SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 7

Complementary to S5: An Evolutionary Tail: Evo-devo, Structure, and Function of Post-anal Appendages
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Janneke Schwaner

7  7-1 Lin, YH; Siddall, R; Banerjee, H; Schwab, F*; Jusufi, ABody and tail undulation measured and emulated by soft sensors provides insight on stiffness control through co-contraction 
7  7-2 Vollin, MF*; Higham, TEThe effect of tail autotomy on prey capture performance in Coleonyx variegatus geckos 
7  7-3 Swinsky, CM*; Hastings, BT; Jackson, BEMarkerless automated kinematic tracking of wild birds in agonistic flights 
7  7-4 Schultz, JT*; Cieri, RL; Proost, T; Clemente, CJComparative biomechanics of lizard tails during level walking and vertical climbing  
7  7-5 Naughton, LF*; Kruppert , S; Jackson, B; Porter , ME; Donatelli, CMA Tail of Four Fishes: An analysis of kinematics and material properties of elongate fishes 
7  7-6 Giammona, FF*; Minicozzi, M; Ashley-Ross, MACaudal and column changes: tail and vertebral spine adaptations in amphibious cyprinodontiformes  
7  7-8 Shitikov, AD*; Voronezhskaya, EE; Melnikova, VISerotonylated proteins in spermatozoa flagellum: detection and the possible impact on gametes motility in mammals 
7  7-9 van Bijlert, PA*; van Soest, AJK; Schulp, ASBiomechanics of tail heaving predict preferred walking speed of Tyrannosaurus rex