SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 36

Disparity and Diversification
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Samantha Price

36  36-1 Kilbourne, BMFunctional morphology and diversification of the mustelid hindlimb skeleton and potential influence of differing limb functions 
36  36-2 Corn, KA*; Friedman, ST; Martinez, CM; Larouche, O; Price, SA; Wainwright, PCFeeding mode underlies the major axis of body shape diversity in reef fishes 
36  36-3 Larouche, O*; Gartner, SM; Westneat, MW; Evans, KMThe parrotfish beak leads to shifts in cranial integration patterns and increased morphological disparity 
36  36-4 Alencar, LRV*; Friedman, ST; Wainwright, PC; Price, SAHow fishes change their size and how such changes impact clade-level dynamics 
36  36-5 Larouche, O; Hodge, JR; Alencar, LRV; Camper, B; Adams, DS; Zapfe, K; Friedman, ST; Wainwright, PC; Price, SA*Does pharyngognathy unlock body shape diversification in acanthomorph fishes? 
36  36-6 Wynd, BM*; Uyeda, JCAbsolute fitness explains evolutionary patterns at the micro and macro levels 
36  36-7 Pevsner, SK*; Grossnickle, DM; Luo, Z-XForelimb functional diversity in Didelphimorphia and Diprotodontia is not strongly limited by developmental constraints 
36  36-8 Atake, OJ*; Eames, BFTesseral development provides insights into evolution of mineralization patterns in jawed vertebrates 
36  36-9 Vaz, DB*; Hilton, EJStick together and act as if you belong: ontogeny and evolution of gill arches of Batrachoidiformes 
36  36-10 Childers, JL*; Bowie, RCKEvolution of elaborate nest design in the Old World weavers (Ploceidae)