SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 70

Life in Moving Fluids II
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Karakas

70  70-1 Koehl, MAR*; Silk, WKHow kelp in drag lose their ruffles: Environmental cues, growth kinematics, and mechanical constraints 
70  70-2 Karakas, F*; Maas, AE; Murphy, DWShell shape and size defines the swimming and sinking characteristics of pelagic snails 
70  70-3 Wolf, Z*; Lauder, GVWhy so many fins? A first look at how Polypterus senengalus use their finlets 
70  70-4 White, CF*; Lauder, GVFish locomotion: reconstructing fish midline kinematics from multiple inertial measurement units 
70  70-6 Adams, DA*; Bierlich, KC; Dale, J; Johnston, DW; Goldbogen, JA; Friedlaender, AS; Segre, P; Blob, RW; Price, SAControl surface-body size relationships in baleen whale species 
70  70-7 Wu, C*; Howle, LE; Nowacek, DPMinimum drag on a three-dimensional North Atlantic right whale model via neutral trim pose 
70  70-8 Pandey, A; Yuk, J; Chang, B; Fish, FE; Jung, S*Impact force of high diving of animals (dolphins, penguins, frogs) and humans 
70  70-9 Antoniak, G*; Xargay, E; Barton, K; Popa, B-I; Shorter, KAEstimating whole-body kinematics of swimming bottlenose dolphins 
70  70-10 Zhang, D*; Wang, Y; Lauderdale, LK; Gabaldon, J; Miller, LJ; Barton, K; Shorter, KAA data driven approach for estimating hydrodynamic drag of bottlenose dolphins