SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 74

Locomotion: Climbing & Complex Terrain
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Hosain Bagheri

74  74-1 Zhao, W*; Ayala, J; Schulz, A; Rong, H; McGowan, C; Hu, DJuvenile pandas use head motion to maintain balance during climbing 
74  74-2 Greenslit, NW; Erskine, OM*; Iijima, M; Blob, RW; Palecek, AMAcrobatic archosaurs: kinematic comparisons of climbing behaviors in turtles and alligators 
74  74-3 Pulliam, JN*; Salcedo, MK; Weiss, TM; Hernandez, AM; Socha, JJClimbing strategies of cicadas across vertical ‘gaps’ of low friction 
74  74-4 Wölfer, J*; Michel, J; Aschenbach, T; Nyakatura, JAA small squirrel (Tamiops swinhoei) sheds light on the complex biomechanical adaptations to fast arboreal locomotion 
74  74-5 Graham, M*; Clemente, CJ; Socha, JJBody size influences transition to dynamic gap crossing movements in australian tree snakes 
74  74-6 Erickson, E*; Diaz, K; Carruthers, A; Ozkan-Aydin, Y; Chong, B; Goldman, DICentipede locomotion on bumpy terrain 
74  74-7 Fu, Q*; Astley, HC; Li, CSnakes traversing complex 3-D terrain 
74  74-8 Diaz, K*; Chong, B; Ding, JL; Lu, H; Goldman, DIC. elegans maneuvering strategies in heterogeneous environments 
74  74-9 Vega, CM*; Ashley-Ross, MATiger salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum) increase foot contact surface area on challenging substrates during terrestrial locomotion 
74  74-10 Zheng, B*; Xuan, Q; LI, CStochastic dynamics model statistically predicts beam obstacle traversal 
74  74-11 Xuan, Q*; Li, CAn energy landscape based dynamic model to simulate locomotion in complex 3-D terrain