SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 61

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Dr. George Gilchrist: Evology, Evolution, and Physiology
Day: Sun Feb 28 - 10:15-15:30 Chairs: Martha Muñoz

6110:15 61-1 Muñoz, MMWelcome to the Special Session: An introduction 
6110:30 61-2 Kingsolver, JGOverture for George Gilchrist 
6111:00 61-3 Buckley, LBTrEnCh: Tools for translating environmental change into organismal responses 
6111:15 61-4 Diamond, SConstraints on specialist butterfly species range shift responses to recent climate change 
6111:30 61-5 Muir, CD*; Sheth, SN; Angert, ALHow will climate change affect the variance in fitness? An empirical test in the perennial herb Mimulus cardinalis 
6111:45 61-6 Miles, DB*; Snell, HL; Snell, HM; Stone, PAMorphological and performance consequences of hybridization between marine and land iguanas 
6112:00 61-7 Scheiner, SMGeorge Gilchrist: Program Officer 
6113:00 61-8 Ghalambor, CK*; Shah, AA; Landeira-Dabarca, A; Rugenski, AT; Encalada, AC; Thomas, SA; Flecker, AS; Poff, NLComparing thermal performance curves for metabolic rate, growth, and locomotion: evidence for tropical specialists and temperate generalists?  
6113:15 61-9 Gunderson, ARUnderstanding phenotypic plasticity through the lens of George Gilchrist’s many contributions to the field 
6113:30 61-10 Lee, CE*; Stern, DB; Posavi, MSelection on physiological plasticity and balanced polymorphisms during rapid invasions  
6113:45 61-11 El-Shesheny, IA; Matoo, OB; DeLong, JP; Montooth, KL*Shifts in the thermal performance curve across molecular, individual and population levels 
6114:00 61-12 Woods, HAUse and misuse of Q10 in thermal biology: are high Q10s at low temperature a statistical artifact? 
6114:15 61-13 Sidlauskas, BL*; Botero, C; Burleigh, JG; Hazkani-Covo, E; McGuire, J; Meachen, J; O'Meara, BC; Roberts, T; McClain, CGeorge Gilchrist’s sage advice on everything a new scholar should know 
6114:30 61-14 Huey, RBGeorge Gilchrist -- the Drosophila" years 
6114:45 61-15 Muñoz, MMGroup discussion and toast