SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 65

Impact of Climate Change on Physiology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Helen Chmura

65  65-1 Villanueva, I*; Di Santo, VOntogenetic behavior of a tropical shark under future ocean acidification scenarios 
65  65-2 Schatz, A*; McDowell, J; Rivest, EBSub-lethal effects from global environmental stressors on the physiology of Crassostrea virginica during the larval stage and settlement process 
65  65-3 van Hall, ES*; Korsmeyer, KETemperature preference and aerobic scope in Zebrasoma flavescens and the response to rising sea temperatures 
65  65-4 Duncan, MI*; James, NC; Potts, WM; Bates, AEDifferent drivers, common mechanism: The distribution of a reef fish is restricted by local scale oxygen and temperature limits on aerobic metabolism 
65  65-5 Van Wert, JC*; Hendriks, BJ; Ekström, A; Patterson, DA; Cooke, SJ; Hinch, SG; Eliason, EJPopulation-specific variability in the thermal performance of Fraser River Chinook salmon 
65  65-6 Spranger, RR*; Sinervo, BRIncubation temperature and maternal effects on thermal physiology in Ambystoma mexicanum 
65  65-7 ElShafie, SJDoes body size correspond to environmental temperature in reptiles over geologic time scales? 
65  65-8 Woodruff, MJ*; Rosvall, KAAssessing the functional consequences of climate change: tissue-specific responses to heat in a wild bird 
65  65-9 Chmura, HE*; Burrell, G; Buck, CL; Barnes, BM; Williams, CTSoil freeze date and onset of sub-zero heterothermy in hibernating arctic ground squirrels track climate change in Arctic Alaska 
65  65-10 Ajayi, OM*; Oyen, KJ; Benoit, JBTiming and severity of stressful temperature exposures influence egg development and hatching success in multiple Ixodid ticks 
65  65-11 Riddell, EA*; Mutanen, M; Ghalambor, CKSensitivity of thermal tolerance to precipitation and humidity in a high-latitude click beetle 
65  65-12 Aragon Traverso, JH*; Melian, AD; Sanabria, EA; Quiroga, LB; Espinoza, REWidow Wars: Testing the Mechanisms Underlying Invasion Success of a Globally Invasive Spider