SICB Annual Meeting 2019
January 3-7, 2019
Tampa, FL

January 5 - Symposium S4: Adaptation and Evolution of Biological Materials (SICB Wide)

Location: Rooms 16&17

Biological materials, whether inside or outside an organism, play a vital role in survival and mediation of interactions with the environment. Although the characterization of biomaterials performance has leapt forward in the past decades, our understanding of how performance varies and is shaped across ecology or evolutionary history lags behind. Is performance at a material level selected for in evolution? How do abiotic factors limit and enhance function? How do materials respond, adapt, and evolve with environment and organism?

The speakers in this symposium address these questions across a range of systems and organizational scales, from skeletal form-function evolution to material-mediated vibration sensing, structural color, and plant and animal anchoring tools. This symposium highlights emerging work on structure-function relationships and fabrication of biological materials, while showcasing -through the lectures and a lunch workshop- how modern materials characterization tools can augment integrative studies of organismal adaptation and evolution.

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Affiliated Workshops

January 5, same room

Mastering Materials Imaging: Pushing boundaries in SEM and x-ray tomography. 12:00-1:30 pm. Please register by December 4, 2018.

Amira/Avizo workshop: Digital Volume Correlation for Volumetric Characterization of Biomechanical Changes. 3:30-4:30 pm. Room 16-17. Please register for this workshop.



S4-1 Saturday, Jan. 5, 07:50 CAMPBELL, RA*; DEAN, MN: Adaptation and Evolution of Biological Materials

S4-2 Saturday, Jan. 5, 08:00 HU, David L.: How ants behave like a fluid and a solid

S4-3 Saturday, Jan. 5, 08:30 MORTIMER, B: Vibration Landscapes: the Role of Materials in Vibrational Information Transfer

S4-4 Saturday, Jan. 5, 09:00 BAGGE, LE*; KINSEY, ST; KIER, WM; JOHNSEN, S: Clearly Camouflaged: Ultrastructural Modifications in Transparent Animals

S4-5 Saturday, Jan. 5, 10:00 AYDIN, YO; CULVER, J; TENNENBAUM, M; GOLDMAN, DI; BHAMLA, MS*: Dynamics of a worm blob

S4-6 Saturday, Jan. 5, 10:30 JOEL, A-C*; WEISSBACH, M: Same Principles but Different Purposes: Passive Fluid Handling Throughout the Animal Kingdom

S4-7 Saturday, Jan. 5, 11:00 SEAGO, AS: The Evolution of Photonic Crystals in Beetles

S4-8 Saturday, Jan. 5, 11:30 VAN CASTEREN, Adam*; CROFTS, Stephanie: Biomaterials to structure: exploring the interplay between tooth materials, structure, and function

S4-9 Saturday, Jan. 5, 13:30 BAUM, D*; KNöTEL, D; DEAN, M N: Shape models for image segmentation and geometric analysis of biological structures

S4-10 Saturday, Jan. 5, 14:00 STODDARD, M. C. *; LING, L; WEAVER, J. C. : The Avian Egg: A Marvel of Evolution and Engineering

S4-11 Saturday, Jan. 5, 14:30 HESSE, L.*; MASSELTER, T.; LEUPOLD, J.; BUNK, K.; SPECK, T.: Biomechanics and development of plant branch-stem-attachments as inspiration for optimized fiber-reinforced anchors

S4-12 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:00 BAER, A; SCHMIDT, S; MAYER, G; HARRINGTON, MJ*: Fibers on the Fly: Multiscale Mechanisms of Fiber Formation in the Capture Slime of Onychophorans


P2-206 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 VARNEY, RM*; SPEISER, DI; KOCOT, KM: The Genome of the Chiton Acanthopleura granulata: A Model System for Studying Molluscan Biomineralization

P2-207 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 HERBST, HD*; PORTER, ME: Impacts of denticle density: Quantitative analyses of marine fouling on shark skin

P2-209 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 CAMPBELL, RA*; MIKHEYEV, AS: 3D Silk Gland Geometries for Comparative Spider Biology and Bio-inspired Material Processing

P2-211 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 ADJERID, K*; SOOD, N; DE VITA, R; SOCHA, JJ: Variation of Young’s modulus and taenidial density in the tracheae of a darkling beetle

P2-212 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 CRONIN, AJ*; ROBERTSON, JC; ROBERTSON, John: Structure of the Pyloric Cecum in Acipenseriformes

P2-213 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 HUNG, A*; KENALEY, CP: Vertebral Stiffness in Ray-finned Fishes: Contrasting Material Properties Between Swimming Modes and Body Region

P2-214 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 SEIDEL, R; CHAUMEL, J; BLUMER, M; HERBERT, A; MORENO-JIMENEZ, I; SUMMERS, A; DEBIAIS-THIBAUD, M*: Mineralization in Chimaera Cartilage: Tessellated but not Tesserae?

P2-215 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 LINDSEY, LN*; DELISLE, AL; INGLE, DN; PORTER, ME: Cetacean vertebral trabecular bone mechanical properties vary among swimming modes and diving behaviors

P2-216 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 PARSONS, ZM*; ST. PIERRE, R; BERGBREITER, S: Towards Understanding the Role of Resilin in Arthropod Springs and its Applications to Microrobotics

P2-217 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 BAUMAN, TJ*; STAAB, KL: Cartilage-like Connective Tissues in the Hyoid Region of Cypriniform Fishes

P2-218 Saturday, Jan. 5, 15:30 MCINERNEY, MG*; STAAB, KL: The Structure and Composition of the Kinethmoid and Attached Ligaments in Cypriniform Fishes