SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 48

Evolution and Biogeography of Islands: A Session in Honor of Dr. Vicki Funk
Day: Fri Feb 26 - 12:00-14:30 Chairs: Chris Martine

4812:00 48-1 Martine, CTWelcome to the Special Session: An Introduction 
4813:00 48-2 Wagner, WVicki Ann Funk (1947–2019), influential Smithsonian botanist 
4813:30 48-3 McDonnell, A*; Moore, M; Sakai, AK; Weller, SG; Wickett, NNew perspectives on the evolution of plant breeding systems in the radiation of Hawaiian Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) 
4813:45 48-4 Cantley, JT*; McDonnell, AJ; Branson, J; Kobara, JR; Long, S; Garnett, W; Martine, CTTemperate Eurasian origins of Hawaiian Chenopodium (Amaranthaceae), plus description of a new subspecies endemic to Moloka‘i 
4814:00 48-5 Phillips, JG*; Linscott, TM; Rankin, AR; Kraemer, AC; Shoobs, NF; Parent, CEArchipelago-wide patterns of colonization and speciation among an endemic radiation of Galápagos land snails 
4814:15 48-6 Gibson, MJS*; Torres, ML; Brandvain, Y; Moyle, LCReconstructing the history and biological consequences of a plant invasion on the Galapagos Islands  
4814:30 48-7 Keeley, SC*; Funk, VA; Cantley, JTOverview of the origin and evolution of compositae of Pacific Oceania