SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 45

Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: David Swanson

45  45-1 Muhammad, S*; Morag, MF; Welch, KCFood for thought: What happens to fructose in the ruby-throated hummingbird? 
45  45-2 Dolinar, DP*; Edwards, MSThe zombification and revival of purple sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) in response to food availability 
45  45-3 Johnson, MG*; Glass, JR; Harrison, JFThermoregulatory tactics and water balance of flying metander Centris caesalpiniae males 
45  45-4 Keicher, L*; Shipley, JR; Komar, E; Schaeffer, PJ; Dechmann, DKNHigh resolution heart rate data reveal novel energy saving strategy in temperate-zone bats 
45  45-5 Keaveny, EC*; Rowe, E; Rule, DC; Dillon, MELipid composition of bumble bees and their pollen diets: bees are (mostly) what they eat  
45  45-6 Szejner-Sigal, A*; Williams, CMThe more the lazier: Overwintering aggregations reduce energy use in the ladybird beetle Hippodamia convergens 
45  45-7 Lebenzon, JE*; Sinclair, BJSuppress to impress: Mechanisms underlying diapause and metabolic suppression in the Colorado potato beetle 
45  45-8 Talal, S*; Cease, AJ; Harrison, JFHigh carbohydrate diets result in respiratory exchange ratios above 1 and increased lipid synthesis in locusts 
45  45-9 Furze, ME*; Huggett, BA; Chamberlain, CJ; Wieringa, MM; Aubrecht, DM; Carbone, MS; Walker, JC; Xu, X; Czimczik, CI; Richardson, ADJunk in the trunk: can trees use carbohydrate reserves that are deep in the stem? 
45  45-10 Zhang, Y; Yap, KN; David, KT; Swanson, DL*Does the high-energy aerial insectivore lifestyle of swallows produce thermogenic side effects? 
45  45-11 Whelan, S*; Hatch, SA; Elliott, KHEffects of food supplementation on blood metabolites in pre-breeding seabirds