SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 111

Vertebrate Evo-Devo
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Matt Rockman

111  111-1 Johnson, SL; Heubel, BP; Bredesen, CA; Long, A; Schilling, TF; Le Pabic, P*Defining regulators of endochondral growth in cichlid skull evolution 
111  111-2 Giffin, JL*; Franz-Odendaal, TAPlacode induction and patterning cues in the embryonic chicken scleral ossicle system 
111  111-3 Egawa, S*; Bishop, PJ; Pintore, R; Griffin, CT; Tsai, HP; Botelho, JF; Smith-Paredes, D; Kuratani, S; Norell, MA; Nesbitt, SJ; Hutchinson, JR; Bhullar, BASThe evolutionary change of morphogenesis of dinosaur-type femoral head 
111  111-4 MacKenzie, EM*; McKinnell, I; Maddin, HInfluence of brain-skull interactions in the evolution of the amphibian skull 
111  111-5 Zinck, NW*; Jeradi, S; Franz-Odendaal, TAPharmaceutical inhibition of BMP signaling pathway severely disrupts cartilage morphology during zebrafish larval development 
111  111-6 Abzhanov, AThe many faces of evolution: heterochronic developmental mechanisms for adaptive radiations  
111  111-7 Braasch, I*; Spotted Gar Genome Consortium, ; Bowfin Genome Consortium, Odyssey of strange fish: Investigating ‘ancient fish’ genomes and development to illuminate vertebrate evolution