SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session 90

Pollution and Ecotoxicology
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Michael Bertram

90  90-1 Bertram, MG*; Tomkins, P; Saaristo, M; Martin, JM; Michelangeli, M; Tomkins, RB; Wong, BBMDisruption of male mating strategies in a chemically compromised environment 
90  90-2 Paterniti, MC*; Davis, JEPotential impacts of lithium mining on vulnerable species and ecosystems 
90  90-3 Desplat, Y*; Warner, JF; Smith, E; Vijayan, N; Blackwelder, P; Lopez, JVPhysiological and genetic effects of deepwater horizon oil and dispersant on a developing marine sponge model (Cinachyrella sp) 
90  90-4 Lo, HKA; Chua, VA*; Chan, KYKFluoxetine impacts behaviors of non-target organisms in acidified ocean 
90  90-5 Buss, N*; Nelson, KN; Hua, J; Relyea, RAEffects of different roadway deicing salts on host-parasite interactions: the importance of salt type 
90  90-6 Kobiela, ME*; Zambre, A; Snell-Rood, EC; Agrawal, AAEffect of anthropogenic sodium on chemical defense and coloration in monarch butterflies 
90  90-7 Stander, RM*; Cahill, AEEffects of road salt and its alternatives on freshwater invertebrates 
90  90-8 Hayden, MJ*; Wicksten, MKAnalysis of microplastic pollution on three Texas state park beaches 
90  90-9 Lacy, B*; Rivera, M; Rahman, MS; Rahman, MSEnvironmentally relevant pesticide cocktail and heat stress co-exposure affect osmoregulation and antioxidant system of goldfish gill and kidney 
90  90-10 Schindler, BY*; Gavish-Regev, E; Keasar, TParasitoid wasp community dynamics in vineyards following insecticide application 
90  90-11 Chan, JK*; Thornton, JA; Riffell, JANighttime atmospheric oxidation of floral scent impacts the ability of hawkmoths to locate a floral scent source