SICB Annual Meeting 2015
January 3-7, 2015
West Palm Beach, FL

Symposium: Breaking Boundaries for Evolutionary Synthesis: An Interactive, and Integrative Symposium Linking Crustacean and Insect Physiology

Insects and crustaceans represent critical, dominant animal groups (by biomass and species number) in terrestrial and aquatic systems, respectively. Insects and crustaceans are historically grouped under separate taxonomic classes under the Phylum Arthropoda, and the research communities studying insects and crustaceans are quite distinct. More recently, the hexapods have been shown to be derived crustaceans and the clade Pancrustacea recognizes this relationship. This new evolutionary perspective, and the fact that SICB has strong communities in both invertebrate biology and insect physiology, provide the motivation for this symposium.

Each author will provide a 20 min introduction to the topic, and coverage of current and forward-looking research. The last ten min of their presentation will be explicitly conversational and involve multiple presenters and audience members, focused on these questions which will be similar for each presentation:

1. What aspects of the (physiological system) are clearly conserved across insects and crustaceans? How can cross-talk between researchers utilizing insects and crustaceans fertilize understanding of such conserved systems?

2. Can we identify the origins of derived insect characteristics of the (physiological system) in crustaceans? What research strategies will enable improved understanding of the evolution of insect (physiological system) from the crustaceans.

3. How can studies evolutionary physiology within the Pancrustacean yield general insights into:

adaptations to terrestrial vs. aquatic habitat?

adaptations to different osmotic/ionic habitats?

immunologic function?

For multiple topics, we have complementary speakers who will address these questions from either a “crustacean or insect perspective”.

Sponsors: The Crustacean Society, DIZ, DEDB, DCPB, DCE



S11.0 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 07:50 TAMONE, S.L.: Introduction

S11.2 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 08:30 ABEHSERA, S.*; GLAZER, L.; TYNIAKOV, J.; PLASHKE , I.; CASPI , V.; KHALAILA , I.; AFLALO , E. D.: Binary patterning of chitin metabolism pathways in a crayfish: a tool for multi gene studies of the molt cycle in arthropods

S11.3 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 09:00 BURMESTER, T.: Evolution of respiratory proteins across the Pancrustacea

S11.4 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 09:30 HARRISON, J.F.: Oxygen Sensing and Handling Across the Pancrustacea

S11.5 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 10:30 O\'DONNELL, Michael J*; WEIHRAUCH, Dirk: Links between detoxification, excretion and osmoregulation in insects and crustaceans.

S11.6 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 11:00 STILLMAN, Jonathon H: Transcriptomic responses to warming across the pancrustacea

S11.7 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 11:30 HENZE, M.J.: The evolutionary history of pancrustacean eyes

S11.8 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 13:30 HILLYER, J.F.: Integrated immune and cardiovascular function in insects

S11.9 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 14:00 BURNETT, K.G.*; BURNETT, L.E.: Respiratory consequences of mounting an immune response in crustaceans

S11.10 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 14:30 DAS, S.: Genetic and hormonal basis of limb regeneration across the Pancrustacea

S11.11 Wednesday, Jan. 7, 15:00 HUI, JHL: MicroRNAs and comparative genomics in arthropod endocrinology and reproduction