SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 51

Evolutionary Ecology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Sarah Davies

51  51-1 Swiderski, DL*; Zelditch, MLThe adaptive landscape for jaw morphology in heteromyid rodents 
51  51-2 Zelditch, ML*; Swiderski, DLIntegrating adaptive with geographic landscapes: Trophic morphology of desert rodent assemblages 
51  51-3 Davies, SW*; Kanke, MR; Aglyamova, GA; Matz, MVHeritability of dispersal-related traits and gene expression in a coral 
51  51-4 Berning, DJ*; Powers, AK; Garita-Alvarado, CA; Rodiles-Hern√°ndez, R; Gross, JB; Ornelas-Garc√ća, CPEvolution of craniofacial morphology in a cline of Mesoamerican fishes 
51  51-5 Lenard, A*; Diamond, SEChanges in morphological traits along an urbanization gradient in the cabbage white butterfly 
51  51-6 Weber, A*; Guibinga Mickala, A; Ntie, S; Mickala, P; Lehmann, D; Abernethy, KA; Anthony, NDemographic history of wild mandrills during periods of climatic change in Gabon 
51  51-7 Judson, JM*; Bronikowski, AMThe genomics of life-history: genomic variation between life-history ecotypes of the western terrestrial garter snake (Thamnophis elegans) 
51  51-8 Fredna, K*; Reinke, BASignal partitioning allows butterfly wing surfaces to evolve under opposing selective pressure 
51  51-9 Shah, AA*; Hamant, EL; Woods, HASpecies interactions and climate change: does thermal tolerance determine winners and losers? 
51  51-10 Ellepola, G*; Pie, MR; Meegaskumbura, MClimatic correlates of the diversification in Old World tree frogs: cool-wet regions and islands as refuges and species pumps