SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 33

Coral Reefs and Climate Change
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Colleen Bove

33  33-1 Leinbach, SE*; Speare, KE; Strader, MECoral host recovery and resistance strategies following a thermal bleaching event in French Polynesia 
33  33-2 G√≥mez-Corrales, M*; Prada, CCryptic lineages matter for coral conservation under climate change 
33  33-3 Bove, CB*; Davies, SW; Ries, JB; Umbanhowar, J; Castillo, KDPhysiological and transcriptomic responses of Caribbean corals under global change 
33  33-4 Dickerson, HEW; Rivera, HE; Davies, SW*Hot and bothered: Determining the effects of heat and starvation stress on oculina arbuscula corals 
33  33-5 Naugle, M*; Grossman, J; Logan, CEffects of land-based sources of pollution on coral thermotolerance  
33  33-6 Weldon, JK*; Rivera, HE; Davies, SWEffects of divergent temperature stress on microbial communities in Oculina arbuscula 
33  33-7 Wuitchik, DM*; Aichelman, HE; Atherton, KF; Kriefall, NG; Tramonte, CA; Davies, SWSymbiotic state influences transcriptional responses of facultatively symbiotic corals in response to thermal challenges 
33  33-8 Walker, NS*; Palumbi, SRDo high heat resistant corals have lower recovery rates from bleaching? 
33  33-9 Lucey, NM*; Haskett, E; Collin, RShallow hypoxia on diverse tropical reef systems is an underestimated threat for marine ectotherms