SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 24

Biomimetics & Robotics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Robert Brocklehurst

24  24-1 Snell-Rood, EC*; Smirnoff, DFunction' in evolutionary biology and biomimetics: moving past the philosophical conundrum 
24  24-2 Wang, S*; Zhao, W; Wainwright, DK; Xu, H; Li, L; Sun, W; Wen, LAn untethered remora-inspired suckerfish robot: locomotor effects of the disc pad, undulatory body, and pectoral fins 
24  24-3 Li, L; Wang, S; Chen, B; Song, S; Zhao, W; Wen, L*The biomimetic remora disc with independent compartment enables an aerial-aquatic quadrotor robot perching to diverse complex surfaces 
24  24-4 Clemente, CJ*; Schultz, JS; Beck, HK; Haagensen, T; Proost, TUsing a biologically mimicking climbing robot to explore the performance landscape of climbing in lizards 
24  24-6 Thandiackal, R; White, C; Bart-Smith, H; Lauder, G*Tuna robotics: measuring body pressure, thrust forces, and work during linear acceleration 
24  24-7 Howe, SP*; Bryant, K; Duff, A; Astley, HCRobophysical models clarify the effects of body depth on fish maneuverability 
24  24-8 Paez, L*; Melo, K; Ijspeert, APerformance tradeoffs in anguilliform swimming via viscoelastic modulation 
24  24-9 Maisonneuve, MC*; Schiebel, PE; Diaz, K; Goldman, DIPassive environmental navigation via mechanical interactions in a novel snake robophysical model 
24  24-10 Ramesh, D*; Fu, Q; Wang, K; Othayoth, R; Li, CA sensorized robophysical model to study snake locomotion in complex 3-D terrain 
24  24-11 Ozkan-Aydin, Y*; Aydin, E; Chong, B; Goldman, DIAdvantages of limb-body coordination and passive body structures in a myriapod robophysical model 
24  24-12 Diaz, K; Robinson, TL*; Ozkan-Aydin, Y; Goldman, DI; Wan, KYMinimal robophysical model for multi-flagellate propulsion