally competitive awards from Vanderbilt and Northwestern and is a Carnegie Scholar. In 2000, he was named the Outstanding Research And Doctoral University Professor Of The Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and received the President's Medal for Excellence, "the highest honor bestowed by Indiana University," in 2001.

Kevin Padian
"How to get coverage of major evolutionary adaptive changes into textbooks and curricula"
Kevin Padian is Professor of Integrative Biology and Curator in the  Museum of Paleontology at the University of California, Berkeley.  He is also President of the National Center for science Education.  He has worked extensively to improve science education and instructional materials for over 20 years in California, and was recently an expert witness in the Dover, Pennsylvania "Intelligent Design" trial. Drawing on this  experience and his research expertise on the origin of major evolutionary features, his talk will center on some approaches that SICB scientists can take to influence and improve the teaching of evolution in a variety of college courses -- from introductory biology to comparative anatomy, evolution, and paleontology. The photo is courtesy of E.W. Littlefield Jr. 

Barbara Forrest
Barbara Forrest is a Professor of Philosophy in the Department of History and Political Science at Southeastern Louisiana University. She is the co-author with Paul R. Gross of Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design (Oxford University Press, 2004; 2007, 2nd ed. paper), which details the political and religious aims of the intelligent design creationist movement. She served as an expert witness for the plaintiffs in the first legal case involving intelligent design, Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District, which originated in Dover, PA, and was resolved with a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs in December 2005. She is a member of the board of directors of the National Center for Science Education and the National Advisory Council of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. She has appeared on Larry King Live, ABC's Nightline, and the BBC's Horizon documentary about the Kitzmiller trial, "A War on Science." Her radio interviews include NPR's Science Friday with Ira Flatow and Americans United's Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn. She is the 2006 co-recipient with Brown University cell biologist Kenneth Miller of the American Society for Cell Biology's Public Service Award.

Eugenie Scott
Dr. Eugenie C. Scott, a former college professor, is Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Inc., a not for profit membership organization in Oakland, CA, of scientists, teachers, and others that works to improve the teaching of evolution, and of science as a way of knowing. It opposes the advocacy of "scientific" creationism and other religiously-based views in science classes. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), and the advisory counsels of several church and state separation organizations. She has held elective offices in the American Anthropological Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Scott is the current president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, for which she has also been Secretary-Treasurer. Honors include the Bruce Alberts Award of the American Society for Cell Biology, the Isaac Asimov Science Award from the American Humanist Association, the First Amendment Award from the Playboy Foundation, the James Randi Award from the Skeptic Society, and the Distinguished Alumna Award from the University of Missouri College of Arts and Sciences.