SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 2

Complementary to S2: Genomic Perspectives in Comparative Physiology of Mollusks: Integration Across Disciplines
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Maurine Neiman

2  2-1 Tan, KP*; Degnan, SM; Conaco, CGNeuroendocrine regulation of the metamorphic transition in the giant clam, Hippopus hippopus 
2  2-2 Caplins, SAEvolve and resequence for egg size in a sea slug with striking life-history plasticity 
2  2-3 Smith, CH*; Pfeiffer, JM; Johnson, NAComparative phylogenomics reveal complex evolution of life history strategies in a clade of bivalves with parasitic larvae (Bivalvia: Unionoida: Ambleminae) 
2  2-4 Mao, TR; Liu, YW; Meegaskumbura, M*; Ellepola, G; Fu, CH; Gross, JB; Pie, MREvolution in Sinocyclocheilus cavefish is marked by rate shifts, reversals, and origin of novel traits 
2  2-5 Schwaner, C*; Farhat, S; Tanguy, A; Boutet, I; Barbosa, M; Pales Espinosa , E; Allam, BIdentifying molecular markers associated with resilience to ocean acidification in the eastern oyster 
2  2-6 Varney, RM*; Speiser, DI; Kingston, ACN; Kocot, KMChitons on the cutting edge: the biomineralization of iron-clad teeth in Acanthopleura granulata 
2  2-7 Plachetzki, DC*; Pankey, MS; MacManes, MD; Lesser, ML; Walker, CWThe bilaterian ancestor possessed a complex apoptosis genetic toolkit that was subsequently dismantled in ecdysozoans but preserved in lophotrochozoans and deuterostomes 
2  2-8 Tanner, RL*; Bowie, RCK; Wang-Claypool, C; Stillman, JHHigh thermal tolerance, but not its plasticity, driven by habitat temperature and genotype in an intertidal sea hare 
2  2-9 Schwartz, LC*; Truebano, M; Strong, EE; Hilbish, TJ; González, VLThermal tolerance in the Mytilus species complex across multiple levels of biological organization 
2  2-10 Trigg, SA*; Putnam, HM; Gurr, SJ; Mitchell, KR; Vadopalas, B; Roberts, SBExploring the tolerance of Pacific geoduck to low pH through comparative physiology, genomics, and DNA methylation 
2  2-11 Venkataraman, YR*; Roberts, SBInfluence of ocean acidification on Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) DNA methylation 
2  2-12 Gurr, SJ*; Trigg, SA; Vadopalas, B; Roberts, SB; Putnam, HMEnvironmental learning' in a tolerant commercial clam; Insights from phenotypic and subcellular adjustments to hypercapnic seawater 
2  2-13 Dennis, AB*; Inaebnit, TPhysiological and genomic variation among cryptic species of a marsh snail (Melampus bidentatus) 
2  2-14 Inäbnit, T*; Dennis, AThe mitochondrial genome of Melampus bidentatus (Panpulmonata, Ellobioidea)