SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 20

Anthropogenic and Urban influence on Behavior I
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Sara Lipshutz

20  20-1 Touzot, M*; Lefebure, T; Lengagne, T; Secondi, J; Duchamp, C; Mondy, NLarge scale deregulation of gene expression by artificial light at night in the common toads 
20  20-2 Lipshutz, SE*; Howell, CR; Buechlein, AM; Rusch, DB; Derryberry, EP; Rosvall, KABehavioral and transcriptomic responses to sublethal thermal stress in zebra finches 
20  20-3 Fisher II, A*; DeGrandi-Hoffman, G; Smith, BH; Fewell, JH; Harrison, JFA widely used mito-toxic fungicide negatively affects honey bee (Apis mellifera) hemolymph protein and vitellogenin levels 
20  20-4 Linkous, CR*; Guindre-Parker, SAnthropogenic effects on European starling nestlings growth and cholesterol 
20  20-5 Hope, SF*; Hopkins, WA; Angelier, FParenting in the city: Does urbanization influence avian incubation behavior? 
20  20-6 Caves, EM*; Johnsen, SThe sensory impacts of climate change: Bathymetric shifts and visually-mediated interactions in aquatic species 
20  20-7 Belanger, RM*; Crile, KG; Abdulelah, SAEnvironmentally relevant atrazine exposure causes chemosensory deficits, DNA damage and changes in cell morphology 
20  20-8 Suarez-Rodriguez, MSR*; Tufarelli, AT; Suriyampola, PSS; Martins, EPMWhat about large waste? Effects of plastic bags on behavior of zebrafish