SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 38

Ecomorphology I
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Tristan Stayton

38  38-1 Schwarz, R*; Stark, G; Antonopolous, A; Itescu, Y; Pafilis, P; Chapple, DG; Meiri, SMaster of one or none: Functional morphology and microhabitat preference of arboreal and saxicolous gecko populations 
38  38-2 Pamfilie, AM*; Garner, AM; Russell, AP; Dhinojwala, A; Niewiarowski, PHClaw morphology impacts frictional interactions on rough substrates 
38  38-3 Vaughn, PL*; McQueen, W; Gangloff, EJLocation, location, location: Lizard sprint speed in various environments demonstrates morphology-performance trade-offs 
38  38-4 Lattanzio, MS*; McCann, M; Manion, MGeographic variation in the ecomorphology and thermal ecology of a widespread lizard 
38  38-5 Kyomen, SM*; Simon, MN; Kohlsdorf, TModular architecture in lizard autopodia: Relationships with microhabitat usage in Tropiduridae (Squamata) 
38  38-6 McElroy, EJ*; Faust, SEcomorphology of pelvis shape in lizards 
38  38-7 Vidal-Garcia, M*; MarcĂ©-NoguĂ©, J; Marchini, M; Fortuny, J; Semple, TL; Cooper, P; Keogh, JSBiomechanics and morphological patterns in head-first burrowing frogs 
38  38-8 Bloom, EJEcomorphology of penguins in the genus Spheniscus 
38  38-9 Probst, CM*; Ralston, J; Bentley, IThe effect of climate on bill morphology divergence in Toxostoma thrashers 
38  38-10 Coon, T*; Peragine, P; Chase, HT; Tobalske, BUn-sheathed: ungual vs. keratin structure and function in raptors 
38  38-11 Robles Martinez, D*; Sustaita, DGeometric morphometric analysis of foot pad shape of salt marsh harvest mice and co-occurring rodents in the Suisun Marsh, California